Brand Protection

The Internet Has Given EVERYONE a Voice.

The only problem with this is that visitors can post and publish anything without regard or actual facts. Sometimes, they’ll just lie about the experience they had with your company. You must be able to effectively monitor any activity and mentions about your company name, products and services.

Protecting your company’s brand is as important as ever.

  • Make Google love you
  • Get higher SEO rankings
  • Show customers you care
  • Improve customer experience

The eWebResults team monitors any and all mentions of a client’s brand online. Awareness of how your company is being talked about in the online marketplace is essential to understanding how to better build your brand. In addition, we offer brand protection through SEO, improving your lead quality and providing excellent customer service.



CSSR (Customer Service Surveys Reviews)

So what is CSSR? We’re glad you asked. CSSR (customer service, surveys, & reviews) is an assistive SEO product meant to gain your company trusted reviews and detect any customer service issues. Yes, reviews matter! Having testimonials and reviews for your company is a way to build trust with potential customers.

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Call Tracking

If your business relies on phone calls as part of your sales process, you should not only be tracking the phone calls, but recording them as well. Our call tracking monitors:

  • Who’s calling and why
  • How they got the phone number
  • Content of the call
  • How to improve

Do you need call tracking?

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As someone who is very new to the world of SEO, they have a way of presenting topics in a very user-friendly format. I took advantage of their generous offer for a free website analysis and actually received a phone call back from Chris himself! I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer. These guys are a class act!