Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an umbrella term encompassing many different strategies. There are a lot of ways to improve a website’s rankings, and eWebResults knows how to choose the best ones for your business.


Here’s what we do for you to improve your website rankings and boost your business:

SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGCreate Content and Disseminate Press Releases

Our dedicated Content Team will craft content meant to take your business to new heights. With our in-house team of writers, editors, and content managers, you’ll get powerful, compelling content that engages readers.

Build Links

Boost your visibility with our high-powered linking strategies.

Build and Run Your PPC Campaigns

A well-built PPC campaign can skyrocket your results. We continuously monitor your results to ensure maximum ROI.

Build and Design Your Website

Your website is your digital business card. Put your best foot forward with our results-driven web design.

Optimize Your Site Based on Keywords

Get your website in front of the people who are looking for your product or service. We build our strategies around your ideal customer and what they’re looking for, drawing them into your site faster and easier.

eWebResults gets you the leads you deserve.

Should I be doing SEO for my website?

We no longer rely on billboards and TV ads. In fact, they are becoming less and less effective for marketing results.

SEO is becoming a necessity for today’s businesses, especially with more and more businesses being started every day.

The short answer is YES.

Today, we are seeing an abundance of new niche products and overcrowded marketplaces, which gives today’s consumers more options than they know what to do with. The internet has revolutionized today’s businesses, making the landscape more competitive.

How To SEO, Search engine ranking


Step 1. Create a page title based on what keywords you want your website to rank for.

Step 2. Create Meta Tags and a meta description.

Step 3. Place the keywords you want your website to rank for in strategic phrases throughout the page.

Step 4. Develop a new sitemap for your website and make sure it is submitted to Google, Bing, and any other search engine, for indexing.

Step 5. Create a solid link-building strategy and start implementing it throughout your site.

Step 6. Continually search for and correct any technical errors.

Step 7. Craft your website to be responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

But that’s not all. There’s so much more to SEO and search engine ranking than these 8 steps. Give us a call to learn more.

What are the most important parts of SEO?


  • Who is your audience?
  • What keywords do you want to rank for? What is the competition?
  •  What is the user intent behind the keywords you want to rank for?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Technical SEO – Site speed. Coding. JavaScript. Schema markup. Schema JSON-LD. Canonicalization.
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Backlinks – Are there other sites that are linking back to yours?


To learn more about search engine ranking and SEO, check out our blog! It’s full of great, in-depth information meant to help you take your marketing results to new heights. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact the eWebResults team. We’d love to chat with you on ways to get your business more visibility, more leads, and more success.

search engine ranking

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