Citrix And NextGen Set-up

Citrix and NextGen   Adding NextGen icon to a desktop -All this must be done with Administrative rights -Assuming you already have Citrix neighbor hood on your computer. – View the Citrix Program Neighborhoood – Custom ICA Connections   –      click UP –      And then click Citrix Find New Application Set.   –      Local area network –      Enter Description ie “NextGen” –      Click the drop down for server application set –      It may take some time to find the Citrix Read More

sorry, no post's matched your criteria, Word Press

I experienced this problem with one of my Blog posts and could not find a relevant answer so here goes my best guess and solution. The author, Patrick Wanis also the author of Be Happy, Rich and Wealthy, copied the title of the blog from another website (he was adding a reference to him from the other site to his blog).  I believe there were some hidden characters when he pasted.  This confused Word Press so we were able to Read More

Search engine optimization (seo) Houston case study

One of our clients Rattan Furniture (, in Houston Texas, was interested in doing search engine optimization (SEO).  This particular clients had a single page, we call it a business card, website for 3 years.  The website did very well in the Houston area as they are the only Rattan furniture store in Houston.  Actually they seem to be the only Rattan furniture store in the region.  She was looking to increase the number of clients that she was already receiving from surrounding cities such as Dallas, Read More

Webalizer Statistics Explained

Total Files – each web page will have a number of files involved in displaying that page.  For instance if you have a page with two images, each time someone view the page the Total Files count will go up by 3.  1 file for the page with the text and 2 files for the two images on that page. Total Pages – this would be the individual web pages that were viewed.  So if a use visited your site Read More

SQL Free Backup

This entry explains how I set-up my  Web Server to back-up my SQL database. Open up SQL Server Enterprise Manager Select a server group From the top menu select tools>backup database Select the database you want to backup Select the type of backup I usually set-up two backups             Complete once a week             Differential everyday You must add a destination.  I use a file as a destination on a folder designated for my database backups. Schedule the backup Again   Read More