Podcast Glossary

PITF (#PunchInTheFace) – Similar to a “shout out”, opposite of a kick in the shins,  a punch in the face is a way of acknowledging someone or something else.

KITS (#KickInTheShins) – Similar to being heckled, opposite of PITF, this basically means, “you suck”.

Top Position Snatchers (#TopPositionSnatchers) – Chris & Chuck in superhero form…their mantra is “don’t be a douche”.

Douche (#Dontbeadouche) – From our mantra “don’t be a douche”. A douche is someone who adds comments to the content of others, that does not add any value, with the intent of generating back links to a site.

Shike Us – Share, Like and Follow us on social media



Internet Marketing/SEO Glossary

SEO (search engine optimization) – the art/science of configuring the elements on a website page as well other elements off of the website page to increase the positioning in search engines for certain keywords and phrases. The core specialty of E-webstyle.

PPC (pay per click) – a search engine advertisement service based on budget and paying for clicks from search engine visitors. Our PPC maintenance includes management of Google Adwords (display and search network), Bing Adcenter, Facebook ads, YouTube ads and even LinkedIn ads.

SMM (social media marketing) – using various social media profiles pages like Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness, provide customer service and drive website traffic that will eventually become qualified leads

SEVO (search engine visitor optimization) – strategic website changes that influence website visitors to take action while visiting a website…also known as “conversion optimization”.