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Unknown Secrets of SEO

Seventeen SEO Podcast May 15th 2009. Third page of Transcription

Paul: And that is false, and I know it to be false, but still I am going to have, and I have heard this number, I think maybe you have said this number before but you have 8-10 seconds or something, and I am going to be generous and say that you have 10 seconds to get someone’s attention and say “hey here’s why you should stay at this website and research and look at all my pages.” If you can’t capture your visitor’s attention they are going to bounce. They are going to hit the back button and find someone else in their search results. We said hey if we get you this spot and they look at your website and everyone else behind you, your website has less information and its less appealing they look are gonna bounce and they are going to go with someone else.

Chris: They are going to go with your competition who has a higher quality website. So the phrase, look, what was it? Change your look before you leap, because yeah we could leap into SEO and do a great job get her on the first page. I think in that particular industry we probably could, it would be fairly easy to get her into the first position on the first page, and if the second or third positions have significantly better websites. It is just not going to, the ROI at the end of the day is not going to have what she needs. It is a small business, I think it is a great business. Generous lady, and she talks about some of her testimonials, and some of the things she has said over the phone. If you have got no money and you have a tattoo on your face and you are trying to straighten out your life and get a job she will actually remove the tattoo for free.

Paul: Yeah…

Chris: And that is awesome, we give back in the podcast and in other ways, when you meet somebody who does that you just want to do the right thing by them. We are not the cheapest service out there but we are giving the right advice. You know, we make more money on SEO, but we don’t even want to start SEO until we do the website.

Paul: It is the right, I definitely felt that it was the right thing to do. There are companies, I know there are companies out there who would have said sure.

Chris: done, first page, there it goes

Paul: Yeah if you want this give me your money and we will start doing it, you know and her ROI will just not have been there, she may have been happy that she is on the first page, but she will be like, why am I not seeing any more business?

Chris: Yeah

Paul: Why am I getting a ton more traffic? But my phone calls are not increasing.

Chris: Nothing is converting.

Paul: There are people who are like that, just taken the money and run, but you know of course everyone knows we are world class customer service, we have said it about a million times. We are going to do what is best for her business, if she wants to grow. We are going to tell her “this is what you need to do to grow.” We would love to help you, we will work with you but this is the very first step. You need to change your look before you take this leap.

Chris: Which in fact, something you said just kind of triggered something. You know this is an SEO podcast, if you are out there and d
oing your own SEO and you are doing pretty good, but you don’t feel that you are converting enough. You know we will be happy to consult with you and give you some ideas, and we will try to win some of your web development business or even your SEO, cause let’s be realistic. If you are a small business, depending on the type of industry, if you are doing well with your SEO and you are getting that business, then you should be focusing on your business, let that revenue generation move that off to the experts and you should be becoming an expert on your own business, and that is not SEO. That is our business, so we have to be experts at SEO, but no matter what you are selling, service product, you really want to be focused on your business so you can grow your business. Let us handle your SEO, or at least if like I said you are not getting the ROI that you are expecting, and the investment in that case is your time and that’s all you have as a business owner. All you have is time and so you need to use that for the exact right things, the exact most profitable things.

Paul: Yeah your most valuable asset is your time and you are probably more valuable closing the deals, or talking to the customers…

Chris: Making phone calls, something

Paul: exactly, instead of sitting in front of a computer two or three hours a day trying to figure out what’s the best met-tag to put in this particular position. So you close your sales and you convert your phone calls into sales and we will help you convert your clicks into phone calls.

Chris: 3 steps, first page, phones calls…

Paul: You brought up a good point that reminds me. If you are working on your own SEO, and you get great traffic and you are having trouble converting your sales. You know converting your traffic to potential sales. You know everyone wants more traffic, but you do SEO to bring in the sales. You know so, you want to, if you need help call a professional company. Call e-webstyle because the real meat and potatoes of SEO, is what are they doing?

Chris: By the way what is our phone number?

Paul: If you need to give us a call you can dial area code 713-592-6724 and we will help you to convert that traffic into phone calls or sales from your shopping cart or whatever you are looking for. A million different things, give us a call we would love to help you guys.

Chris: Excellent, well we are going to cut our podcast a little short today, we have got a little corporate training today, so that is going to be fun.

Paul: Improv training.

Chris: Improv training, it’s going to be totally different, and I am going to enjoy that. The place we are going is actually a place called so I am going to give them a little plug. So that is the end of our podcast, thank you so much for joining, thanks for sending your emails and come back next time, we will see you then, until then I am Chris Burris.

Paul: And this is Paul Hanson

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