Why did my position on google change?

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Forty-Seven E-Webstyle.com Internet Marketing Podcast Feb. 19th 2010.  Third page of Transcription

Chris: Goal completed. So that’s the kind of things that you want to follow.

The other is on a shopping cart, the Thank You page after purchasing is a goal. So now, you know that your goal is to get them purchase. The only way ‑ the thing that indicates to Google that somebody has purchased is not the order form page, is not the shopping cart, you know, the actual shopping cart with all the items in it, it’s the Thank You for Purchasing page. That’s when you’ve reached your goal. And you actually full e-commerce in tracking them out and we’ve done that on a number of our clients.

So Darren, hopefully that answers your question. If you wanted anything ‑ I don’t know if ‑ it says guides. I don’t know if you need anything further than that. Well, let us know. You’ve been in contact. You’ve been a longtime listener, so we really appreciate that.

I also like this. He asked, “Does anyone actually know what Google means?” Right? And he goes to this website and the website is abbreviations.com and then you put a slash Google, and you’ll find ‑ apparently, this is a website that goes and finds abbreviations that people make and there’s a whole bunch of them. And he says he likes God’s only online gateway linking electronically.

Paul: I thought that was really creative.

Chris: Which was pretty good. I like great ogling options gathered legally every day (laughing).

Paul: (laughing) Legally, they infested us on legally.

Chris: And Australians and I’m sure the Kiwis have a very entertaining word that we don’t use here in America, which is perving. So that’s the process…

Paul: Perve has a ‑ definitely has a meaning in the United States.

Chris: Perve, yes. Now, perving is ‑ let’s say you’re, I don’t know, on a holiday, you’re on the balcony of your hotel, and you’re looking over the pool, what are you looking at?

Paul: Chicks?

Chris: That’s perving.

Paul: (laughing) Oh, okay, okay. That makes sense. That makes sense.

Chris: So now, we’ll bring that into the English dictionary.

Paul: There you go. And you know what? I actually happen to know the meaning of Google. I looked it up a couple of years ago. So Darren, this is for you. Google comes as a number. It comes from the number 10 to the 100th power.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: That’s where it comes from. But it’s not spelled that way. It’s spelled a little bit differently, but I actually just looked it up one day, you know. I’m bored. Don’t ask me why I’m bored thinking about that kind of stuff.

Chris: I thought it was research for the podcast.

Paul: Yeah (laughing).

Chris: Yeah, that’s it.

Paul: I looked it up again today just to figure out and I was like, yeah, it was still the same thing. But 10 to the 100th power is supposed to be a really big number and supposed to represent, you know, how their biggest and the baddest at what they do.

Chris: And they are.

Paul: Yeah, tell me. They wrote the book.

Chris: Yeah, on being big and bad.

Paul: And do we have time ’cause somebody else sent me an email?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I got an email and someone asked something kind of related to what Darren was asking and it was a website. Let me give them some backlink love. It’s nolacouture.com. N-O-L-A-C-O-U-T-U-R-E.com.

Chris: Is that like New Orleans Louisiana? NOLA?

Paul: New Orleans Louisiana couture. Well I don’t know.

Chris: Whatever.

Paul: I don’t even know what does word means.

Chris: Couture.

Paul: You know, I asked ‑ when I got the email, I asked a girlfriend of mine and she says it means like trendy fashion.

Chris: Cutting edge fashion, yeah.

Paul: I’m like okay, all right. But NOLA Couture sent me an email that says, “Hey, I got” and some of you may received this. She says, “My position on Google has changed. I know for a fact that at one point I was in the top of the natural search results. I was in the top five. I’m not there anymore. I received a call from an SEO company and they were marketing ‑ they were to pitch me, trying to sell me on it saying, “Hey, we put your competitor up on the first page of Google and we would like to do the same for you.” So, she went back and forth and that was a friend of mine and she asked me, “Hey Paul, you know, is that possible? Did they do something to my website to knock me out? I’m getting less traffic right now. Is it possible that they did something?” And the quick short answer I could tell her was no.

Chris: Yeah. They didn’t do anything to her.

Paul: They cannot affect your website without your permission.

Chris: And that’s it got hacked which you would ‑ should know and then just do a little bit of looking.

Paul: I mean, yeah. It did not ‑ actually, I didn’t know it but it’s most likely your website did not get hacked unless you, you know, all of a sudden have just millions and millions of dollars or access to the FBI database. I mean, they’re probably not going to target you.

But she asked, you know, “Why is my traffic decreasing?” It kind of goes on to Darren’s point, and I told her again, you know, focus on, you know, I’m sorry that your traffic is decreasing. It does suck. But what you want to do is focus on your content, you know, focus on link building. Focus on what we know you can manipulate and work on. Focus on getting more links, which leads us into the next point about linking, and what was that?

Chris: Backlinks, yeah. We had ‑ if you’re a longtime listener, not even that long. It’s probably about five or six podcasts ago.

Paul: I know I said we talked about it in December ’cause I was kind of upset at Google.

Chris: Yeah, he was like, “Hey, where are my links at? Give me my links back.”

Paul: Google stole our links.

Chris: Give us our links back.

Paul: Yes, yes. If you’ve requested an analysis, I don’t know if Darren knows this ’cause I’ve sent him an analysis that say if you want to check your backlinks, you can check it using the link operator. You can find it in the Google Webmaster Tools or type, it’s link:

Chris: No space.

Paul: No space, and your domain. I think its domain is just E-Webstyle, not the www. And for a while, that was a great way to check links and that’s how I would check links rather than using the Google Webmaster Tool. And then one day, we noticed that, you know, we went from…

Chris: All of our links were gone.

Paul: Thousands of links to 27. I checked that two or three days ago, to 27 links, and I’m like, “Google, what’s going on? Where are my links here? You’re messing with my links?” And so finally, we said, “Let’s do some research.” And basically, the consensus is don’t use the link operator tool. It sucks.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Sorry Google.

Chris: And it kind of goes in line with the fact that, you know, Google pulled off your page rank from Webmaster Tool. I think you can still look it up. Frankly we haven’t focused on that that much ’cause the reality is if you are consistently working and this is kind of our statement here at E-Webstyle, if you as an SEO person are consistently working to provide a good experience to the Google user and also helping your client and/or your page, you will succeed ’cause that’s all Google cares about.

If you’re using tricks or if you’re, you know, buying links that aren’t relevant, if you’re doing things like that, you’re not going to succeed.

Paul: And that was the general answers that are, you know, on the internet. Guys were saying you shouldn’t be focused on that and you said that like months ago.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: You know, you shouldn’t ‑ don’t focus on ‑ don’t focus on your links, focus on providing value, on good content, because if you’re trying to focus on links, I mean which you have to have…

Chris: And frankly, when we do SEO, that’s part of what we’re doing is providing backlinks and working hard to provide backlinks. And those backlinks we’re working on are valuable links.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Those take more time so that’s why it takes time.

Paul: So Google basically doesn’t want you to focus on ‑ they don’t want you to know how many links you’re getting. You can actually still use the Google Webmaster Tool to find your links; however, I think the general answer was that Webmaster Tool still provides more data than the link operator, but it still now a good indication of your links.

Chris: There are other sites where you can go to and find your backlinks, and you know, the short answer is you don’t know if Google ‑ you know, whatever numbers they are giving you and whatever links they are showing you, you don’t know if Google takes any of that into account. They probably do. They will only take the most of it. They may ‑ in fact, they’ll probably take all of it into account.

But again, don’t focus on that. Make sure your efforts for getting links back to your website are geared towards two things: finding quality websites with quality information about what you’re trying to attract traffic to your website for. I think I said that right.

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Chris: And then make sure that the backlinks have the keyword text that you’d like. If you focus on those two things in terms of backlinking, you’ll be a winner, you know.

Paul: So you’re saying, I’ll make sure that those backlinks have correct anchor.

Chris: Anchor text, ooh.

Paul: ‘Cause, I mean, I forget what that word is like every other day. I’m like anchor text, what is that?

Chris: I sense that it would slow you down.

Paul: Yeah. So focus on that. I got to remember that ’cause I often get that term every other day.

Chris: That’s ‑ yeah.

Paul: Yeah. So everybody out to Darren, to NOLA…

Chris: Couture, couture.

Paul: Yeah, whatever.

Chris: I think I’ve been watching too much gay reality TV ’cause I know how to pronounce couture.

Paul: So, you know, focus on things that we’ve talked about. You know, focus on your content. Focus on your keyword, having proper keywords. Make sure you have good anchor text, and that should ‑ that should help you, you know, watch your ‑ if your Google, you know, your particular keywords, look at the guys that are on, you know, the first page. See what they’re doing. Borrow ideas. Don’t steal. And you will get there. And if you’re really having trouble, call a professional SEO company like E-Webstyle. We can definitely help you out, give you good tips and pointers, and do it for you, and you know, let you ‑ as Chris always says, “You run your business.”

Chris: You focus on your business, yeah.

Paul: We will take care of you.

Chris: We will get you the traffic and the customers and help you on the SEVO, search engine visitor optimization.

Paul: Oh, and that is if you Google to iTunes and if you type in SEO podcast in the iTunes Store, at the very top ten, eight podcasts and below it, there’s a list of 50 podcast episodes, number 9 was search engine visitor optimization. And this is how I found out. I’m like “Ooh, somebody did a podcast on search engine visitor optimization. Let’s see what that going on?” I took and it’s like, “Oh my God. Yes!” (laughing)

Chris: Well, we’re the ones who coined the term.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Nobody else is using that term. I think it’s an incredibly valuable aspect of well, search engine optimization to be sure.

Paul: And this is for Darren. I’m going to address the very last part of your email, Darren. Sometimes people, you know, let’s just say you’re not the speller right? I am not the best speller. You know, I’ve butchered stuff up all the time. It’s like, ugh, you know.

Chris: He can’t even pronounce right the words he uses.

Paul: (laughing) Yeah, there you go. And so, he was asking about, you know, Analytics and stuff like and he asked the question, I won’t get into it, but I’m going to go ahead and bite the bullet on this. I’m going to take all the heat for you Darren.

I just looked this up. If you type in Google and what you’re thinking, ANAL, you will come with Google Analytics as the first natural result.

Chris: So you…

Paul: If you type in Google Anal, you will come up with Google Analytics.

Chris: You can abbreviate Google Analytics to Google Anal.

Paul: Google Anal. And the first natural result…

Chris: And if that doesn’t come back to what I said, great ogling options gathered legally every day (laughing).

Paul: Legally baby (laughing).

Chris: Nothing does (laughing).

All right, guys. Thank you so much for listening. We did miss two things. You can stalk us on Facebook. The easiest to find our Facebook page is E-Webstyle.com/Facebook. That will take you to our Facebook page. You can find us on Twitter, Twitter.com/EWebstyle with no dash. Again, that’s EWebstyle with no dash after the Twitter.com. Follow us, stalk us, send us emails. We love having you. We love sharing information. We love these questions that really push us to look up. I mean, he had to look up Google Anal today. I mean, we love that.

Paul: That’s research.

Chris: All right. Well, you are listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This is podcast number 47 Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast. Thank you guys for listening. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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