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SEO Podcast 369

4 Steps to Creating High-Quality SEO Content

SEO Podcast 369 Tip

Anyone can create content, but how do you create great, SEO content that has value to the user?  With these 4 simple steps, plus some bonus technical info, you can create high-quality content users will love! In the Potatoes: Samsung’s foldable touch screen phone An 8 year old drives to McDonald’s Google eliminates ads for some YouTube videos Instagram stories is now bigger than Snapchat This week’s article is “The complete guide to optimizing content for SEO (with checklist)” by Read More

SEO Podcast 368

7 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

SEO Podcast 368 Algo Cat

The average return on email marketing is 44x your investment.  Are you getting that kind of return?  Check out the 7 email marketing mistakes you’re making and improve your email marketing ROI! In the Potatoes: Cataclysmic Algorithm Cataclysm from Google’s Fred update! Chris and Charles talk Black Hat World (and why you shouldn’t use it!) Google expands fact-check tag The article this week is “7 Ways You Screw Up Your Email Marketing” by Reshu Rathi over at Search Engine Journal.

SEO Podcast 367

7 Essential Ad Extensions to Improve Your PPC

SEO Podcast 367 Tip

Charles and Daniel cover an in-house article written by our very own Daniel Gildersleeve! Check out these 7 Essential Ad Extensions to Improve Your PPC, including Structured Snippets, Call Extensions, and Location Extensions. In the Potatoes: No more usernames in Twitter replies Google Analytics 360 is out of beta Kelsey Jones leaves SEJ Bing Ads finally moves to daily budgets! The article this week is “7 Essential Ad Extensions to Improve Your PPC” by Daniel Gildersleeve.  It is a draft Read More

SEO Podcast 366

3 Step Plan for SEO in a Niche

SEO Podcast 366 Tip

How do I do SEO in a niche? How do I optimize for a new product no one is searching for? Tune in to Chris and Chuck as they hand you a 3 Step Plan for doing SEO in a niche. Use Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Search, and that old favorite, SEO and dominate your niche! In the Potatoes: Chris talks SEO ladders Major firms pull ad dollars from Google for showing ads on extremist videos Soundcloud takes out another Read More

SEO Podcast 365

11 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce with Social Media

SEO Podcast 365 Tip

Can social media supercharge your online sales?  Only if you use it correctly!  Tune in to SEO Podcast 365 and learn how to use the right platform, publish amazing content, and use live video to your advantage. In the Potatoes: Netflix FINALLY gives us a “skip credits” button Google has new jpeg compression technology Google’s PPC revenue last year was $24.6 billion This week’s article is “11 Tips to Improve Your Online Store Sales via Social Media” by Aleh Barysevich Read More

SEO Podcast 364

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Brand

SEO Podcast 364 Algo Cat

Are you building a strong brand?  Not sure?  Check out SEO Podcast 364 for tips on how to make your online brand stronger.  Learn how to use monitoring on both yourself and your competitors, how to handle negative reviews, security and more! In the Potatoes: Uber stops using Greyball to issue tickets No IPO in sight for $31B AirBnB Google Trusted Stores gets the big, ugly axe Google will pursue reviews for you! The article reviewed this week is “Six Read More

SEO Podcast 363

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of Hyperlocal Marketing

SEO Podcast 363 Tip

Hyperlocal search keeping you from being found?  Be prepared and learn how to use hyperlocal to your advantage.  Chris and Charles cover everything from the basics to how to handle multiple locations and track your progress. In the Potatoes: Elon Musk is taking advice from a fifth grader Facebook puts more weight on reactions RIP DMOZ The article this week is “Hyperlocal marketing will soar in 2017: 5 tips to stay on top” by Jim Yu over at Search Engine Read More

SEO Podcast 362

Fire Your SEO

SEO Podcast 362 Algo Cat

Should you fire your SEO?  How do you know if they’re doing a good job?  Chris and Charles cover some things likely to make you fire your SEO: bad reporting, unrealistic goals, buying links and so much more.  Keep an eye out for bad SEOs, and expect an ROI from your internet marketing investment! In the Potatoes: Facebook has a new mission Everything you need to know about the Cloudbleed bug Job ads on Facebook? YouTube eliminates the 30 second Read More

SEO Podcast 361

Use Analytics to Increase Your ROI

SEO Podcast 361 Tip

Want to increase your ROI?  Use Google Analytics to see what works and what doesn’t.  Don’t do more of the same because someone said it worked in 2005.  Prove it with real data!  Daniel Gildersleeve is in for Chris to cover an article written by our very own Charles Lewis in SEO Podcast 361! In the Potatoes: Pinterest hires head of Google image search Google brings back emojis! A review from Ricky G Butts The article this week is “7 Read More

SEO Podcast 360

Why is my SEO Campaign Failing?

SEO Podcast 360 Tip

SEO campaign down in the dumps?  Chris and Chuck will tell you what you need to change to get your SEO back on track.  This includes multiple tips on your website, on-page SEO, building links, and of course, content!  Don’t miss out on podcast 360! In the Potatoes: Drones might be pollinating your food NBA is getting into e-sports Twitter abusers The new Email Privacy Act Facebook Lite! The article this week is “Why Your SEO Campaign is Failing” by Read More