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Is Google Really Going GREEN? #3pack #image

Is Google Really Going GREEN? #3pack #image - eWebResults | Internet Marketing Houston SEO Company | eWebResults Houston internet marketing

Check out this screen shot I caught of Google actually going green with local reviews.  Some rumors have been that they were moving towards removing them all together.  What do you think?  #AlgorithmCataclysm. Check out our @bestseopodcast to find out more.

Internet Marketing Class

Internet Marketing Class by The SEO Rapper

An Internet Marketing Class For Small Business Owners in Houston Did you know our very own Charles Lewis, aka The SEO Rapper is a teacher for the University of Houston Small Business Development Center?  Every other month he teaches a 4 hour internet marketing class to a room full of entrepreneurs and business owners.  These individuals likely have the same type of issues your business may be having like; low website traffic website visitors not converting can’t be found when Read More

Internet Marketing Houston

Internet Marketing Houston

We Generate High Quality Internet Marketing Houston Leads When it comes to internet marketing Houston, our goal is pretty simple. We use the power of the web to create high quality leads for our clients. The process to accomplishing that goal can be a bit less intuitive. We understand that every strategy and resource won’t work for every company. Our creative process allows us to determine what types of internet marketing will be suitable for each client and will work with their budget. Read More

Three Tips for Generating Great Content

When it comes to writing content correctly, you really can’t cut any corners. There are many factors that go into each and every piece of content you put on your website – some of which are fairly obvious, and others that require a little bit more finesse. Today, we’re going to be going over three of these “factors” that go into writing good content in our article “Three Tips for Generating Great Content” Tip Number 1) Keyword Saturation Chances are, Read More

WordPress Permalink Page Cannot Be Found IIS

You are problably here because will changing Permalinks settings in WordPress, your blog started responding with Page Cannot Be Found to any page other than your blog home page.  I experienced this same issue but on my server I had two wordpress blogs.  One was working and one was not.  So I know the issue should not be difficult to solve.  I say not difficult, in my case it did take awhile, which is why I am adding this blog Read More

sorry, no post's matched your criteria, Word Press

I experienced this problem with one of my Blog posts and could not find a relevant answer so here goes my best guess and solution. The author, Patrick Wanis also the author of Be Happy, Rich and Wealthy, copied the title of the blog from another website (he was adding a reference to him from the other site to his blog).  I believe there were some hidden characters when he pasted.  This confused Word Press so we were able to Read More