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Social Media Tools and Techniques

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You’ve designed your website, you’ve set up your social media accounts, and now you’re ready to post. But as you sit down to craft your first post, you wonder, “Are there any social media tools and techniques I should be using? And what really goes into a good post anyway?” If you’ve just set up your first slew of social media accounts and want to know the best tools and techniques to use, eWebResults has got you covered! Read to learn the Read More

How Social Media Marketing Works

social media marketing

Finally, after months of planning, you have a website you can be proud of. It’s easy to read and has plenty of information about your business and tons of excellent blogs to boot. So now you’re probably wondering, “How does social media marketing work? Is this something my business and website could use?” If you’ve got a business and a website, you may think that’s all you need. But as you will learn in this blog post, social media marketing Read More

How to Market in a Regulated Industry

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Internet Marketing in Regulated Industries Reaching audiences in a highly regulated industry can be a bit of a challenge. Industries like healthcare, law, guns, alcohol, and marijuana, just to name a few, have a hard time marketing their products. With the laws constantly changing, those regulated industries have a hard time keeping up, and it’s only going to get more challenging over time. These regulated industries have been around for a long time, and you may be wondering how they Read More

Should I Choose PPC or SEO?

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Which is Better: SEO or PPC? As an internet marketing company, we get asked a lot by our clients, which is better, Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click? The answer we give is, it depends on your company’s current situation. It really comes down to your company’s digital marketing strategy. Understanding who your audience is and how they use the internet is a key element in figuring out whether you should use paid search, organic search or a combination of both. Not Read More

Email Marketing: What is Spam?

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You’re sitting in your office thinking about email making and spam. As you look at your business analytics you wonder, “How do I avoid being spammy? And just what is spam anyway? How can I use email marketing to grow my business and sales?” If you’re interested in growing your business through email marketing, you’ll need to know how to avoid being seen as spammy. Read to learn a little history of spam and how to avoid it in your email marketing. Are You Read More

What Is SEO?

What is SEO, what is search engine optimization, SEO, search engine optimization

Ever found yourself wondering, “What is SEO?” Don’t worry – we’ve got your essential guide right here. SEO is probably the biggest buzzword of the marketing industry, but do you know what it means? Read on to find out the definition, what SEO stands for, and what it actually is below. Talk to an SEO Expert What is SEO? SEO is an acronym, an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (other examples include Read More

Why Web Marketing is Important

What is web marketing, web marketing, internet marketing

What is web marketing? Internet marketing is often called web marketing. But what is it? Web marketing is the process of using different tools on the Internet like social media, search engines, blogging, videos, email, and much more to market your business. Today more and more people are turning to the internet to find the things they need, whether it be a product, or to answer a question they may have. As a business, you should be focusing on web marketing, and Read More

How Much Do Websites Cost? | Web Design

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You finally did it! After many years of hard work, your construction business is up and running. Now you might be thinking about web design and the cost of building a website. How much does it cost to build a website, anyway? Read on to learn the cost of web design and the things you should consider when getting a website design. Are You Thinking About Web Design? What do you want from your website? Free Templates vs. Professionally Built If you’ve Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Geofencing


Geofencing is fairly new on the block, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as more and more marketers and business owners learn about it – and for good reason; it can be quite powerful. Mobile Marketing Is Essential to Success As a business owner, you should already know just how important it is to optimize your website for mobile – because everyone is on mobile nowadays. Mobile marketing is an essential tool you should be using for your business. If you’re Read More

What Is Website Design?

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Do You Know the Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design? I was once asked, what’s the difference in website design and graphic design? They both serve a different role, and both have their own purpose, but to understand web design better let’s take a minute to compare the two. Most people don’t know the difference in web and graphic design and just assume they both do the same thing, which isn’t entirely false. Speak With a Website Design Specialist Read More