Why should I go after long tail keywords on google?

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Forty-Seven E-Webstyle.com Internet Marketing Podcast Feb. 19th 2010.  First page of Transcription

Chris: Hi and welcome to the Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast!

Paul: Hello. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our Unknown Secrets of SEO podcast, all the listeners and viewers.

Chris: This is podcast number 47. You are listening and/or watching to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: In the world, on everything. ITunes is the world right? And that works for me.

Chris: ITunes is the world of music and we’re the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.

Paul: And we have music on it.

Chris: You could see that we look pretty balanced in the image over there.

Paul: I think we look awesome.

Chris: All right, good. I know, but you’re going to get one to answer that question. We’re looking hot.

All right, as always, we want to follow up a little bit about what we had talked about last time, which I don’t have in my notes here. Do you remember it? What did we talk about last time?

Paul: Oh, we talked about…

Chris: It was brilliant, it was amazing.

Paul: God!

Chris: It was podcast number 46. It was ‑ how about in a second.

Paul: It was podcast 46. I remember. It’s on the tip of my tongue. I just can’t think of what we talked about. Now, backlink, we wrote that down. We had a really good topic. Oh, keyword selection.

Chris: Keyword selection.

Paul: Proper keyword selection, not going after the big dog so to speak every time you go after the keyword. This is probably one of the most popular things, mistakes I see people make. Or let me take that back. It’s not a mistake, but most people don’t understand what they’re getting themselves into if you know.

Chris: Yeah, there’s a lot of room for error in that process.

Paul: Yeah, you want to go after keyword that gets a million searches. Most people just don’t understand the work that’s going to be involved. So I’d say the mistake that they made is picking the keyword, not, you know, and not committing to the work that they’ll have to take to get there ’cause, you know, you’ll go after a million ‑ a keyword with one million searches a month, but you know, you got to think about are you prepared to do that? Is your website ready to do that?

Chris: And here’s maybe a reasonable example. You’re thinking about starting a new business and it’s a retail business. Most retail businesses, you want lots of traffic, right?

Paul: Mm-hmm.

Chris: So, if you go for the piece of property in your city, town, state, wherever you’re at that has the absolute most traffic, you got to pay a premium for that piece of property, and maybe your small business isn’t ready to pay that premium. You know, maybe that’s not a burden that your business can handle just yet.

Paul: Yeah. That’s it.

Chris: You want to move it there, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: You want to get it there, but you got to start at kind of a lower traffic. You want to start on the tail, long tail keywords, which are usually the longer keywords, more words in the keyword and also the less searched keywords, and then move up from there. So that’s really how that goes.

Paul: Okay. So definitely think about that. I think it was an awesome podcast. If you haven’t listened to it, go back and listen to it ’cause that’s ‑ keyword selection is one of the most important parts of SEO. I probably say that every other weekend or every other podcast.

Chris: It sounds like a real estate, right? Real estate is location, location, location. SEO is keywords, keywords, keywords. And so, make sure you do your keywords right. After that, you want to do content. That’s more like building the house as opposed to the foundation of it.

Paul: And the foundation.

Chris: By the way, where you can find our podcasts? You can find us on PodOmatic. The best way to find us though is just go to our website, E-Webstyle.com, and you can find a link to our podcast there. I don’t think it’s across the top, but I think it is right across the bottom. We got a link to the podcast directly. Or if you get into our blog, yeah I know, I’m sorry about that.

Paul: (laughing) I need to check that.

Chris: If you get into our blog, then you’ll find our podcasts and you actually play them directly from our blog. You can see transcripts of our podcasts. You can also find these podcasts in video format ’cause we’re recording right now. We’re recording live. I thought I turned all those off (laughing). We’re recording live. You can find these, and the best way to get to that is E-Webstyle.com/USTREAM. And when you go there, that will take you directly to your USTREAM page, excuse me, the E-Webstyle page on USTREAM. That’s right, just hang up (laughing).

Another way that you can find us is you can email us at podcast@E-Webstyle.com. We’re actually going to be talking about an email from Darren Bouie.

Paul: Darren Bouie. And here’s one other way you can find us. I found this last night. You go to iTunes Store, type in SEO, on iTunes list of bunch of podcasts at the top and directly below it, I just found this, they have live podcast episodes.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: And we are on the top ten.

Chris: Wow, all right.

Paul: I found that last night. If you type in SEO, you’ll find us and if you type in SEO podcast, we have two episodes in the top ten.

Chris: Awesome.

Paul: I just found this last night, so thanks iTunes.

Chris: Yeah, that’s awesome. ITunes is really cool. And one thing that we were really excited about last time was the amazing reviews that we got on iTunes. One of them said that he has learned more from our podcasts than reading multiple books. So, you’re learning right now.

Paul: Thank you. That’s for sure.

Chris: It may not be like it ’cause it’s fun and exciting and you are learning. You are learning about SEO, so that’s great.

Oh, I also wanted to throw this in ’cause we were talking about an Australian comedian last time.

Paul: Oh, yeah.

Chris: And his name is Yahoo Serious (laughing).

Paul: Okay.

Chris: And he was in the movie “Young Einstein.” The Einstein. He had a really crazy hair and it was really kind of wacky, I don’t know, bayous and butthead, dumb, probably American type humor although he is Australian. I don’t know. That’s a little weird that somebody makes that comment.

Paul: That’s a good point.

Chris: You know, that somebody makes a…

Paul: That was John in Western Australia. He says like…

Chris: You guys are funny for Americans.

Paul: American humor. Yeah, we got to step our humor game, John. We need to become worldly funny (laughing). I don’t know what that means.

Chris: All right, so we want to ‑ and also, I wanted to bring up the last time we were talking about what not to post on blogs, right? So, what’s the value of posting on a blog and getting a backlink to your blog? And we said make sure you add value to the blog. Here’s an example of not adding value to your blog.

Paul: Oh, from our blog.

Chris: This is from our blog. They posted it on ours and it says, “Great website. I cannot remember too clearly but I think I found your site through a link someone shared on Twitter. I like the way you write and I’m going to subscribe and read more whenever I can. Oh, yeah. Are you on Twitter yet?” (laughing) How did you find me again?

Paul: You found us on Twitter, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah, I found you on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? (laughing)

Chris: Are you on Twitter or just people tweeting about you ’cause you’re tweetable? I don’t know. So, that’s an example. When you do ‑ there is value in posting on blogs because it give you the backlink depending on the blog, and when you do that, just make sure you’re contributing.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I mean, the whole concept, the whole way to succeed is to give back. You know, we give back with our podcasts. We’re excited to do that. And it’s added value to our company and us as individuals, and you know, we’re required to research things that, you know, like Greg Bouie in Australia sends us, and that just makes us better at what we do. So, it has always been given back and you’re going to do really well, I think. That’s an axiom of life I actually think, give back.

Paul: I don’t even know what axiom means. I mean, I’d be honest with you man. I’m like ugh (laughing).

Chris: How about rule?

Paul: Hey, there we go. I understand that.

Chris: It’s a rule of life.

Paul: Man, come on. You got to keep them under five letters here (laughing).

Chris: And it should not have the letter X.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. It’s five letters, two syllables, you know. You got to dumb it down a little bit here.

Chris: (laughing) And that’s for our audience. I appreciate you there.

Paul: Yeah, you got to sacrifice and (laughing).

Chris: Throwing it out there like that. All right, so we’re going to answer Mr. Bouie’s question here.

Paul: Darren, yes. Darren.

Chris: So, he sent us something a long time ago and how did that end up working out?

Paul: Yes. Darren sent something a few months ago. He has requested analysis. I had sent it to him. I gave him some great pointers on it. I can’t think of exactly what pointers I gave him off the top of my head. But, we moved back and forth a few times and then Darren sent us an email and he asked a really good ‑ he asked a really good question. He says, you know, “I’m still a little confused but.” Oh, wait, I’m going to skip that ’cause I’ll let you answer the Analytics one.

But he says, “I have a proper question.” Actually ‑ this might read as “How if have added Analytics to my site?” But he basically wants to know the number of visitors on his site is reducing, you know, along with the percentage of visitors to his site. He used to have one number and then it has, you know, it is decreased down to another number. So, he is basically asking, you know, “What’s going on with my site? People are, yes, people are ‑ I’m getting less visitors.” And that was his concern.

Then he asked a couple of different things. That was one of them. Do you want to go to the Analytics as well?

Chris: Yeah. Then, he ‑ yeah, well, he postulates that it is possible that Google crawlers are no longer crawling on ‑ I’m sorry, it’s longer.

Paul: Yeah, my God.

Chris: He finds. He says…

Paul: There we go, there we go.

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