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Here’s How it Works:

Our Process: Transparent, Engaging
We’ve created a transparent process that allows our clients the opportunity to be fully engaged. More importantly, our process is proven to generate results. Our experience tells us that an actively engaged client’s campaign will perform better.

Steps in Our Process:


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How do we get such awesome results? Since first launching our internet marketing firm in 1999, we have systematized and tested our process. Company after company, industry after industry, we have delivered a jaw-dropping success rate. Best of all, for most clients, the results are almost immediate.

Our best, most long-standing clients have doubled and even tripled their small businesses. Because of our cooperation they have grown their teams, added staff, and added new locations. Month over month, we continue to dominate their markets.

Don’t believe it? What’s your industry? We’re happy to put you in touch with a real-life referral.

Get a Real-Life Referral

Clients typically see a 30% or higher increase in business over the first 12 months with us!

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Want the full package? Look no further.

  • Monthly Results Report

We sit down monthly with our clients to discuss what’s worked, what we can make even better, and how to move forward into the future with strategies that will work TODAY. All clients receive monthly results reports data, metrics, and performance statistics. You’ve got goals and objectives and we want to meet ’em. This meeting is the perfect time to put those out on the table. We’ll craft the perfect strategy for you to achieve those goals and tell you the why behind our choices.

  • Strong Marketing Strategy

With nearly 20 years in the industry, eWebResults has been around since the dawn of Google. We know internet marketing and we readily share our knowledge with our clients and through our #1 worldwide SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. We’ve built highly successful strategies for tons of our clients, and we can build one for you, too.

Experts You Can Trust

Trust is earned, not just given, which is why endeavor to earn your trust every day. We understand that our clients take their choice of internet marketing agency seriously – and so do we. We feel absolutely honored that our clients choose us. It can be scary to hire a new marketing agency, but eWebResults makes it easy, affordable, and stress-free. We are here to set your mind at ease and address any worries you may have. Our team is dedicated to providing you with internet marketing that WORKS – and a team you can believe in.

Request a Consultation!

The eWeb difference means not having to put up with:

  • Secrecy – eWebResults is completely transparent with clients. We don’t keep secrets. We help our clients understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  • Exclusion – We keep our clients in the loop. You should never feel like you have no power. After all, it’s your business. For big decisions, we work WITH you. You’re still in the driver’s seat.
  • Guessing Games – We know what works. We will never risk your business by making an uninformed decision. All of our decisions are informed by our industry knowledge and client-specific research to back them up.

Here’s what we DO offer:

  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Industry-leading internet marketing strategies that WORK
  • A team of highly experienced, knowledgeable experts
  • Real, amazing results


copilot policy houston sem ewebresultsCopilot Policy

One of the biggest complaints internet marketing agencies get from clients is that they are too secretive. The eWebResults team will never keep you out of the loop – you will always know what’s going on, what our strategy is, and why we’re doing it.

You will always know what’s going on and why we’re doing it.

You should feel confident in your internet marketing company. This is why we keep the doors of communication open.

Furthermore, we understand that each business and industry are different. We don’t provide generic cookie-cutter solutions because your unique business deserves uniquely crafted solutions to reach your goals.

We work WITH you instead of just for you – to create a strategy that does more than check off all your boxes – it makes your business shine more than ever before, too! If you ever have questions, concerns, or suggestions, simply contact us and we will work together to reach your goals.

After all, it is your business.

We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your website and online brand assets.

To schedule your comprehensive website analysis, find out how we can help grow your business, and put us to work, simply call us at (713) 592-6724 or fill out the attached form.

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“Our field is very competitive, and I have a sense of comfort knowing that we are with you.
They are very responsive, and they have a skilled team of professionals, and I highly recommend them!” –
Heidi T.

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How We Convert Visitors Into Buyers

  1. Search Engine Visitor Optimization (SEVO) – Get to know your visitors and craft a strategy to increase your website’s visibility.
  2. Monitor and Adjust – Make strategic changes to encourage your visitors to take action.

So what does this all mean?

We’re focused on what happens before and after the click.

Before the Click: Increase website and brand visibility to draw in visitors.

After the Click: Zero in on what visitors need – and implement it – in order to transform them into buyers.

Leaves - eWebResults Leaves - eWebResults

As someone who is very new to the world of SEO, they have a way of presenting topics in a very user-friendly format. I took advantage of their generous offer for a free website analysis and actually received a phone call back from Chris himself! I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer. These guys are a class act!