What to look for in an Internet Marketing Company

We created this checklist so you can compare and contrast the capabilities and expertise of internet marketing companies.   Click Here to Download the Internet Marketing Checklist .pdf

How Digital Advertising in Houston Can Help You

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Promote Yourself the Right Way If your business is struggling to get new customers, digital advertising in Houston may be your answer. Digital marketing, like advertising, is constantly changing. This means you need to keep up with it. For most businesses, that also means seeking help from someone who can keep up with the change. So, how can digital marketing help you? There’s plenty of ways. Get Your Name Out If you’re a small business, you’ll likely need help with getting your business noticed. The good thing is Read More

4 Ways an SEO Company Can Help Your Business

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Improve Your Brand Presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Growing a business these days, whether locally, nationally, or even internationally, means you’ll probably need help from an SEO company.  There’s plenty of things that Search Engine Optimization can do for your business. From getting more clients to increasing your revenue, SEO is an essential tool. You need results, but do you know how to get them? Here are 4 ways that a local SEO company near you can help you and your business. Increase Branding Read More

The Dangers of Not Using an Internet Marketing Agency

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Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind Do you know the dangers of not using an internet marketing agency? There’s actually quite of few that can affect you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sometimes, it’s okay to need help to promote your business. When things start to get a little rocky, you need to know when you need guidance. Understand when you need help from an internet marketing agency. What exactly are the dangers that can happen? Not Knowing Where Read More

The Best 3 Benefits of Hiring a PPC Houston Agency

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Better Your Results If you’re trying to grow your business online, then a PPC Houston agency is a great place to start. At eWebResults, we can generate immediate results for your business through the use of pay per click (PPC) marketing. You’re probably wondering how can a PPC Houston agency help you. We’re here to tell you three of the best benefits for including pay per click in your internet marketing strategy. Stop Wasting Money In brief, it’s our job to make sure you save Read More

Is Web Design Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

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Attracting More Business Online Every day, people go online and search for what they need or want. With so much competition, however, capturing their attention means your business has to have a strong online presence. It not only stand out from the rest, but to catch your audience’s eye, and seize their attention. You need a website with enough search engine optimization (SEO) that it can be found, but good enough web design to keep people there. SEO, Web Design, Relevancy, and Read More

Why Your SEO in Houston Can Make or Break Your Business

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Help Make Your Business Grow If you’re in the process of finding and hiring an SEO in Houston, you want to be sure to find the right one. An SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization company. These days, however, a good SEO provides far more than just search engine optimization for your company. What Can a Good SEO in Houston Do? Improve Google Placement A good SEO in Houston will help with Google placement, via up-to-date search engine optimization techniques. Good Read More

Help Us Break the Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours

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The Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours eWebResults is extremely excited to share with you our plan to help SHATTER the Guinness World Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours in partnership with the UP Social Network. BUT, we need your help! The record currently stands at 70 interviews, achieved by Doug “Groovey” Newville in July 2014. Given the right amount of interview participants AND fundraising to meet the $10,000 Guinness entry fee, Chris and Nolen intend to DESTROY Read More

How a Good Business Website Design Can Grow Your Business

A good business website design can grow your company in many ways, for many good reasons. In today’s post we’ll help break down exactly how and why. Business Websites & Branding For an increasing number of people, your business website is the face of your brand. Their first impression will be a lasting one. And with the ability to leave at a simple click of a button, a good business website must convey your corporate identity at a glance. Gaining Customers’ Interest Read More

How to Use Your Blog for Website SEO Ranking

How to Use Blog to Boost Website SEO Ranking

Blogs Are an Inexpensive Way to Boost Your Website SEO Ranking Building good website SEO ranking is a great way to bring new customers and money into your business. And there are very few better ways to continually boost your website SEO ranking than with your blog. Not sure what SEO means? Don’t worry, check out this great ‘What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’ post from our friends at Moz, then come right back! Why Use a Blog? Search Engines, such as Google, Read More