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SEO Podcast 361

Use Analytics to Increase Your ROI

SEO Podcast 361 Tip

Want to increase your ROI?  Use Google Analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.  Don’t do more of the same because someone said it worked in 2005.  Prove it with real data!  Daniel Gildersleeve is in for Chris to cover an article written by our very own Charles Lewis in SEO Podcast 361! In the Potatoes: Pinterest hires head of Google image search Google brings back emojis! A review from Ricky G Butts The article this week is “7 Read More

SEO Podcast 360

Why is my SEO Campaign Failing?

SEO Podcast 360 Tip

SEO campaign down in the dumps?  Chris and Chuck will tell you what you need to change to get your SEO back on track.  This includes multiple tips on your website, on-page SEO, building links, and of course, content!  Don’t miss out on podcast 360! In the Potatoes: Drones might be pollinating your food NBA is getting into e-sports Twitter abusers The new Email Privacy Act Facebook Lite! The article this week is “Why Your SEO Campaign is Failing” by Read More

SEO Podcast 359

6 Ways to Kill it on Google Display Network

The SEO Podcast 359 - Algo Cat

Google Display Network a bit intimidating?  No problem, Chris and Chuck have your back!  Tune in to learn all about remarketing campaigns, targeting, and how (not) to advertise on mobile games. In the Potatoes: Your favorite segment of the program is back, the ALGORITHM CATACLYSM Yext debuts a new program Should you build your own laptop? Uber’s CEO quits! The article this week is “PPC 101: 6 Tips to Supercharge Google Display Network Performance“, by Ben Wood over at Search Read More

#SEOPodcast 358

Five SEO Hacks for Retailers

The SEO Podcast 358 Tip

Products not selling?  Google rankings keeping you down?  Check out these SEO hacks for online retailers.  Chris and Chuck cover Latent Semantic Indexing, product descriptions, coupons, and a whole lot more in SEO Podcast 358! In the Potatoes: Facebook is now accepting keys How difficult is it to park?  Google Maps will tell you! Bing becomes less of a pain in the ass Chrome now labels sites without SSL as non-secure! DuckDuckGO surpasses 10 billion searches The article this week Read More

Best SEO Podcast 357

New Website? Do an SEO Audit!

Best SEO Podcast 357 Tip

Redesigned your site?  Moving to a new platform?  Do an SEO audit with the help of Chris and Chuck, your SEO experts!   They cover analytics, content review, links and more so you can arm yourself with a plan. In the Potatoes: Will SEOs manipulate Google? Google+ gets a nip/tuck Site Command is dead! Where is Matt Cutts now? Amazon is now running Adwords The article this week is “Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit!” by Janet Driscoll Read More

Best SEO Podcast 356

Why Do I Have a High Bounce Rate? – Best SEO Podcast 356

Are people bouncing from your site faster than a kangaroo?  Check out Podcast 356 where Chris and Charles answer questions like: What is a good bounce rate? Do title tags affect my bounce rate? Could my bounce rate be affected by another site? In the Potatoes: Turn your Apple Watch into a Mac! Get $15 off Uber by using Google Yahoo changes its name Facebook will start putting ads in your videos This week’s article is from Amella Willson over Read More

Best SEO Podcast 355

10 Content Blunders You Shouldn’t Make

Best SEO Podcast 355 Algo Cat

BOOM!  Start your New Year right with Chris and Chuck as they talk about the top 10 content mistakes you’re going to want to avoid in 2017.  They cover some basic and advanced topics including consistency, spam, social media, and the gold standard: SEO! In the Potatoes: Algo Cat is BACK with a…Semi-Cat! Will Chuck get his own aerial security? Android Auto Google has the most popular apps (who knew?) The article this week is “10 Common Content Mistakes You Read More

Best SEO Podcast 354

Year End Review 2016 Part 2

Need to know the biggest news in SEO in 2016?  Tune in here for Part 2 of the Year End Review 2016 podcast.  Chris and Charles hit you with rapid fire knowledge including tips, topics, Algorithm Cataclysms, and much more! In the Potatoes: The EU will charge you half a mil for posting a fake news story Porch Pirates are stealing your Amazon packages! HTTPS is now required for sensitive info on Chrome

Best SEO Podcast 353

Year End Review 2016 Part 1

Best SEO Podcast 353 - Year End Review 2017 Part 1

What happened in SEO in 2016?  Chris and Chuck give you a rundown of the last year in SEO and Internet Marketing.  We’ll be covering the first half of year with podcasts 305-329.  Tune in for a recap, then go back and listen to your favorites! In the Potatoes: Google results are getting more historically accurate 7-Eleven completes the first drone deliveries There are more electric vehicles on the road than you can shake a stick at! Govt requests for Read More

Best SEO Podcast 352

How to Recover from 5 Common Google Penalties – Best SEO Podcast 352

Best SEO Podcast 352 Tip

Have you been torn apart by Panda?  Smacked down by Penguin?  If you have Google penalties, we have the cure.  Check out this week’s podcast where Chris and Chuck give you the secrets of recovering from all sorts of Pandas, Penguins, and Algo Cats.  You’ll learn about unnatural links, spam, and what to do if you’ve been hacked, all in Best SEO Podcast 352. In the Potatoes: Why the five week absence of Algo Cat? Self-driving Ubers are careening around Read More