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Email Marketing has an ROI of 3800%

And it’s extremely lucrative. Check out these statistics:

According to PEW Research, 92% of online adults use email.

Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%.

81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on their previous shopping habits were more likely to make a purchase as a result of targeted email.

Compared to other strategies, email marketing has the highest conversion rate at 66%.

Sending more than 1 email in a month increases the open rate.

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email marketing

email marketingExamples of Email Marketing:

  • Warm-up letters
  • Direct advertisements
  • Subscription Newsletters
  • Digital magazines
  • Announcements
  • Product updates
  • Free downloads
  • Coupons and offers
  • Event invitations
  • Confirmations

email marketingSome email marketing services include elaborate chains of pre-written emails, logically operating on a Yes-No framework or responsive flow chart. This kind of ‘evergreen content’:

  • introduces customers to your product or service
  • Educates them on features and benefits
  • Catches their interest
  • Earns their trust in your company
  • Converts them into raving fans

Tips and Tricks:

68% of Americans say they base their decision to open an email on the ‘From’ name.

Complete Email Marketing Services in Houston, TX

eWebResults is an email marketing agency based in Houston, TX.  As a full service internet marketing agency and Google Partner, you can be assured that our email marketing services are directly aligned to your website’s overall strategy. We understand that your business depends on the results of your campaign. Our team of international experts will help develop, create, launch, promote, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

email marketing

Do You Have an Email Marketing Strategy?

Finding the right strategy for a successful campaign can be difficult. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with content creation, autoresponders, broadcasters, newsletter design, and list management. Don’t forget that you need to be sure that anything you create needs to look good on both desktop and mobile devices. eWebResults helps you consider all the options. We let you know what to expect, the results our clients typically see, and how they apply specifically to your business.

Tips and Tricks:

Replace a text link with a CTA button – it can increase conversation rates by as much as 28%!

Get Email Marketing Services Customized for You

From list development to driving website conversions, our email marketing services in Houston can help you grow your business online. Working with eWebResults is like having a business partner who is an online conversion expert, except without having to split your profits and revenue.

We partner with clients from all industries and verticals.

These partnerships work best, however, when we combine your industry expertise with our expertise in email marketing services, to create a unique and powerful campaign for you.

To learn more about how our email marketing services in Houston might best serve your business or brand, contact eWebResults today for a free consultation. Call us at (713)592-6724 or contact us online.

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