Yahoo to Microsoft PPC Converting

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Eightieth Internet Marketing Podcast October 15th 2010. Third page of Show Notes

Yahoo to Microsoft PPC Converting

Paul: — has a real opportunity here that it says, as Yahoo rolled its search into Bing, the sampling is much larger. Oh, we need to — and yeah, there’s good tool there. I don’t want to steal Chuck’s thunder ‘cause Chuck told me something out there I didn’t know about Microsoft and Yahoo.


So, Microsoft AdLabs, you could do your keyword research tool. I can’t — I’ve never used it. I don’t know if it uses just Microsoft or Bing data, or Bing and Yahoo, or Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Wordstream may have just become the more important methodology and toolset for might keywords. There’s an interesting approach to many, blah, blah, blah. Basically Wordstream is a keyword management tool for both PPC and SEO. I’m going to look at it right after this podcast. And there’s Trellian and then there’s Wordtracker. Everybody here has heard of Wordtracker.

Chris: Wordtracker. Yeah.

Paul: I got on it the other day — yesterday as a matter of fact. And they do offer a free seven-day trial, which I’m going to take advantage of.

Chris: All seven days?

Paul: All seven days and then if I can convince to give me a —

Chris: So you should do this —

Paul: — free–

Chris: — on a Monday?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: I don’t know what the rule is.

Paul: Well, if I can convince them to give me a free trial run. So, hey, listen I record the most awesome podcast. I’ll give you some link love, which you probably don’t care about. You know what I mean? But can we get a full year’s —

Chris: I know we mentioned the last time, I just — I’m excited the fact that we’re getting 3000 downloads a week —

Paul: Wow.

Chris: — of our podcast.

Paul: That’s what’s up.

Chris: That’s 3000 downloads a week. That’s just —

Paul: So the Wordtracker come on.

Chris: Come on.

Paul: Hook me up. Like that’s killer numbers.

Chris: Hopefully, they have their Google…

Paul: Alerts on.

Chris: [Laughs] Good. That was fast.

Paul: I love that. I love Google Alerts. I think it’s so cool.

Chris: Hopefully, they have their Google Alerts on when we post the transcript of this podcast. They’re like, “Oh, hey, those guys, they have the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, we’ve got to be working with them.”

Paul: Yes. So hook us up with a free one-year subscription to the Wordtracker Keyword Discovery Tool. And again, if you use another tool, please share it with me. I would love to know. To me, this is big because I just spend so much time on the tool, I need as much keyword data research as I can possibly get. So, now I’m forced to go somewhere else.

So — and there’s something else that I wanted to — I guess can we bring our main man in? Because he had said something the other day that I don’t want to steal his thunder.

Chris: About the tool? Yeah.

Paul: About Bing and Yahoo.

Chris: So we’re — you know, here we are again. We keep talking, we keep struggling and we’ve got the resource here. He’s right here in the other office. I think he’s on the phone right now. So, we’ll spend some time introducing him.

Paul: [Laughs] Well I will — I’ll steal his thunder a little bit and —

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: — sorry Chuck. Now, Chuck told me something. All right everybody knows that Bing and Yahoo have already, going to, on the way to merge, right? There are some parts have, some parts have not. Now if you are — let’s say you’re running a PPC campaign and you’re using Bing and Yahoo, how is this going to affect —

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Paul: — you. And he’s off the phone so we’ll bring him in. Chuck come on in and let’s — let’s — I was stealing your thunder, man. You cut that phone call real ‘cause I was like, yes, yes, this is mine.

Chris: [Laughs]

Paul: All these new information.

Charles: — this phone call. How you all doing?

Chris: Good. Yeah.

Paul: So talk about Bing, Yahoo, PPC ‘cause I was about to give it. I was like, oh this is mine.

Charles: Oh, Bing, Yahoo, and PPC just throw it on the spot. Well, if you were using Yahoo, I mean you’re not aware of the merge, you know then —

Chris: That you haven’t been listening to our podcast. What’s up?

Charles: Yeah, but basically, if you were using Yahoo, PPC, search engine marketing [0:23:33] [Indiscernible], you need to go to Microsoft AdCenter and create your account there. By the end of this month, those accounts will merge and so everything you have in Yahoo will now be in Microsoft AdCenter, which needs it to work on Bing. If you don’t create your account in Microsoft AdCenter then your Yahoo ads will —

Chris: Disappear?

Charles: I don’t know —

Paul: They won’t —

Charles: Dissipate, disappear, yeah.


Yeah, one of those. And so, you know, if it’s working for you, you might want to have that.

Chris: Yeah and by the way, if you’re doing pay-per-click, you should be doing Yahoo ads. And now you should be doing Binghoo ads and the reason is it’s usually cheaper than Google, the quality of traffic is the same. I think we’ve mentioned that before, but it’s worth mentioning again. ‘Cause the more clicks you could get for the buck, that’s huge. That’s why we’re here giving you that kind of advice.

You also had some information about Yahoo in general?

Charles: Oh, yeah. I mean blank stare nose [0:24:36] [Phonetic], right?

Chris: [Laughs] I like that. We need —

Paul: Is that actually a website. Is it–

Charles: No–


You know AOL has preliminary talks about buying Yahoo.

Chris: What?

Charles: Blank stare—

Chris: Yeah, like what?

Charles: I mean, which is kind of strange to me because you know for the longest I can remember, Google powered AOL search. And so for them to even consider buying Yahoo, just seems like some master Google plan.


Chris: Yeah.


Yeah, go ahead and buy Yahoo.

Charles: Exactly.

Chris: And then we’ll do your — we’ll keep doing it anyway or —


That’s bizarre. Well, you have to think if it’s true that the Yahoo CEO has no vision, Yahoo is a huge property. It’s a huge name. It’s even bigger than the pet sock. Remember the pet sock from the internet bubble age?

Paul: I do. I do remember that.

Chris: Wow.

Paul: The million dollar Super Bowl commercial.

Charles: Yeah.

Chris: I mean they spent so much money on —

Paul: I remember that.

Chris: — commercial that the only valuable in the company was the damn sock when the company blows.

Paul: Yes, I remember that.

Chris: So I mean it’s kind of like Yahoo has that name. Somebody with some vision should be able to something with them, right? I mean should be.

Charles: I think they should invest in fancy football. Because that’s the only thing I use Yahoo for and truthfully it’s better than some of the others.

Paul: And I think — is Wordtracker a Yahoo property?

Charles: I’m not sure. I’ll let you know.

Paul: Okay. ‘Cause I logged into something the other day, I think it was a keyword research tool and it says you have to use your — Delicious.

Charles: Okay.

Paul: Is Delicious a Yahoo property?

Charles: I don’t think so.

Paul: Okay. Forget anything I just said.

Chris: Well, you know, now so many of the websites have the ability to use your Facebook login to sign in–

Paul: Log in to many —

Chris: — or so maybe that’s what it is.

Paul: ‘Cause Delicious asked me for my Yahoo log in. I was like, okay this is a Yahoo property and —

Charles: It could be —

Chris: — take advantage of the log in probably.

Paul: Okay.

Charles: Oh, but — you said something earlier in regards to keywords. T-R-E-L-L-I-A-N is for keyword discovery.

Paul: Okay.

Charles: T-R-I —

Chris: Okay.

Charles: — is the message —

Chris: The chat agglomerator or whatever. Okay.

Paul: Oh, that’s what’s up.

Chris: Have you ever used it? I think —

Charles: I use Trillian, it’s pretty cool. It kind of integrates — I don’t know if some of you use Yahoo Messenger, which Yahoo is good for that as well. They’ve been to a video chat like for the longest — for free. Now you want to charge but anyway —

Chris: But that’s a great vision of the CEO. [Laughs]

Charles: Yeah. But, you know, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, Windows Live, you can integrate all those into Trillian.

Chris: Yup.

Charles: You know and only have one window open instead of three or four.

Chris: That’s pretty convenient. I think I installed it once and then I just don’t chat that much so I was like, okay… It’s probably still on my computer actually. But cool.

Well, I think that is the — are we at the end of the podcast? Yeah, it sounds about right since I don’t have a real clock.

Paul: Whatever.


It works.

Chris: What we know ‘cause that’s a Microsoft clock. Clearly, that doesn’t work properly.

Paul: [Laughs]

Chris: All right, you guys have been listening to the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. This is podcast #80. We literally only have one scathing review, only one.

Paul: And that’s a good thing.

Chris: And it’s a good thing.

Charles: It’s cool.

Paul: It had to come at some point.

Chris: We take all constructive criticism. Hopefully, this was a little less giggly.

Paul: [giggles]

Chris: [Laughs] That was just right in Anakin space, wasn’t it.



Charles: Blank stare —

Chris: Blank — you’re going to do me like that? You give me the blank stare news icon? By the way, Darren, you need to make us a blank stare news icon like so we have an icon to —

Paul: And Darren, I’d like to see you over talking trash, that’s fantasy soccer trash like low key trash. Like, okay Darren.

Chris: He is kicking your butt?

Paul: Oh, he’s whooping my behind.

Charles: He should.

Chris: He is.

Paul: He’s whopping my behind.

Chris: But he beat you so bad, he can only low trash.

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: ‘Cause there’s some point when —

Paul: It’s like 53 to 19.

Charles: Oh, wow.

Paul: Come on.

Charles: You can’t even come back with a good game.

Chris: [Laughs]. All right. Great news.

All right. So, this has been podcast 80, unknown secrets of SEO podcast. Again, you guys, hit us up with an email, We do have a free SEO analysis and we’ve been getting more of those. We’re really excited about that. We’re helping people out and then ultimately helping people out in a bigger way.

Paul: Uh-hum.

Chris: So that’s really cool. And make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter. And you can call us, (713) 592-6724. This has been podcast 80. My name is Chris Burres.

Paul: I’m Paul Hanson.

Charles: I’m Charles Lewis.

Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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