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Twenty-Eight E-Webstyle.com SEO Podcast Sept. 11th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Chris: When their credit’s clean and I can come back and get the sale or something.

Joe: Exactly! We’ve given them the ability to have their own account. They can go to our website, log in and view the progress of their customers. So all of that is designed to, everything in our company, and this all goes back to I’m not just sitting here doing an infomercial for customer, I mean for my company.

Chris: And you’re company name again is?

Joe: Improvemycreditusa.com. All of that, once you, as a business owner, can really latch onto the thing that’s set you apart, right? Don’t tell me you’re the fastest, all that stuff, tell me why and know it. Because when you know what you’re thing is it’ll transform your company.

Chris: Right.

Joe: Right? Once we had the 100% communication promise in our head, everything that went closer to more communication, better communication, faster communication, that’s what we, exactly! That’s what we’ve gravitated towards. We have a thing on our home page to where you click on, it says have a question? Click to chat with an agent now. Right? And they have those out there, various companies offer them. Well, we went with one over other ones that allowed me to set up my mobile phone and any number of other people in the company that we wanted to pay for that option, to where if we’re not in our office and logged into the software, it automatically just rolls over to our iPhones so if we do have someone that hits our website who wanted to speak to us, it just comes up on my phone like a text message.

Chris: Wow!

Paul: That’s sweet! I’ve never heard of that.

Joe: Yeah, it’s really powerful.

Paul: Yeah.

Joe: So we are literally right there, able to communicate all the time.

Chris: Wow.

Joe: And I’ve had someone hit my phone at 10 o’clock at night.

Chris: Right, right.

Joe: Now you have the option to decline and it’ll take a message, right? You know, it’ll say an operator’s not available leave a message. But for us, that was all the things that spoke towards the 100% communication promise. Which was our thing, that’s our thing that sets us apart from everybody else, we’re going to do it better than anybody else, nobody can touch us in the industry and I can say it with 100% confidence because I know it’s true. And so when I’m out talking about my company and I’m in a (22:24) mortgage person or realtor and I start talking about that stuff it becomes evident within seconds that that really is us. That’s what sets us apart.

Chris: Are there a lot of companies that target like you do, that target the mortgage industry to help clean credit?

Joe: Yeah, there’s quite a few actually. I mean, first of all, if you just Google credit repair, you’ll get over 20 million hits.

Chris: And I would think that’s, most of that’s targeted towards the end user as opposed to, because I think you’ve got a great marketing idea which is let’s partner, let’s not spend our effort trying to find the one off’s, let’s spend our effort trying to find the people who are going to refer us, you know…

Joe: Absolutely.

s: At least five a year or potentially five a month or…

Joe: We have people that, we also have a referral program where we pay, you know, it’s not much, I mean we don’t charge that much up front to begin with but we have a little referral fee in there and we have people that make a decent little check from us every month. You know? And it’s not their primary focus nor should it be.

Chris: Right, right.

Joe: You know? But, it’s extra buck and who can’t use some spare change? Especially in today’s market.

Paul: And you brought up a good point before we started the podcast about the primary focus, like that’s not our primary focus nor should it be and you know, we’re not, mortgage brokers or credit repair guys focus on, I thought that was an awesome point.

Joe: Absolutely! I don’t know how far we’re in time wise but that’s definitely another huge point to make.

Chris: Well go ahead, we’ve got plenty of time. We’re going to, we’re actually going to break this up, this podcast, this interview into two separate podcasts so, if you’ve got a good point to make…

Joe: Absolutely! You know, one of the, again, from a marketing standpoint, you know what? I shouldn’t even say from a marketing standpoint, you made a great point that being entrepreneur is just being a sales person, right? From an entrepreneurial standpoint, more so than marketing, one of the most common mistakes I see and it’s an industry we work with so much the realtors that we work with, because they are solo, individual, you know, it takes a good while for the average realtor to expand to the point where they have assistants and grow an office. Exactly, exactly, so they’re very frequently just individuals. And like anything, any business, 20% of the realtors are the ones making the money and 80% of the ones are just goofing around out there and you know, they also sell Mary Kay and…

Chris: Whatever…

Joe: Whatever, yeah, exactly, nothing against Mary Kay.

Chris: I use it every day.

Joe: It’s great for my skin.

Paul: I don’t. I’m just going to go ahead and put that out there.

Chris: He’s just got to leave us hanging like that.

(25:08-15 mixed voices)

Joe: Anyway, one of the most common mistakes…

Chris: Be careful, because this is the You Like Spanking Me podcast…

Joe: Yes!

Paul: This is why I don’t like (25:24). I’m just going to go ahead and put that out there in case there’s any people I know listening, I don’t like spanking you guys.

Chris: So you’re saying when you have to spank me, you don’t like it?

Paul: I do it because, you know, there’s a check in it (25:36-37) got to do and…

Chris: Acorn? I got to figure out how to hide that check by the way. Because I don’t know what to do with that check.

Paul: ‘Cause I’m claiming that.

Joe: Stay clear of the lobbyists. No, the biggest, one of the, I said the biggest piece of advice, this is right up there along with keep it simple and speak to the pain, that’s number one for me. That is absolutely the number one thing, you have to have that. If you can’t, before you go into business, if you can’t tell me before you start the business why you are different than anybody else then you just need to get behind somebody else who already has a great product, go to work for them because if you believe in it enough that you want to start doing that, then you should just get behind somebody who already has a great product and help them improve it and you’ll succeed and do well.

Paul: Right, right.

Joe: But if you can’t tell me why you’re better or separate or different from somebody else out there than you have no reason to be in business. And if that’s harsh then I’m sorry. Then the next thing is focus on that, do that only! Right? I get approached on a regular basis with all sorts of spin off ideas and you know, things that compliment this, you know, sell, hey, the people that are your customers also are typically the people who need, you know, cell phones that are inexpensive or whatever, you know, so you could mention that. I’m like, no. It has nothing to do…

Chris: I’m not going there.

Joe: You know? We are all about 100% communication but we don’t need to give them a cell phone to accomplish that. Absolutely! You know, and so, that kind of ties into the whole search engine optimization thing is that within marketing there are tons of areas of expertise and I have to know what my limits are. Right? What my strong points are as a marketer. And whenever I come up weak I need to look for a better means
to put that out there before somebody else.

Chris: So what I’m hearing is just like those individual mortgage brokers who might want to take on that role of doing credit repair that’s not their area of expertise and you know that gets them distracted from what they’re supposed to be good at and supposed to be growing. Same thing with you, anything in terms of marketing that is outside your comfort zone is you know, why go up that learning curve if there’s other resources, you know, experts like E-Webstyle that can help you or other companies whoever it may be. You utilize those experts. You know, one of the things that I think kind of summarize what is one of the things that you were saying is opportunity often isn’t.

Joe: Opportunity, it’s distraction.

Chris: Right, so you’ve got to be careful of if it seems like an opportunity make sure it gels with that kind of central focus that you have. And then the other one is take advantage of experts. You know, you don’t want to go into a court, you don’t go into a courtroom without a lawyer, you don’t go and meet with the IRS without Acorn, I mean without an accountant.

Joe: Nice tie back. That’s good.

Chris: So all of those things, you utilize those experts when you can. So…

Joe: I have a great story for you one that to illustrate the point. Henry Ford was liabled in the papers an ignorant man and he sued the newspaper that made that statement. And so in their defense their attorney’s called him up onto the stand and proceed to just up one side, down the other, you know, what’s this historical fact, who did this, you know that type, trying to illustrate that he was an ignorant man and that he was uneducated. And because he wasn’t educated in the traditional sense; he didn’t have a college degree, he had a very low degree of schooling. And after a while of going through this process he just shot the guy down. He said, “Young man, let me ask you a question”. He said, “On my desk I have a board. And on that board I have 20 buttons and at any given moment I can push one of those buttons and have an expert in any particular field I want in front of my desk with the answers to the various questions you’re asking me. So let me ask you, why would I clutter my head with that information when it’s at the touch of a finger available to me?” Right? And just shut the guy down.

Chris: That’s an awesome story.

Paul: It is.

Joe: And the point being is that Henry Ford was Henry Ford, right? Obviously he went on to be quite successful, right?

Chris: He’s not an expert historian, he’s not a pharmacologist…

Joe: Exactly. And you know, know what you do and kick tail of that and don’t clutter your head with useless information. I shouldn’t even say useless information but information that you don’t need to have in your head. I don’t, like, we were talking about this, you know, before the podcast, I don’t want to clutter my head with the specifics of Google analytics. I really don’t, I don’t have an interest in it, it doesn’t fascinate me, it doesn’t make me passionate, you know? There are things from a marketing standpoint that I do like and I am fascinated by. You know, how people look at ads and that kind of thing I’m definitely interested in, I want to know that and so I spent time reading about it. Because it was human behavior stuff and that human behavior aspect of marketing is what does make me tick from a marketing standpoint. So when it comes to how the functionality of search engine optimization works and that sort of thing I just didn’t have an interest. And so it’s at that point that I look for somebody like you guys to do that.

Chris: Excellent! Well, I think that’s a, we’re right at the 30 minute and so what I’m hearing is you should use E-Webstyle. You said a whole bunch of stuff and I just kind of (31:54-55).

Paul: No, what he was saying was I’m going to follow E-Webstyle on Twitter and I’m going to listen to their podcasts and I’m going to join their Facebook group and then I’m going to do this and then I’m going to do this and I’m going to do all that.

Chris: Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned that because we are on Twitter, you can follow us on Twitter, Twitter.com/ewebstyle, there’s no dash on the Twitter so it’s just e-w-e-b-s-t-y-l-e, you can replay that, I know it’s fast. We also are on Facebook and you can actually get directly to our Facebook page if you go to our website e-webstyle.com and then put a slash Facebook. So I
think that makes sense, that’ll actually pop you directly, we’ve got a redirect going directly to our Facebook page and send us any comments and, you know, if you’ve got any ideas, of course, Melanie is clear, had a great idea of interviewing people.

Paul: Yes, thanks Melanie again in Canada.

Chris: Well, Joe, thank you now and we’re going to continue on and do another podcast for podcast number 28, excuse me, this is 28, we’re going to do 29. Melanie, great idea, if you’ve got any ideas, send us an email at podcast@e-webstyle.com and we’re going to continue our interview with Joe and Joe’s company is Improve MyCreditUSA.com and we repair credit in houston. So until the next podcast, we’ll see you. Bye, bye for now.

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