Convert visitors into Buyers

Convert Visitors Into LeadsHow do we convert visitors into buyers? Before this can be done, you must understand what kind of visitors you plan on getting to the website. You must also have a clear understanding of what it is exactly that you want the web visitor to do when they arrive. We make sure we have a full understanding of this so the proper website functions and features will be used when either building a new website or redesigning someone existing website.

We call this process search engine visitor optimization, or SEVO for short. At its most basic level, SEVO is the art of adding certain elements and making strategic changes to a website to encourage a website visitor to take an action. The action of course being whatever the client needs them to do like getting a free quote, calling a number, downloading a file, subscribing to a newsletter or even something simple as liking on Facebook.

We believe that once we outline what the desired website visitor actions are, we can implement a path to accomplish what was set forth.We monitor the path, adjust the path and monitor some more to ensure we get the results we want.

What does all of this mean? This means we are focused on what happens before and after the click. Before the click, we focus what we need to do the site and marketing to be visible enough to even get them to click. After they click, we focus on what the web visitor needs to see in order to get them to take the desired action.

Is your website visible? Do your website get any traffic? Is that traffic converting to business? If not, you likely need SEVO. We can help?