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Does Your Remodeling Company Need Help With SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, does your business need it? Yes!

Think about this, when someone is looking for a remodeling company where is the first place they’re going to look? Google! After reading this, I want you to open up a new browser, and type in remodeling company, then hit search.

Are you at the top of the page?

if you are, great, but if not, maybe it’s time to reach out to us and let us help your business get there.

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When was the last time you went searching for a service or product, and how did you find what you were looking for?

As consumers, we want information, and most of us use Google or some kind of search engine to find it. While most of us use the internet quite often, we typically never stop and think about how search engines organize those results after we hit “Enter.” It’s called indexing. When we hit that enter key, the search engine neatly indexes, or organizes, the results for us on a page.

A firm SEO strategy can increase your organic search engine rankings to get you to the first page of Google. This means potential customers are more likely to find you and land on your page rather than your competitors.

Think about this, on average, people are spending billions of dollars a year on home remodeling, don’t you want a piece of that? Of course you do! So what are you waiting for, click the button below and contact us today!

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What are Your Marketing Goals?

Every company has different goals, but one goal stands out from the rest, make more money! We all want to make more money, but how?

Goals! We all need goals, its how we push our business to the next level.

Here are a few great examples of optimal goals:

  • Reach the first page of search results for “Remodeling Woodlands”
  • Turn at least one lead into a client a week
  • Find out the best channels suited for your audience

Goals like these allow your remodeling company to think about how much you want to spend per new lead.

Remember you can change your goals. Maybe your keyword has too much competition and you need to choose a different one. Perhaps the amount of leads you were hoping for is a bit unrealistic.

Crafting SEO Strategies for a Remodeling Company typically includes:

  • Moblie Optimization
  • Link Building
  • SEO Local
  • Social Media Ads
  • And Much More

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Remember, SEO Is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Just know that nothing happens overnight, SEO takes time.

SEO is a powerful way to track online behavior. You never have to worry about being tied to the same old strategy if it’s proving ineffective. Data will show how people interact with your site, how long they stick around, and when/where they leave. You can see how many people visit every day, and find out which efforts have the most impact on your success.

It’s affordable and truly measurable, which means you can save time and money while also increasing website visibility, customers, and profits!


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Houston, Remodeling Houston, Remodeling contractorWhy SEO Matters for Remodeling Contractors

The internet has changed marketing by giving solo professionals the ability to stand on their own, above their competitors.

With the help of a marketing firm, any independent remodeling contractor can cultivate a user-friendly, highly impactful website and online presence through SEO strategies. Through strategic techniques, they will begin to rank higher than their competition, earning them more leads and more business.

You need to be in control of your company’s SEO efforts if you want to rise to the top and beat out the competition.

Don’t forget, SEO is only half the battle, TRUST is the other half, you might be at the top of Google, but does your website look better than the competition.

Let eWebResults help you build your brand!

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