Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Best SEO Podcast

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Podcasts are a great way to listen to a story or gather information while in the middle of another task. That’s the great thing about multi-tasking. So why is it a big deal to subscribe? Besides the option of multitasking, we have ten reasons to subscribe to the best SEO Podcast.

Why We’re the Best SEO Podcast

  1. We’re Top 5 in Essential Marketing Podcast

    That’s right, we’re top 5 in Essential Marketing Podcasts, which is kind of a big deal. Our podcast is the most downloaded SEO podcast on iTunes, and watched in over 80 different countries.

  2.  Tip of the Day

    Even though every episode is packed full of useful SEO tips, PPC power plays, and internet marketing insights,we make sure that we give you at least one, easy tip each podcast to help build your business. Even if you can’t use all our information within the podcast, you can at least use the tip of the day to help build onto your business.

  3. #PunchInTheFace

    No, we don’t actually punch you in the face, but similar to radio stations, we like to shout out our peeps. As people give us feedback and comments, we respond back with a shout out, or #punchintheface. It’s a way to let us engage with you.

  4. Up to Date Information

    As businesses and technology grows, so does SEO. It’s important to keep up to date with how SEO works in order to keep your business growing. We make sure to get any information we obtain to you as quickly as we can.

  5. Meat and Potatoes

    This may sound weird at first, but once you watch our best SEO podcast, you start to understand the meaning. We divide our podcast into two segments: meat and potatoes. We serve potatoes as news updates, algorithm cataclysms, our punch in the face segment, the fun stuff. The meat is served as an article that we review discussing the information you need for SEO.

  6. Knowledge

    In the marketing world, you need to know what works. The information we provide is field-tested. We wouldn’t give you information without knowing if it worked. We want to help you, not hurt you.

  7. Convenience

    The great thing about podcasts are that you can listen to them wherever and whenever. We broadcast our podcast live in our office in Houston and upload it later on to different platforms from social media to our website. No matter where you are in the world or what time of day it is, we provide complete access to our podcast for your convenience.

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  8. Rapping

    You read that correctly. Our Podcast Host, Charles Lewis, is the one and only, SEO Rapper. Each podcast features a freestyle SEO rap, but if you don’t catch it live, you’re gonna have to wait for it. We run it at the end of each broadcast. It’s different, but also an entertaining way to learn.

  9. Entertainment

    Even though we’re talking business, it doesn’t mean we can’t be entertaining. We provide a podcast full of fun and laughter while also providing the information you need for your business. Our podcast has been labeled many times as ‘infotainment’.

  10. Trust

    It’s important to gain your trust throughout our podcast. We want you to trust in us and know that the information we provide to you is to help better your business. We want you to grow as a business and want to help you in the best way we can. You can trust us and guarantee to deliver the best information possible.

Grow Your Business with the Best SEO Podcast

Check out our weekly podcast and see for yourself why we’re the best SEO podcast. Discover how you can help increase your SEO for your business today.

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