0 Indispensable People Skills for Successful Web Marketing

10 Indispensable People Skills for Successful Web Marketing

10 Indispensable People Skills for Successful Web MarketingHow do you 10 Indispensable People Skills for Successful Web Marketing? Chris and Charles tell the 10 indispensable people skills for successful web marketing in #SEOPodcast 295 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:             A punch kick.


Chris:               Yeah, a punch kick. Thank you for reaching out to us. I mean the fact that he doesn’t know what a kick in the shins is, is kind of indicative that we don’t use it enough. So we got to add that as part of our blank stare or something.


Chuck:             Somebody who we can kick in the shins.


Chris:               You think? How about all the bad drivers? They’re tired.


Chuck:             I know, my children.


Chris:               Yeah, I got a story about it. Children and drivers might — my son would — as bad as he has been at school will probably be a really good driver. He’s got to make up at four of somewhere. I just got introduced to the principal today. It’s a good day. All right, really. That’s the potatoes because we are going to save some reviews until next time. Now, it’s time to get into the meat.


Chuck:             Again, a punch in the face to Stony G, the guy over, the goofy old folks there searching anew journal. The full title of this article is “Ten Indispensable People Skills, SEOs and Clients Must Practice Daily for Successful Way of Marketing.” It’s a long title. So the short version is “Ten People Skills for Way of Marketing Success” as to what we run with but I will say Man, Punch in the Face I think is a great article and one of the main reasons I want to present this was because he took the time to give two different perspectives. So he’s going to give us ten tips for a successful way of marketing and then these tips will be broken down for with the SEO company or the agency can do and what the client should do.


So he starts off this article by saying the best SEOs are those that perform a part of foundation of collaboration. The most successful businesses are those that make it a priority to collaborate heavily with their way of marketers. Let me take this time a punch in the face to write and go sniffing the good folks over at lone star school of music and a punch in the face to Heidi and the good people at M.E. Flow, and a whole bunch of other clients that we have who really take you seriously. They really contact us, they really share content, provide images, they really make our job easy.


Chris:               They share what they are doing from a traditional marketing perspective.


Chuck:             No. All of the marketing things we —


Chris:               Because we do have tie-ins to that.


Chuck:             Exactly. Give us a lot of influence. They ask for advice. Hey, what should I do with these things so we can make sure that marketing campaign is consistent, that the website is — They do with the necessary information. To be honest, it’s kind of difficult to do that when the client don’t participate. He’s right. Marketing best ways especially when you’re in a situation where you are using multiple parties, right? If you are the client and you are using an agency, I encourage you, I implore you to communicate with that agency. Don’t just sit back and wait on reports or wait on information. Don’t feed them information. Ask questions because it’s going to hell.


Chris:               Hopefully they’re of a mind where they want to — they are asking for your input. They are asking for your help. We have a monthly call. We get together monthly with our clients and we want them to give us feedback. We come to those and we want transparency and honesty. We did good on this. We did bad on that. Here is how we are going improve on that and what do you think? Because I give the example to prospects all the time. So we make a pretty website. All your friends and family like it and we drive lots of traffic to it and —


Chuck:             Yeah, you just look good to give them traffic.


Chris:               Let’s say you installed glass in buildings and we for whatever reason are sending you iPhone glass repair traffic and we are like, look how much traffic you got in like I got no business. That’s an important conversation to have.


Chuck:             Exactly. If you are not communicating that, it means it’s down low. I can even give you a real time example. Another business owner who pays attention and contributes, a punch in the face to Wayne Springer and the good folks over Atiwa, and so Atiwa was an IT company and they rent IT equipment like laptops, printers and audio video equipment and things like that, projectors. And so on a phrase match campaign, they were getting clicks for movie projector rentals even though my phrase was projector rentals and if you guys know how phrase match works, then you understand the new  change that close variants and why he was going those clicks. If it wasn’t for our monthly call, then I wouldn’t have known that hey, they don’t rent a movie projector.


Chris:               Projectors, right.


Chuck:             So they rent digital projectors and things like that. It’s that call. It’s that feedback that allows us marketing team to go in at those negatives and make some changes.


Chris:               Absolutely. By the way, we just covered everything you need to know about interacting with an SEO company.


Chuck:             Yeah, it’s that for the first ten point who are about to get there. Number one, he says listen to others. Don’t just make them listen to you. Great point. So for the SEO, he says before an SEO can even begin, there is a good amount of listening that needs to happen. Part of our process involves a creative call. Every new account goes through this 45 to an hour call —


Chris:               Creative results call.


Chuck:             Results call, where we just literally ask questions. I’m just trying to get a better understanding of you, of your business, of your clients, of your target, of your objectives, how you are trying to accomplish, how you are trying to grow because all of that, believe it or not is important into your SEO, into your site design or even marketing.




Chris:               What you sell the most and what makes you the most money.


Chuck:             Yeah, which you said the least who are you most, who are your competitors? All of that information is necessary and so we must listen. Now from the client perspective, he says dictating the course of web marketing campaign where only tied SEOs hands and ultimately keep you from doing what truly needs to be done. He’s right.


Chris:               That’s happened.


Chuck:             It’s happened. We have experienced it. We have had clients where we want to position a form above the fold, a next door flight for example and a client push back, push back, no I don’t want it there. I want it below. I want it below. I want it below.


Chris:               I want to see the image or whatever. I want that they wanted.


Chuck:             Any all five feels and we’re like no. We really need to put it higher. We only three fields and they push back, push back, push back until they weren’t getting any leads.


Chris:               That’s like four months, right?


Chuck:             Push back and their leads just constantly declined and so then one day we just did it. Anyways, like okay, we have to make a change and before the client recognized that that was done, they at least start back up.


Chris:               Get a call. Hey, what did you guys do? What you told us not to.


Chuck:             Not to do.


Chris:               She was like —


Chuck:             Thank you.


Chris:               Leave it there. I should have listened to you in the first place. I think you have an email. I should have listened to you from the beginning.


Chuck:             Yeah, I do. And so I think the message here is look, if you’re paying an agency where there is even an internal person you hired, whoever it is, if you are paying them, let them do their job. It’s the reason you hired them. It’s the reason you probably designed an agreement. It’s the reason they are in the position they are in. And so they want to make these kinds of changes and you should probably let them do it. Two.


Chris:               Two.


Chuck:             He says, ask the right questions. From an SEO perspective, he says SEO needs to have a good understanding of the business audience, values, high points and objections. So we just talked about that.


Chris:               I’m at sales process.


Chuck:             Exactly. That’s what our role, if we understand what’s funnel. Not only we do that for a monthly client results call, we try to have weekly calls where we could have touch bases on, how things are performing any new ideas came out, how did these leads close. Right, we need that kind of feedback.


Chris:               Hey, I just got a call from a company in Chicago. Why? Let’s figure that out and fix it.


Chuck:             Great. Maybe you want that or where do they come from? How can we give more of those, that sort of deal? So you always have to ask the right questions. And so if you are a company right now, you’re dealing with an agency, they should be asking you questions like how did that lead convert? Did it close? Did you — If I’m looking at reports and I see tons of traffic from other states and they are spending all kind of time on the site, tthen you should be getting questions like did you talk to somebody from this state? What did they say? How did they find you?


Chris:               Can expand to that state because I’m out? You can find a partner and deliver leads to that state?


Chuck:             Yeah, is it worth this creating content and targeting those areas? Right, if you are not having that feedback loop and asking those questions, then you really prevent yourself from growth. So for the client, he says if there is anything you don’t understand about the process like a particular strategy or when they spend certain results, then you need to be asking more questions. Then he’s right. If you are paying, ask questions, ask questions, ask questions. I have some clients. They say oh, I just didn’t want to bug you. I’m like no, please ask.


Chris:               We want a ten year relationship with you. If you just let things lie, that is probably not going to happen.


Chuck:             Exactly. Communicate. If you’re a client, communicate with your agency. If you’re an agency, communicate with your clients. Number three,.


Chris:               Three.


Chuck:             He says, accept thoughts and ideas that are not your own. Accept thoughts and ideas that you didn’t correct, right? So for the SEO person, he says give me two sides built on the same platform, in the same industry and I’ll show you 100 differences between them that impact their marketing. He’s right. No two sites are the same. No two companies are the same even if they do the same exact service and the same exact area.


Chris:               There are different people.


Chuck:             They’re just different people. That is how your business may even be established longer, your domain name may be a blogger. You may have a bigger staff. You may do — You know, there is differences and all of those differences affect how your campaign, how your SEO was going to do. For example, maybe you are an older domain name. You have a lot of content and more experience. Then it’s likely going to be easier to get you to the first page and somebody who is let s say a brand new site. It just happens that way. You don’t have enough brand authority. You don’t have enough domain rank. You don’t have enough trust. You don’t have enough reviews to compete with somebody in your same target area using the exact service who has been established longer.


Chris:               But you can get there.



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