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Taking Podcasting to the Level of Infotainment

In the world of internet marketing, there are no other podcasts as informational and entertaining as the best seo podcast. Our SEO podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing is broadcast live from Houston, TX, every Friday afternoon. We like to make things fun when talking about SEO. You’re probably thinking, what makes us different? We’ll here’s what you need to know.

  1. Been Around a While

    We started our podcast in Sept 2009 and have been going strong ever since. So far we have over 350 episodes providing helpful information to our audience.

  2. Around the World

    One of the great things about internet podcasts are that they’re easily accessible. You can listen to them whenever and wherever. We have over 100 countries that tune in to listen to our podcast!

  3. Tip of the Day

    At the beginning of our podcast, we like to start off with the essential tip of the day. This helps provide useful information to our audience to use for SEO, PPC, or sometimes both. We also have over 350 actionable tips to impact your SEO!

  4. News

    Internet marketing and SEO is always changing. It’s important to keep yourself updated with everything that goes on. We provide big news and updates like major changes, penalties, new features in SEO and PPC. Plus, we even have everyone’s favorite, The Algorithm Cataclysm – summarizing ALL changes in search engine algorithms.

  5. SEO Rapper

    Unlike other SEO podcasts, we have something of an internet celebrity. Our co-host, Charles Lewis, is the SEO Rapper. For our balance check, he sets off a freestyle rap that is fun to listen to and enjoy.

  6. Best Practices

    As mentioned before with our tip of the day, we know SEO is always changing. It’s important to keep yourself updated on what’s happening in the world of internet marketing. In our podcast, we’ll keep you up to date with industry best practices in:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Email Marketing
  7. News, Punch-in-the-Face, and Kick-in-the-Shins

    In addition to best practices, we’ll keep you in the know about breaking news stories relevant to our field. If we like it, it gets a punch in the face. If we don’t, it’s a kick in the shins. Plus, we love shouting out to our listeners and sharing what they have to say.

  8. Having Fun

    This is probably one of the most important things in our podcast. Although we love providing useful information, we also know how to make it fun. This is possibly the most fun you can have with search engine marketing (SEM) on this side of the universe!

  9. Top of the List

    We are proud to consistently find ourselves in the top lists for SEO podcasts on the internet.

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