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Is Web Design Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

search engine optimization seo web design houston tx

Attracting More Business Online Every day, people go online and search for what they need or want. With so much competition, however, capturing their attention means your business has to have a strong online presence. It not only stand out from the rest, but to catch your audience’s eye, and seize their attention. You need a website with enough search engine optimization (SEO) that it can be found, but good enough web design to keep people there. SEO, Web Design, Relevancy, and Read More

Why Your SEO in Houston Can Make or Break Your Business

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Help Make Your Business Grow If you’re in the process of finding and hiring an SEO in Houston, you want to be sure to find the right one. An SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization company. These days, however, a good SEO provides far more than just search engine optimization for your company. What Can a Good SEO in Houston Do? Improve Google Placement A good SEO in Houston will help with Google placement, via up-to-date search engine optimization techniques. Good Read More

Help Us Break the Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours

most tv interviews in 24 hours

The Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours eWebResults is extremely excited to share with you our plan to help SHATTER the Guinness World Record for Most TV Interviews in 24 Hours in partnership with the UP Social Network. BUT, we need your help! The record currently stands at 70 interviews, achieved by Doug “Groovey” Newville in July 2014. Given the right amount of interview participants AND fundraising to meet the $10,000 Guinness entry fee, Chris and Nolen intend to DESTROY Read More

How a Good Business Website Design Can Grow Your Business

How a Good Business Website Design Can Grow Your Business | eWeb | eWebResults Houston internet marketing

A good business website design can grow your company in many ways, for many good reasons. In today’s post we’ll help break down exactly how and why. Business Websites & Branding For an increasing number of people, your business website is the face of your brand. Their first impression will be a lasting one. And with the ability to leave at a simple click of a button, a good business website must convey your corporate identity at a glance. Gaining Customers’ Interest Read More

How to Use Your Blog for Website SEO Ranking

How to Use Blog to Boost Website SEO Ranking

Blogs Are an Inexpensive Way to Boost Your Website SEO Ranking Building good website SEO ranking is a great way to bring new customers and money into your business. And there are very few better ways to continually boost your website SEO ranking than with your blog. Not sure what SEO means? Don’t worry, check out this great ‘What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’ post from our friends at Moz, then come right back! Why Use a Blog? Search Engines, such as Google, Read More

Take Control of Your Web Presence with Good Website Design

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Your Customers’ Expectations In today’s information economy, EVERY business is expected to have a presence in the online marketplace. From enterprise corporations to taco trucks, garage bands to professional athletes, and local businesses to public parks, everything has a web presence. If you do not, it is only a matter of time before Facebook and Google automatically create this presence for you, ready to ask, ‘is this your business?’ — ready to post reviews, like it or not. At the Read More

Not Your Average Houston Website Design Agency

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What Internet Marketing Results Matter Most to You? Every eWebResults custom website design is built with your best results in mind. For some that might mean online purchases. For others it’s lead form submissions. Still others prefer phone calls. Our full service team of internet marketing experts puts all our skills together when developing your online brand, presence and platform. We are far more than just an website design agency, we are a strategic business partner with over 17 years experience Read More

These 7 Google Analytics Reports Help Increase Your ROI

7 Google Analytics Reports To Help Understand Your Web Traffic | eWebResults Houston internet marketing

Understanding the data that Google Analytics provides is essential in making the right advertising decisions and increasing the return on your internet marketing investment. How Do I Use Google Analytics? This is a question I frequently hear when consulting with new clients.  Usually, a web developer has added the code to their website, and they have access, but they don’t know what they are looking at.  Even worse, they don’t understand what to do with the data that Google Analytics Read More

The #1 Website Design Trend that Will Kill Your Business

Website Design Trend Motion

The #1 website design trend that will certainly kill your online business is motion. Motion is everywhere. Sliders, paralax images, and the worst culprit, video headers. In the words of one of our favorite phrases, ‘just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.’ But just why is motion so bad? After all, if Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg described us as entering ‘a golden age of online video’, how could it kill our business? 100,000+ Years of Primitive Survival The Read More

Web Design Traits of 2016

Web Design and Internet Marketing 2016

Web Design 2016 We have been doing web design and internet marketing since 1999. Even as I write this piece, those seventeen years might not seem like much to some businesses. For full-service internet marketing companies like ours, however, it is hard to find any other industry that has changed so much in such a short amount of time. In 1999, for example, the mighty tech giant, Google, was still in Beta. If you wanted to crawl the web you had Read More