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WP-Ecommerce sucks review

Chris: Hi. And welcome to the SEO Podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. Adjust the camera here. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Chuck: Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris: Here at E-Webstyle.

Chuck: At E-Webstyle here.

Chris: Down here, I think —

Chuck: Yeah, here.

Chris: It’s important right here.

Chuck: Not over there, right here.

Chris: We are so glad you guys tuned in. We missed a week. We missed you. We missed each other. I feel like in prep today. I’m like what do we do now. How do we do this?

Chuck: It’s kind of lost. It’s kind of lost.

Chris: I do remember one, the things that we do is we have a tip from the previous podcast. This is podcast 115. So if you go back and listen to 114, one tip that you should pull out of that is signup for GPlus and the Plus One E-Webstyle.

Chuck: Yeah, Plus One us.

Chris: Yeah, in fact a lot of pages.

Chuck: Close on us in a few places.

Chris: Yeah, a few key places like our podcast. We’re gonna talk a little about the changes Google is making on Google Local Places and I’m sure this is all tied together as they get more collateral and momentum with GPlus, I think. You know, things is gonna change.

Chuck: It’s gonna change a lot. You know, one thing that I was thinking about GPlus was how it can affect search rankings from a keyword level. For example, you search SEO Podcast or SEO Houston, chances are our homepage will show.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: So if you Plus One us under SEO Houston, well, that’ll give us more credibility for that keyword.

Chris: Right, versus keywords specific because it’s in the result. Oh, yeah.

Chuck: And so, yeah, so search a few terms. I probably post those terms.

Chris: And the search results so you just click the research result and Plus One us and boom. We’re off and running. So we had a good GPlus. It’s got —

Chuck: Just a thought, you know, I’ll probably do some research. Maybe we just do some test on that.

Chris: It’s got some really exciting implications, I think. Do remember we are your friendly local top positions amateurs.

Chuck: Yeah, why don’t you just buy it?

Chris: And I got a little bit of news here. Did you see the video I sent you? The Gmail Man?

Chuck: Oh, the Gmail Man? I did watch it myself.

Chris: Oh, man.

Chuck: I will say it’s like a spoof because Google’s doing all the campaign to get people to stop using AOL and all these all e-mail campaign.

Chris: And Microsoft’s now spoofing that Gmail Man.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: So here it is, the Gmail Man dressed up like a mailman with Gmail written all over him and he’s walking down the street going, you know, I don’t know. I make it a hemorrhoids inflammation. Hmm, cat, hmm, dander and this little girl stops him. Mailman, are you reading the mail? No, I’m reading everyone’s mail. You can’t do that. Well, guess what? When certain Gmail people get together with certain e-mail e-mails an ad is born. And the girl goes, eww. It’s hilarious.

Chuck: Yeah, well, watch it. But we talked about it.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: We talked about ads showing in Gmail based on the e-mails you’re receiving.

Chris: So it’s an interesting spin. It doesn’t change my opinion on it.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: It is an interesting spin though like so the dad is out there and obviously you can search your own e-mails.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Somebody at Google — Gmail can search, you know —

Chuck: Your e-mail, mm-hmm.

Chris: — terms and if you’re typing terrorists or you’re typing whatever. They can go out there and do that. So just an interesting big brother interpretation. Showing ads I kind of like. I think that’s useful, right?

Chuck: Yeah, that’s okay.

Chris: ‘Cause they’re always looking for the latest and greatest of whatever it may be. Yeah, yeah. It may not be in the picture there, yeah. I can adjust that again. All right. So what do we got next? Microsoft is apparently collecting Wi-Fi data. I don’t know if you remember Google specifically in Europe I think got like major flack and actually some cases against them in the courts because they were collecting Wi-Fi data, like Wi-Fi information. Apparently, Microsoft is now doing it and publishing it and there’s a big hoopla about like, didn’t they learn anything.

Chuck: Well, I’m pretty sure they found their loophole.

Chris: Yeah, well they do have less information than what Google had available. Did you hear time travel is a no go?

Chuck: I just figured it would be, you know. I didn’t hear it but you know.

Chris: There was apparently some experiment. I don’t even remember where I just read this. So the article was time travel proven not possible and then the rest of it they’re saying how it’s an invalid test. So like the test isn’t specific. Apparently, the test is in a flat time space arrangement and where the time spaces occur.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Chris: So if you don’t prove it on the curve, then you haven’t proven anything, yeah.

Chuck: You can’t really justify.

Chris: I’m probably gonna mention this a couple of times today. The horrible experience that we have had with WP e-Commerce.

Chuck: Boo.

Chris: Oh, man. This has been bad. By the way —

Chuck: Stupid boo.

Chris: Just unbelievably unfocused, unprofessional, bizarre performance from them. We installed WP e-Commerce and then paid for their cart upgrades so that we could use Authorize.net for one of our clients which by the way we’re struggling to keep. We may not keep that client.

Chuck: Because of this.

Chris: Because of this whole issue. I even just now tried to sign into the forum and print out the e-mails. I can’t even sign in now.

Chuck: Boo.

Chris: It’s just unbelievable. So it wasn’t working. I was using a slightly older version of WP e-Commerce and a slightly older version of the Gold Cart which is the premium upgrade, $40 upgrade, so that you can actually interact with Authorize.net and other merchants.

Chuck: We’re talking about WP e-Commerce which is a shopping cart plugin for WordPress.

Chris: Yeah, I’m so deep in it. So it was working to the point it was charging charges and after it ran the charge and that showed up in our merchant account, it was returning to a non-existing page. So I go in and like, hey, you know, I need your help. By the way, when you request help, you need to give them a username and password for your WordPress site, an FTP username and password. They literally should be able to fix anything.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: The response I got was first, I recommend you upgrade to WP e- Commerce ’cause I was on a one version back and Gold Cart. I’ve done that before. I had a little bit of problem so like, okay, the guy is recommending it. I’ll do it. I’ll spend a little time. I got it working. He writes back and then I send a message saying, okay, now, every time I run a charge it’s saying that not authorize.

Chuck: It’s not working.

Chris: He writes back and literally says — I think I printed this out. “Hey, the new Authorize CIM Module is not 100%. I can upload the fix files for you but the Authorize 2.0 Module should still be working.” That would be the downgrade that I was already operating on. “Is that option still available on the store payment page? I’m having trouble logging into your WordPress dashboard. I’m getting a server timeout error.” So he couldn’t get in to my WordPress dashboard. By the way, this is the last response I received at least a week ago. And I’m still trying to dialogue with them ’cause there are some nice features in their cart. So I get on, sure enough I can’t sign in FTP. I removed the WordPress e-commerce plugin and now I can log in. So the thing he told me to upgrade was the thing that was causing me, him from being able to log in to the system. How do you release — like I know little bugs, right? Authorize.net is one of the largest merchants.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: As far as I know, I haven’t done any research. I mean, we have clients come to us and this client specifically is looking at another merchant that didn’t work out. He ended up with authorize.net.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That’s how it works. That’s how popular they are and you just release a component that doesn’t work for authorize.net. Boo.

Chuck: Boo.

Chris: I don’t know. What’s the opposite of a punch in the face? Are we supposed to hug them or something?

Chuck: Exactly.

Chris: Yeah, just kick them.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: Kick them right where it counts.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: That has been unbelievable frustrating and like I said —

Chuck: Kick in the end of his commerce.

Chris: Yeah, kicking me this commerce, use my Converse to kick me in this commerce. And even now I couldn’t log in and see the status of my ticket. I mean, one thing I didn’t mention in the middle of all this, they upgraded their system, their ticket system. Apparently, it’s unbelievably dysfunctional so it has taken them a week to get it working and it’s not working yet. So don’t — you know, just, you know, I forgot. Upgrade system is like that. You really need to do a little more testing.

Chuck: Well, yeah. That’s why you have Beta.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: Right? There should have been —

Chris: Put some clients on Beta and your majority clients like me, who actually have a voice that can be heard and who actually wanna use your product for lots of different numbers and websites.

Chuck: Well, we have several clients, you know, on the e-commerce side — so have been our past four clients.

Chris: Yeah.

Chuck: You know, have all been e-com.

Chris: I need e-com and there’s — yeah.

Chuck: So we need directive WordPress, I mean, we’re going to — you know, this is no flack against WordPress.

Chris: Oh, yeah. WordPress has been stellar.

Chuck: If this particular plugin and so with that I think we should give them a punch in the face to cause this to cease because they rock.

Chris: I turned it on, it work first time, formatting was perfect, everything was perfect on. I mean, just smooth as silk. Yeah, punch in the face to Cart 66.

Chuck: Yeah.

Chris: We’ll put a link to Cart 66 if you guys ever need it. It could use a little more functionality here and there.

Chuck: Of course.

Chris: And at this point, I’m phenomenally happy with it. All right. Enough negative. We got a review.

Chuck: You might make up a review dance. We’ll do a review and step on it. I couldn’t, I got a two-step.

Chris: You got two-step?

Chuck: I can do a two-step to any song.

Chris: Okay. Not to be confused with the country two-step which requires a partner.

Chuck: Oh, yeah, you know.

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