SSR Reviews

What is C.S.S.R? It stands for Customer Service Survey’s and Reviews. This is a new service offered by us and included with certain marketing packages that focuses on two extremely important aspects of marketing….customer service and reviews.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how your clients really felt? Did they appreciate the service? Would they recommend your service to others? Did they have a bad experience that your staff caused or could’ve prevented? Our CSSR process includes us communicating with your previous clientele and gathering this information.

With the importance of reviews these days, on websites like Google, Yelp & Angies List, it is imperative that you get them…for a few reasons. Studies show that 80% of potential buyers make a purchasing decision based on reviews. From an SEO perspective, Google has stated the importance local reviews and citations have on ranking. This CSSR process encourages the same client base to leave positive reviews for your business. If that client was unhappy with your level of service or product, CSSR gives you the opportunity to fix the problem and possibly prevent negative reviews.

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Customer Service & Survey Reviews – CSSR