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eWebResults is an official Google Partner Agency, fully certified to provide expert pay per click advertising management and results for your business. Whether your focus is lead generation, ecommerce sales, or simply promoting brand exposure and awareness, per per click advertising can generate immediate results. Utilizing the combined expertise of our expert marketers, writers, and graphic designers, we are a premier provider of Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, and Shopping Ads.

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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) vs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PPC advertising and SEO go together like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jelly. Adding PPC to your search engine optimized website will generate quicker results in your climb upward to the top of the search results. Likewise, adding professional SEO services to your ‘Landing Pages’ (the pages your ads lead to), will give you a significant reduction in PPC advertising costs.

Relevancy is King-er than Content

If you’ve kept up with the online marketing industry over the past decade, then you’ve probably heard that ‘Content is King’. Well, generally speaking, content is still king. In fact, great content is essential to generating a profit online. Without ‘relevancy’, however, your great content may never get seen.

Our PPC advertising campaigns are extensively researched to include search terms that are highly relevant to your customers. Our team is skilled at generating high quality leads and sales, utilizing search terms that indicate a high intent to purchase.

Your Client Results Advocate

Included with your comprehensive online marketing campaign, is a monthly results call with your very own Client Results Advocate (CRA). Your CRA is a dedicated internet marketing expert on our staff who reviews and explains to you, your rankings, insights and conversions at the end of each month. They are not only your direct source for powerful marketing insights into your own business, but also provide a unique and ongoing opportunity to fine tune your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

PPC Advertising with a Positive ROI: “Fire Bullets Before Cannonballs”

Instead of the ‘set and forget’ attitude of far too many PPC agencies, we continuously monitor your results to ensure a maximum impact, whatever your budget. This allows us to benefit fully from the ‘fire bullets before cannonballs’ concept, popularized by Jim Collins in his bestselling book, Great by Choice.

Every successful PPC campaign begins with a set of qualified assumptions that must be tested. We test our data-driven assumptions on a budget appropriate to your potential return on investment (ROI). As the campaign is optimized, and your ROI turns positive, we can continue ramping up your leads or sales to an ideal level for your industry or business.

A Houston PPC Company with International PPC Clients

While we certainly have a large number of local Houston PPC clients with great results, we also serve a range of clients in the national and global marketplaces. We provide national and international PPC campaigns for English-language-based clients who want to reach a wider, more international audience than just their host city or country.

Choose eWebResults for Your Adwords Management

If you’re in the market for a professional digital marketing and advertising agency, then its almost guaranteed that your website is part of your process in generating revenue for your business. Combining PPC with SEO is just one part of our systematic process that allows us to ‘guarantee’ profitable results for your company or business.

Call eWebResults today at (713) 592-6724 to speak with a digital marketing expert about how an effective PPC advertising campaign can help grow your business and profits, in both the short and long term.

Additionally, if you want to get your business on track to better profits and profitability, we highly encourage you to contact us today to request your FREE website analysis.

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