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I experienced this problem with one of my Blog posts and could not find a relevant answer so here goes my best guess and solution.

The author, Patrick Wanis also the author of Be Happy, Rich and Wealthy, copied the title of the blog from another website (he was adding a reference to him from the other site to his blog).  I believe there were some hidden characters when he pasted.  This confused Word Press so we were able to see the entry on the first page but not when we clicked the title or “More information”

My solution was to:

– copy the body of the blog entry
– create a new blog entry
– type the text for the Title
– paste the body of the entry
– Publish

Everything worked fine.

I also noticed another possible cause.  If you publish and go back and change the title you may experience the same problem.  In this case you can use the solution above or I think you can change the “Post Slug” see right column on the admin side of Word Press.  This final issue and solution I am not 100% on, no time to test, so any comments would be appreciated.

Author: eweb-admin