Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic advertising?


If you’re a business owner who uses online advertising, chances are you’ve heard of programmatic ads. Or perhaps this is the first time you ever heard of it and question if it’s even real. That’s ok too.

Keep reading and you will see exactly what programmatic advertising is and how it can dramatically help grow your business easily.


So What Is It?


Simply put, programmatic ad buying is automated buying and selling of online advertising. Using separate platforms to advertise on different channels within the internet and finding the best places to advertise is becoming an increasingly daunting task.


Where your traditional method has a lot more moving parts, tenders, negotiations, and a lot more, whereas, programmatic buying uses different algorithms to buy display space.

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Use Laser Targeting To Get Your Ads

To People Who Want To See Them


Programmatic advertising is the ability to reach your businesses audience, with the right message and is delivered on an individual level, unlike traditional forms of advertising. The options you see below are some of the most popular forms of programmatic targeting.

IP Targeting


Precise digital targeting on the IP level


Programmatic advertising doesn’t need cookies, takes offline data into account, and easy to use.


IP targeting allows you to easily target households  based on IP addresses.


That means your ad will always be seen by a real person!


Increase the ROI for your B2B ad campaigns by targeting them while they’re at the office. Most business decisions are made at work, not at home.

Search Retargeting


Harness the power of search intent.


Here’s how it works:


1. A user searches for something (i.e. “pool cleaning”)


2. They see displayed ads based on their search keywords.


3. The user clicks through the ad and becomes a conversion.


Get more conversions, more often, from people who are already looking for what you provide.

Contextual Targeting


Get your ads in front of people who want to see them.


Contextual advertising is a form of targeted-advertising for websites or other media. The ads are selected and served by automated systems based on the identity of the user and the content displayed


Contextual targeting looks at the categories and keywords of content consumers are already viewing in order to show them ads that are relevant.


So users only end up seeing ads they’re actually interested in, and you get crucial impressions to the right users – fast.

Ready To Get Results?


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