Local SEO: What It Is and Why You Need It

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What Is Local SEO? Get found online Faster By More People With Accurate Information Get your business in front of the people who want what you sell You’ve heard of SEO before – it means Search Engine Optimization. Well, Local SEO is just another form of search engine optimization, focusing on the local aspect of it. It still helps you build sales, nurture leads, and grow your conversions, but it is hyper-focused on one aspect of the SEO process: local. Read More

Top 10 Best Online Advertising Blogs Across the Web

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Interested in learning more about online advertising? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve put together a list of the top online advertising blogs from across the internet. The following blogs can teach you tons about: online advertising internet advertising web marketing and more! Learn More about Internet Advertising 1. Neil Patel Head over to the website of Neil Patel and you’ll find one of the most popular online advertising and marketing blogs on the internet. Neil Patel is a Read More

How to Market Your Marijuana Business

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Are You Struggling With Restricted Marketing? When we talk about internet marketing, do you ever think of restricted products and how you could market them? Do you have a restricted product and are unsure how to market it? Think about marijuana marketing. We live in a day and age where more and more things are becoming acceptable to talk about and do, but what about cannabis? Today, we are seeing more and more states legalize marijuana for medical use, and even Read More

20 Must-Haves for Awesome Web Design

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Domain Choose a domain name that people can remember well. Choose wisely (and appropriately) whether you will use .com, .net, or something else. Educational sites use .edu – examples include universities and post-secondary educational institutions. Institutional accreditation is required. Government sites, like the Department of Justice and the White House – use .gov domain names. The three domains that can be used for pretty much any purpose are as follows: .net .com .org Hosting Choose a reliable one. Look at Read More

How to Choose a Marketing Agency

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If you’ve been in business a while and are wanting to grow, you might be wondering if a marketing agency can help. Common questions asked include: What can they do for me and my website? Will they be able to improve my Google ranking? And how do I go about choosing one, anyway? Read on to see how to choose the best marketing agency for you and your business. Do You Need a Marketing Agency? Checking the websites a marketing agency has done Read More

Should I Switch My Marketing Company?

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Are you unsure about your current marketing company? Do you feel as if your company isn’t seeing the traffic you were promised? It may be time to look at hiring a new marketing agency. The eWebResults team has identified 4 signs that will help you discover if your current marketing company is taking your company in the right direction when it comes to internet marketing. If not, it may be time to switch to a new marketing company. Contact Us 3 Signs Read More

20 Easy Ways Your Law Firm Can Save Money on Marketing

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  Anyone with a Law Firm knows hiring a marketing team can get expensive. The question is, do you need to hire someone for your law firm marketing? Absolutely! With any business, what is the one thing you need? Customers! Plain and simple, you need customers. It gives us a reason to get up in the morning, drive to the office, turn the lights on, make payroll and all the myriads of tasks that we do as business owners. How You Read More

Why You Should Choose eWebResults for Website Marketing

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eWebResults has been providing website marketing for Houston-based businesses, out-of-Texas businesses, national businesses, and even global businesses since 1999! That’s right – we’ve been around since the dawn of Google! Our expertise in website marketing is built on nearly two decades of experience. Over the years, we’ve been able to witness the growth of Google and the changes it has involved. Our proven process will combine your company’s awareness of our website marketing expertise, creating a unique business partnership that delivers both Read More

5 Signs Your Advertising Agency Is Screwing You Over

Your advertising agency may be screwing you over, and you may not even know it. Alarming, isn’t it? If you’ve been burned by an advertising agency before, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Plenty of others have been in the exact same boat. It’s a terrible situation that no one should have to go through. And that’s why we’re here, to help you avoid it. Read below to learn the red flags to avoid so you don’t get screwed over Read More

Why Does My Company Need SEO Marketing?

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Every company needs marketing, but what about SEO marketing? Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to gain the maximum amount of organic traffic from search engines. SEO plays a huge part in a company’s online success, and not just in terms of ranking high in the search results. If your company does not have an effective SEO strategy or is not using SEO at all, you’re making a big mistake. Your company is losing money every day! Read More