Why should I have a blog?

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Seventy-Seventh Internet Marketing Podcast September 24th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Why should I have a blog?

Chuck: I don’t — almost say it’s impossible. I will say that having a blog definitely helps. I mean for the sake of letting people post comments and allowing yourself to post articles, your weapon a lot faster than creating web pages.

Chris: Yeah. And I kind of agree ’cause some of our clients who clearly wouldn’t do enough to have a blog, they can use their Facebook wall as a blog. And then, of course, at that point they are doing social media and as soon as they’re doing social media they have some other things they have to follow. They need to build a strong network and have a — I got to find another word for “trust quotient.” I don’t know.

Chuck: Well, one other thing we’re creating a network is we realize where most blogs when people comment usually they are user of their blog, right?

Chris: Right. Right.

Chuck: Like I use word the word Chris, talking about putting comments, their picture, their site, all of these attached to their comment. So then we get ping backs and stuff like that. So well, isn’t that mandatory? I think it’s —

Chris: I recommend it too and it’s just on those situations where, yeah, definitely not mandatory where some of our clients, they’re not going to hit it enough. They’re not going to hit it regularly enough and they can do — they’re already — most of them already know how to do Facebook so you put them up on a Facebook page and they can start doing some entries on Facebook. It will be all right so I do agree with this. Update it regularly with good content.

Paul: I definitely agree with that. I’d say, Chuck, you are probably the king of Twitter.

Chris: Twitter.

Paul: First of all, because your Twitter handle is Chuck other than —

Chris: That’s the bomb, yeah.

Paul: And Chuck be —

Chuck: Tweetering.

Chris: Tweeting.

Paul: I don’t know.

Chris: He’s tweeting.

Chuck: I was very uncomfortable about that word, tweetering.

Paul: Chuck needs his tweet on. Chuck gets his tweet on and Chuck knows how to tweet.

Chuck: Yeah, I tweet at TweetDeck. Shout-out to TweetDeck. Present updates.

Paul: So yeah, so you want to update. You want to update it and that’s something like —

Chris: You talk over him, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, I know.


Paul: Okay. And that’s something that like we were trying to figure out how to do this on our own Facebook page and all people will comment. Okay, so now when did we start commenting back and that’s, you know, when the new site comes up we’re going to heavily push the new site. We’re going to push it on Twitter. We’re going to push Facebook to get people to the new site. Because I mean typically we’ll say it in a podcast. Hey, go to the site, blah, blah, blah, do this. Do this. But now that we have the Rolls-Royce, you know, Cadillac of websites is coming out —

Chuck: Rolls-Royce, Cadillac.

Paul: There you go. So we’re going to use this to push —

Chuck: Whatever.

Paul: There you go. We’re going to push it. And we’re going be on it.

Chris: Are those in the same class?

Chuck: No, it’s one’s like four.


Chris: He’s always trying to build the American pride.


Chris: You know what? It’s going to be the Swagger Wagon of websites. [Laughs]

Paul: Of websites. That’s what’s up. Swagger Wagon of websites.

Chris: It’s going to be useful, effective, and the bomb, right? How about that? That’s good.

Paul: So be social and I can say this. So going forward if you do comment on our Facebook page, you will receive a —

Chris: Shout-out.

Chuck: A tweet.

Chris: A link love.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: You’re going to escalate if you comment on us.

Paul: There you go. So if you hit us on Facebook, you will get a reply. We will be social. We will start saying, “Curt Martin, you hit us up the other day, I’m going to hit you up.”

Chris: Very cool. Yeah. And that’s kind of interacting with the crowd. I wonder if that’s even in this list somewhere. It probably should be.

Paul: I’m sure it is.

Chuck: I’m sure it is.

Paul: I’d say who does a great job at this and I’m going to shout out to Affygility Solutions.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I was on their Facebook page the other day and they’re on that sucker, just bam, bam, bam all the time. They got pictures and they’re interacting with people. But I say, okay, that’s what’s up. I’m going to steal that and I’m going to do better than you all.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: Ha-ha.

Chris: Like a Cadillac to a —

Paul: That’s right.

Chuck: To Rolls-Royce.

Chris: Rolls-Royce.

Paul: So Affygility, Dean, you’re all doing a great job.

Chris: Next on our list is — well, the bolded text list post and what I would say is it’s about video and should you be doing video on — if you’re doing a social media marketing campaign.

Paul: Yes.

Chris: How many — now, here’s is a good question. How many just regular blog posts have you ever seen that have gone viral?

Paul: Like two.

Chuck: I think it’s two-fold. I think what they really intend to hear in regards to post, videos go viral. Yeah, post all go viral.

Chris: Exactly.

Paul: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Chuck: But posts get right. So while you’re linking to your site in this post or you’re linking to some other property you have then it’s good for that post. But for the sake of going viral, you know, add a video to it.

Paul: Yeah, because nobody has afforded me a blog post like —

Chris: And by the way, we’re
counting on you, guys. We have two videos. A cartoon video with him and like a butt flap and me and like speaker Princess Leia ears and we also have another one on exactly how we do —

Paul: You got to see it.

Chris: We need you guys to make those go viral. So re —

Chuck: Follow us up every day.

Chris: Retweet them or something.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: And we’re going to have a new video.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: He had actually squeezed through the butt flap just to get in the outfit. [Laughs]

Paul: And we’re going to post a new video, put pressure on Chuck.

Chuck: It might be too much information.


Chris: You don’t like squeezing through the butt flap?

Chuck: That was cool.

Chris: We’re going to try — and the other video we all have out there is exactly how we do SEO, Search Engine Optimization. How do we get a website from — I think in that case, it’s like page 2 to the first position.

Paul: First page, first position.

Chris: Permanently.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: So you got to check out that video. It is on our Facebook page. As soon as you check out that video, we need some comments on it, we need some kickback. Also, Darren Booy has a very cool video about E-Webstyle.

Paul: Oh, that was awesome.

Chris: By the way, I figured out — finally somebody e-mailed me the link on how you did that. Yeah, I’m still impressed. [Laughs]

Paul: Yeah, that was very cool. I thought it was awesome. And we’re going to have a new video coming out, putting pressure on Chuck.

Chris: The video around the corner.


Chris: All right.

Paul: What’s the name of the song?

Chuck: Social Media Marketing.

Chris: Hey, that’s our topic today.

Paul: That’s our topic today.

Chuck: Social Media Marketing.

Chris: You should be on our podcast.

Paul: Social Media Marketing.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Paul: So what’s ET on the video ’cause I actually want to see it?

Chuck: ET on the video is this weekend, soon as this weekend — tomorrow actually. And so give me about a week to edit. Hopefully, maybe next Friday we can debut.

Chris: Awesome.

Paul: So video shoot this coming weekend, champagne bottles, limousines, all that.

Chris: And if you want to get warmed up and get excited about it. The —

Paul: He did a video shoot, I think, with like P Diddy, you know.

Chuck: No, I’m thinking more like YouTube, take me righty. Twitter. Facebook.

Chris: That’s eager — eager —

Paul: I was thinking about it, you know. Champagne, a gold-plated boat behind you, you know, a jet, you know, live like hey, video shoot, 50 Cent in the background. That’s what’s up.

Chris: You get that Bentley.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: The Rolls family.

Paul: The Cadillac.

Chris: The Cadillac. The Rolls-Cadillac. It’s a new model. We’re not buying a Cadillac. We got time for just one more thing. This one is a — oh, by the way, I just want to mention, if you guys want to get excited about that video that is going to be coming out soon, the audio is available. The SEO Rapper allowed us to release the audio for that rap first here at E-Webstyle. Just go to our blog and, by the way, I haven’t figured out — yeah. Just go to our blog. The audio is actually out there.

Paul: Nobody tell me. Actually, I didn’t know that. I was like has he told us about it? I was like I don’t know. Who put it up?

Chris: It is up. It’s been up. Actually, we’re going to skip this ’cause we’ve got to cover the kind of last little housekeeping details. We love hearing from you, guys. We love your reviews. You see how excited we get when we got lots of reviews to talk about. You can find us and stalk us a whole slew of ways. E-mail us at Podcast@E-Webstyle.com. Find us on Twitter at Twitter.com/EWebstyle. Find us on Facebook, Facebook.com/EWebstyle. We broadcast this podcast, the video of this podcast live at 9:15 Central Standard Time every Friday morning, and you can catch that at — the best way to get there is to go to E-Webstyle.com/USTREAM, that’s the letter U, and that will automatically forward you to the USTREAM video in our new Cadillac website that will probably be embedded in our website. And the last thing is we are on YouTube, so you can find us on YouTube. Just go to E-Webstyle.com/YouTube. We have a phone number.

Paul: I’m just so glad. 713 –country code is 001, area code is (713) 592-6724, if you want to talk about web design or —

Chris: Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click.

Paul: Yes, give us a call. You can still fill out the free website analysis form. But if you were just in a dire need for it right now today, give us a call.

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Chris: Excellent. This has been podcast number 77. You’ve been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. In fact, we’re one of the most popular. I think we may — maybe I got to do the numbers, the most popular Internet Marketing podcast on iTunes. We are on the first page of the new iTunes package software. So if you go and type in in iTune store Internet Marketing — boom! We’re right there on the first page. And that’s because you — we really appreciate you guys listening, following, tweeting, facebooking. This has been a great podcast. Internet Marketing Unknown Secrets of SEO, podcast number 77. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: I’m Paul Hanson.

Chuck: I’m Chuck.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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