Why should you use a text browser like Lynx?

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Thirty-Two E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 25th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Chris: Yeah, no, I didn’t. And bold is still working so I was continuing to work with Bold. But instead of using the B, you’re supposed to use strong and he pointed that out and kind of reiterated it. So I’m going to go back and do that properly now. Which is cool I mean this is–we’re experts.

Paul: Yeah, it’s a learning–made the stuff changes all the time. You have to learn–we have to figure stuff out somehow. But everybody go take a look at this. I thought it was really awesome. And hopefully, we can get Mo Serious on the show.

Chris: For an interview.

Paul: That would be awesome. See if he could write us an e-webstyle rap.

Chris: He’s here in Houston so that would be awesome, yeah.

Paul: He’s here in Houston–

Chris: That would be really cool.

Paul: Hopefully, yeah, we can get him to come on the show and do some–but he was very cool. Everybody, check it out.

Chris: He’s got more than one too, right? I mean–

Paul: He’s got a link building video. I think it’s just kind of him in a training session that his company–he’s got a social media video and one other–and a PPC video. Social media, PPC and link building. They’re all–I’ve only seen link building but it was really good and I assume that the others are on par with the first one. Really good information. It’s actually a rap, it makes sense, you can understand what he’s saying and you can actually like you say, he’s enunciating pretty well. So, good job on that, Mo Serious.

Chris: Yup and hopefully, we’ll get you on. That’s pretty awesome.

Paul: (20:04) kind of sucks ‘cause I wish I had that idea first.

Chris: Yeah, we don’t have the persona, I don’t think.

Paul: Yeah, he’s a–

Chris: He’s got the big rapper-look.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: We’d be like the skinny white guy.

Paul: I wouldn’t be the skinny white guy.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I’ll be the skinny black dude!

Chris: When I say ‘we,’ it’s the royal ‘we.’ It’s like the ‘owners.’ That’s the owner ‘we.’

Paul: Oh, man.

Chris: Got to give you a hard time about that.

Paul: And what about–what else?

Chris: So our last thing is actually a tool and you guys might be able to get some good things out of it, might not. It’s a really important idea. I was reading through the Google webmaster concepts, what’s important, what you can do and one of the things they say is you should look at your website from a text-browser’s perspective.

Paul: Why?

Chris: What do you think a text-browser means?

Paul: I’d say a browser that would you could take any website and remove all of the images off of it and just text.

Chris: So it would just show you, okay, this is exactly what is there in terms of text. You’re exactly right.

Paul: But what good does it do, okay, as me, the end-user. I don’t want to see my website in text.

Chris: Well, it’d be pretty good. Say for instance, and this would be a really quick indicator if you had all images and you hadn’t been listening to our podcast and you didn’t know that you shouldn’t have all images because Google can’t see it, you could pull up your website in a text browser and you would see nothing. And when you see nothing, you would then process this. Google’s robots see what a text browser sees.

Paul: Ah, okay.

Chris: Right? So if you see nothing, and it wouldn’t be nothing-nothing. But it would effectively be nothing relevant to the content that maybe you had in text and images, certainly. But when you see nothing, it might trigger you and go, “Hmm. If Google bot sees this and this is nothing, then, that would explain why I’m not getting indexed. That would explain why when I do searches for my own company name, I don’t come up.”

Paul: That’s an awesome tool.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: So now you can tell, you can kind of look and see, “Hey, what does the search engine see when they pull up my website?” ‘Cause obviously, we optimize our website to convert traffic but you got to get the traffic first, you got to get Google and being who to actually find your websites. I think that’s an awesome tool.

Chris: Bing whooo? I’m still working on that tone, huh. I’m getting closer. Yeah, you can find them. Google gave a link to a search using the Google search engine, which I thought was weird (22:50) website.

Paul: Which, yeah, which brought you to their search results, not the actual website of the thing.

Chris: But the search was lynx browser, that’s L-Y-N-X, browser. Do a search for that. The first one is actually somebody who’s made it so you can put your website and it’ll actually show you the results of the Lynx browser or you can actually go and get a lynx browser. I didn’t do this myself so if there are any problems with this, somebody let us know and we’ll get it corrected.

But if you go to lynx.isc.org and I’ll spell that for you – L-Y-N-X.isc and that’s an ‘I’ as in isosceles–

Paul: Oh, come on!

Chris: ‘S’ as in ‘Sam.’

Paul: I can’t spell ‘isosceles.’

Chris: And ‘C’ as in ‘capricorn’ dot org. So if you go there, you can actually download a browser and kind of browse the web and see how it actually works from a text browser.

Paul: That reminds me of something–somebody goes like to me, it’s a while back, he goes, “You know, ‘H’ as in ‘hermeneutics.’” And I was like, “What?” Like I don’t know how to spell that. I don’t even know if hermeneutics has an ‘H’ on the end of it.

Chris: I don’t even believe you. And I don’t have access to Google so I can’t find out.

Paul: So I can’t find it.

Chris: But I could optimize it for you.

Paul: There you go.

Chris: ‘K’ as in ‘knife.’

Paul: Yeah, there you go! I’m like, “Do that. ‘Hermeneutics, I don’t even know what that is, man. How are you going to use that as a word?’”

Chris: Was that your lawyer-friend?

Paul: It probably was.

Chris: Probably they’re going to use those words average Joes don’t–

Paul: Somebody email me and tell me what ‘hermeneutics’ means.

Chris: Hermeneutics.

Paul: Tell me how to spell it first.

Chris: Yeah. We don’t even–we’re so lazy we’re not even going to Google it. We’re going to wait for an email.

Paul: Just lazy too.

Chris: All right. Well, that’s all of our information for today. This is a little bit of a short podcast. But that’s all right. We’ve been making up for our previous podcast.

Paul: Yeah, I think we ran over last.

Chris: Next show is going to be obviously another amazing show again. Please if you get any useful information or entertainment or something positive out of this, stress the Positive please, go to iTunes and write a review or write a review some place or give us a link back from your website, please.

Paul: Yeah. And we’re not going to be like the other guys out here and go do our own ratings and reviews. I think there are some people on iTunes that do their own ratings and reviews.

Chris: There’s one in particular that has like what–90–

Paul: 98 reviews and like 95 of them are five stars. And I’m like, “Come on, man.” I like to think I’m pretty awesome but, man–

Chris: Most of them have like 10 reviews tops.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: And he’s got like 98–

Paul: He’s got 98 reviews.

Chris: Five-star reviews.

Paul: So give us a review. We want honest reviews, we’re not going to cheat and put them up ourselves. So give us a review, we’d really appreciate it.

Chris: Excellent. And, again, you can follow us on Twitter. Twitter.com/ewebstyle. On Facebook you can find us just go to our simple website. E-webstyle.com/facebook and that automatically forward you to our facebook company page.

And finally, send us an email at podcast@e-webstyle.com.

Paul: And call us at–

Chris: 713 592 6724.

Paul: And don’t follow us, stalk us.

Chris: Stalk us, yes. Yes.

Paul: (26:18) that earlier.

Chris: Yeah. In fact, I think it was Mo Serious’ website at the bottom that says, “Stalk us,” right there. Stalk us on Facebook, Twitter and then some other stuff.

Paul: (26:30) don’t know what that is.

Chris: Oh, yeah, I don’t know. And then YouTube. Two dots, looks like a button. Anyway, what a great podcast. We’ll see you next time. It’s going to be even better. Until the next podcast.

Paul: This is Paul Hanson.

Chris: I’m Chris Burres. Bye-bye for now.

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