Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Brand Protection – Protecting your company’s brand is as important as ever. The internet has allowed individual users to be as vocal as they want to be in regards to how they feel about products, services and even companies. The only problem with this is that visitors can post and publish anything without regard or actual facts. Sometimes, they’ll just lie about the experience they had with your company. You must be able to effectively monitor any activity and mentions about your company name, products and services.

We monitor all clients and any mentions of them on the internet. Our objective in doing so is to remain aware of any and all internet activity surrounding our clients. That’s reactive. We also have a couple proactive programs that allow us to protect your brand while simultaneously helping with SEO, improving lead quality and providing customer service. Enter CSSR & Call Tracking

CSSR (Customer Service Surveys Reviews)

CSSR! What is that? We’re glad you asked. Customer service, surveys and reviews is a new product we offer to assist with SEO, getting reviews and locating customer service issues that you may not be aware of. Everyone needs reviews and we are providing a way to get real reviews from real customers. Read more about CSSR.

Call Tracking

Yes…call tracking. We believe that if your business relies on phone calls as part of your sales process, you should not only be tracking the phone calls but they should be recorded as well. We like to know how visitors got the phone number, what was said on the call and more importantly, what could have been done better. Do you need call tracking?