Brand Protection

The Internet Has Given Everyone A Voice

The only problem with this is that visitors can post and publish anything without regard or actual facts. Sometimes, they’ll just lie about the experience they had with your company. You must be able to effectively monitor any activity and mentions about your company name, products, and services.


A perfect example that we see all the time is Yelp, or even on Google reviews. Often, people hope on the internet because of one unpleasant time, or just because they’re having a bad day, to talk about your business.


The problem is, these reviews stick, and without some type of brand management, they follow your business around for what seems like forever, am I right?


Let eWebResults Protect your brand, we constantly monitor any and all activity that is mentioned about our clients to keep them protected.

We Monitor Any & All Mentions Of A Client’s Brand Online


Awareness of how your company is being talked about in the online marketplace is essential to understanding how to better build your brand. In addition, we offer brand protection through SEO, improving your lead quality and providing excellent customer service.

Press Release Management

Complaints give you the chance to act, but silence shows you don’t care

Press release management is just one of the many ways we can help you manage your reputation. The eWebResults team monitors any and all mentions of a client’s brand online. Awareness of how your company is being talked about in the online marketplace is essential to understanding how to better build your brand.


One of the best ways a business can show off their brand is with a Press Release. By sending out a well thought out press release, your company can rise to the top pretty quickly. Of course, don’t think SEO isn’t involved.


Today press releases are a little different than the traditional press releases most are used to seeing.


Back in the day, a press release was time-consuming, it required a lot of writing, editing, and approval before it was published. Also, anyone wanting to publish a press release needed to have some pretty good contacts in the publishing industry to get their press release distributed and circulated.


Today, some of this is still true, but most internet marketers know there are simpler ways to publish an effective press release.


By using press releases,  you can get your content in front of the right people, who matter to your business. Also, it will show credibility and value to your company, just remember, it is important to know your audience.

Press Releases Can Do More Than “Show Off” Your Brand


Gain instant exposure the moment your press release is published. More exposure means more eyeballs on your products and services which may lead to an increase in sales.


You’ll also gain more authority in your industry as you distribute relevant and valuable information to the public in a cost effective way. If done right, you could even get some “SEO Juice” from the release as well!





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