Call Tracking


Call Tracking

Call tracking is one of those things that you just have to do…especially if your business lead generation is phone call based. You need to know where they found your phone number and what keyword got them there. Did they call this number from a remarketing ad, facebook ad, print ad or even a mobile ad? This is how you find out.

We record phone calls so you can also monitor your sales process. Hopefully, this isn’t happening to you but lets say on average, you close 40% of your inbound phone calls and then over time you notice your percentage dropping to 38%, then 32% then 25%. This means you are losing business. Call tracking with recorded calls allows you to listen to the phone calls and determine what your issue is. It could be as easy as a sales person not following the script or a receptionist with a bad attitude that can change how your business grows. Call tracking allows you to identify the problem.

We believe call tracking is so important that we have created a WordPress plugin that will automatically change the phone number being shown on the website based on how they visited the website. For example, if the visitor came from a Google paid ad, show a specific number but if it came from an organic search, display a different phone number.

We review the call statistics with you every month during the client meeting. Contact us to get more information on call tracking for your marketing.