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Air Date: May 27th, 2016

Podcast Potatoes

Not too many potatoes this week, but the news includes…

  • Amazon hits 100 BILLION in annual sales…
  • Tesla’s growth in the self-driving car industry…
  • Yahoo’s over-inflated self evaluation…
  • How many trillions of searches Google handles a year…
  • A solid recommendation for the book, ‘Confessions of Employee Number 59’

Podcast Meat

Our #PunchInTheFace this week goes out to Wesley Young, the VP of Public Policy at Local Search Association, and his recent post on Search Engine Land, ’10 Tips for Building a Local Brand that will Boost Your Local Search Ranking.’

A good local SEO strategy is about more than just understanding the principles of on-page optimization and link building. It requires understanding the dynamics and culture of the local consumer. Local business owners are often local residents, and are a part of the community. They can use this to their advantage.

#0 – Wrap your truck. Don’t cram too much info on their but do it. And do it right.

Here are his ten tips:

  1. Target Local Publications – for oh so many reasons.
  2. Then, target the small Hyper-Local Publications.
  3. Get mentioned in reviews. Ask for reviews.
  4. Engage your community. Online & in person. Be a local rockstar. Build relationships.
  5. Give people something to talk about.
  6. Use local language. Local lingo.
  7. Use content to demonstrate your expertise.
  8. Leverage the national brands you carry to promote your own.
  9. Focus on branding with ad impressions, not conversions
  10. Be found, Be chosen.

10 tips for building a local brand that will boost your local search ranking

Wesley Young, posted at Search Engine Land

SEO PODCAST EPISODE 323 | 10 Branding Tips That Will Boost Your Local Search Ranking

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