Where are my missing backlinks Google?

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Thirty-ninth E-Webstyle.com Internet Marketing Podcast Nov. 13th 2009. Second page of Transcription

Chris:Right there. We’re going to save you the, you know, whatever the $10.95 you’re paying a month ’cause you could get banned.

Paul:That’s right.

Chris:What I don’t know is if they — maybe they just flagged them a million copies or if they actually are able to determine that Xbox was modded — I don’t know. Anyway.

Paul:I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Chris:Kind of interesting stuff.

Paul:What’s on the agenda for today?

Chris:We got some real exciting information about links.


Chris:Aren’t you guys excited?

Paul:Links.Are you fired up?

Chris:Did he just say links? Are we talking about links today?

Paul:Inside that’s how …

Chris:Oh, yeah.

Paul:That’s how I feel.

Chris:Links. I needs some more coffee.

Paul:Get your link on.

Chris:I’m fired up about links.We’re going to talk about, you know, go back and listen to our podcast. Everything that we give you, if you follow everything that we do — I’m actually looking at the mic and not …

Paul:I’m looking at you when you said that. I was just looking at the mic.

Chris:As — so, go back and listen to our podcast. All of our podcasts are available. You can get them at e-webstyle.podomatic.com and, you know, we are always talking about links. We’re always talking about all kinds of …

Paul:It’s so important. Links are like the life blood of you SEO campaign.

Chris:Paramount. Let’s just say paramount. And we can say paramount from the very beginning we’ve talked about, if you have a flash website and if all of the links are on your flash website, maybe you just have the control bar across the top of your website that is the navigation bar that is just flash. Well, Google and other search engines can’t follow flash and so you’re — actually, you’re not going to get all the pages on your website indexed.

Paul:Indexed, yeah.

Chris:That’s how paramount links are. They are — in paramount in terms of indexed and the value, the thing that Google did first and I think we could argue still does the best is finding — is utilizing it’s page rank, which we are also going to talk about, and page rank is a function of links and how high are the quality of links are that link back into your website. The premise is, is if MSN links to our website and not Joshmo SEO then we’ve got more credibility for SEO because MSN has a high credibility, high page rank. If we’ve got 5,000 moderately credible inbound links and Joshmo SEO — it’s kind of right.It’s good.

Paul:If he has MSN, he’d probably get …

Chris:Then you’re like, okay, 5,000 moderately valuable versus one valuable, okay, so then we get into, you know, which is new value.

Paul:New value.

Chris:Well, we can certainly say if we had 5,000 and he had 100 of …


Chris:… 100 moderate links then we’re going to have more credibility. And there’s a thing that is actually called page rank, named after Larry Page, that’s an interesting story. That’s like podcast 6, 7 in that range. So, go back and listen to that.

Paul:So what about page rank. What happened with page rank?

Chris:Page rank, yeah, it’s gone. It was on webmaster tools. If you’re not familiar with webmaster tools on Google, go back and listen to our podcast ’cause we’ve got a podcast on webmaster tools. And we were — I don’t think — that might be a good subject for our next podcast.


Chris:We’ll go into more in depth into webmaster tools.On webmaster tools which is a service provided by Google so you can kind of coordinate how Google interacts with your website, you — it would actually tell you the page rank. And a while back within a month, right?

Paul:I say within the — yeah, within the last month.

Chris:It disappeared.

Paul:So you can’t check it on page rank now.

Chris:Well, you know the answer to that one.

Paul:I said it and I was like “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. That’s not true.”

Chris:We were just talking about it.

Paul:You can’t take your own page rank. The page rank tool is still there where you can download the toolbar and have it on your search engine — your browser, it will still tell you the page rank of any website that you go to. So it’s not available in the Google. The webmaster tool but it’s still available in the toolbar where you can download.

Chris:And the first time we heard about page rank being removed, it was kind of — told to us in the context of no longer is Google going to use page rank, right? Well, the fact that they still have on their toolbars and actually, let’s just be honest, the fact that page rank is a fundamental aspect of their algorithm from day one back when they were discovering it in, I think, a university in California, Mr. Larry Page and friends.That’s a …


Chris:… Stanford. That’s an integral part of the Google algorithm. So they may take it off of pages. They may even take it off the toolbar and make sure you don’t know what it is but they will always use it.


Chris:Right? So that — at least that’s my argument.I’m — we’re not here and anybody else. We’re not reading anybody else saying that but I believe that wholeheartedly.I think it’s hard to argue counter to that.Why are we so excited about back link? You sent me some email this week or something, right?

Paul:Because I’m pissed at Google.

Chris:Oohh.Uh-oh. All right.Sorry, Google.

Paul:I’m not sorry.So give me my links back.Okay.So I’m checking links.I’m not going to just play around.Let’s see how many links we have.I do this all the time and our previous forecast we say, hey, here’s how you check your links. In you Google search bar you type in link: and the name of your website without the www.So type in link:e-webstyle.com.

Chris:Right there in the Google search?

Paul:That’s right.No space between the colon and your website.All right.

Chris:You can use everything.

Paul:Yeah, you can find this directly from the webmaster tool. That’s where I found it. So I looked at it and I get — this was like three days ago — two days ago.I get three links back. And I’m not …

Chris:I’m going to roll the story even a little bit further back, all right?


Chris:’Cause we often talk about the fluctuations of your website and that you want to be monitoring it on a monthly basis, you want to know where it is on a monthly basis and you want to watch trends and if it falls off one day, don’t freak out, you know, understand that, you know, keep doing the things that we talk about in this podcast. And we’ll give you an example.Paul — this is embarrassing, Paul is actually on a sales call on the phone and he was like “Hey, we’re always on page one for SEO Houston.”So why don’t you just pull up SEO Houston.

Paul:SEO Houston.

Chris:This amount, you’re going to see how good we are.

Paul:I’m feeling good on my way to this first page of Google.And he’s like “Well, I don’t see you.”

Chris:And you’re like “What?”

Paul:That’s right, Houston SEO.

Chris:Or try this right here.

Paul:Try search engine marketing. Oh, we’re giving away all our secrets, man, all our keywords, and I’m like “What the hell.”Like all these keywords were on the first page I’m like, “It just disappear.So I’m like, try not to panic like, trying to finish the sales call.

Chris:Yeah. Yeah.

Paul:We do know what we’re doing, I need to do this.And I was saying like man, you got to check this.So I checked the links.I found — okay, Google was trying those three links.I emailed Chris, like, “Dude, look at this.What is this?What the hell just happened?”

Chris:And I wasn’t really in the frame of mind of Paul so I looked at it and I — you know, I was actually with another client. I’m like “yeah, that link is it means we got three links.”


Chris:Not really processing the fact that we have 500 thousand links.

Paul:We got three.That’s more than one.

Chris:And two of them are from our office, right? So we started doing some research, you know, where did these links go.And …

Paul:We got hundreds, hundreds, hundreds of links.

Chris:Five hundred plus.

Paul:Yes, of links.Probably, two or three weeks ago.

Chris:High quality links.


Chris:So this is, you know, this is a great topic of subject because remember at the end of the day, no SEO expert knows everything.It’s not possible because we’re not Google.And we’re working within the Google framework. And all we can do is say, you know what, we did this yesterday.It worked.We did this last month, it worked.We did this the month and the year before, it worked.Keep doing this and tweaking it because we, you know, we always tweaking.We’re always testing.We were — we’re testing — we got a duplicate content test underway right now.And it’s by doing those kinds of testing, that’s how we are able to become world class experts at SEO.And again, even if we work as experts just means we’ve done lots of test, we’ve done lots of projects and they’ve worked. It doesn’t mean we know the Google algorithm.It doesn’t mean that we are Google.You know, we always tell our potential clients.You know the only person who can guarantee you first page placement is Google.


Chris:Because they own and run it.

Paul:Yeah. And we don’t.

Chris:You can be as good as we are and know that we’re going to get you on the first page ’cause we do know that.But we can’t guarantee it and we’re not — we’re not the kind of group that says, “You know what, it’s happened every client before and we let people know this but you can’t put a guarantee on that because we’re not Google.”So one of the things we did and this is a great tool that you guys can use.There’s a website called backlinkwatch.com.We use it all the time.It’s really nice and …

Paul:And it’s a way to check you back links. It’s another way to check you back links outside of a search engine.

Chris:So we checked it on Google using the link call in and in the website and I guess just because, you know, we wanted to make sure we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth for no unknown reason.We went to back links ’cause it’s another independent source of, hey, what website are linking back to you?

Paul:And we have links on back link, right?

Chris:Five hundred plus links.

Paul:So there are links.


Paul:So Google where are my links at, fool.Bring my links back.

Chris:Bring the links back.

Paul:I know it’s all there but, man, it almost gave me a heart attack on the day on the phone.


Paul:Yeah.Probably.Hey, come on.Don’t do that to me.

Chris:And one of the theories that we have, we are web design company, we also do — and this is a theory I’ve heard run out there.I don’t really believe it but I’d like to throw it out so that people have different understandings of what is potentially going on.Most of our back links are our clients, our web design and development clients who also become our SEO clients, and so most of our back links are actually on the same server.They are actually on the same server and the same IP address as us.So it is potential that Google sees that and says, you know what, these guys are just creating a cluster of websites that are pointing to them and it’s all for credibility.And I don’t think that it would necessarily do that specifically because of us.We’re a legitimate situation where were doing web design.We have the right based on our conducts with our clients to put our link back to us on their website and we do and there’s nothing — we’re not trying to, you know, to game the system this way.So I think that’s really …

Paul:I mean you could have called us and — what’s her name?

Chris:Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Paul:Kay Bailey Hutchison, you told her they were doing something wrong you can’t call e-webstyle.Come on, man.I thought we were cool.

Chris:You know what, every time I see her now, all I can think is, why do we need knees?


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