4 Most Important SEO Tasks

14 Most Important SEO Tasks

Do you know the 14 Most Important SEO Tasks for your website? Chris and Charles talk about the 14 most important SEO tasks for your site in#SEOPodcast 308 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chris:                  Yeah, since you wrote the note, there’s another one on there, that’s cool. Awesome, punch in the face to Daniel. Alright, I’ve got a PTIF from Bryan Loebig, we’ve actually read his review on air before, I sent him. He will be writing one on Stitcher. He called and asked for a little bit of advice and I gave him a little bit of advice and he actually insisted on me sending him a small invoice so I did. Really appreciate that, punch in the face to you, that’s awesome


Chuck:                You can call for advice anytime.


Chris:                  Now you can call anytime. So punch in the face to you and now you’re a customer. Customer of eWebResults, love that. You are part of the eWebResults, I almost said style, eWebResults team.


Chuck:                That was kind of douchy man.


Chris:                  Yeah, that was bad.


Chuck:                That was KITS worthy.


Chris:                  Yeah, another PTIF to AmeriPath. So we’ve got technology behind our website now, so we know who’s visiting our website and we know somebody from AmeriPath which is a really good sized company. Usually I try and reach out to them if they haven’t reached out to us. If they’re a larger company, I can’t really figure out who they are, I’ll give them a PITF on our podcast. So if you’re at AmeriPath in the Dallas area, because they’ve got offices around the country.


Chuck:                And you’ve been on eWebResults.com, thank you for visiting, hope you found what you were looking for, hit us up.


Chris:                  Yeah, [email protected] Finally, you can get on our Facebook page, I think it’s on our LinkedIn page too, I took a screenshot of Google with the stars, so in the 3 pack, the stars are usually like the goldish color.


Chuck:                First off, just remember that when they transition from the 7 to the 3 pack, we lost stars.


Chris:                  Yeah, they were with that first.


Chuck:                We lost reviews and we lost all of that.


Chris:                  Now, so stars are back and then I took a screenshot and they were green. So the number of the ranking and the 5 stars —


Chuck:                …were green.


Chris:                  They were all green. So go check that out on Facebook.


Chuck:                I saw that screenshot. Ironically, I can’t replicate that for any other local searches.


Chris:                  And I did a search, that exact same search, I refreshed the screen like 10 minutes later and it was gone, and literally the only reason I was taking that screenshot, I was on the phone with a customer at the time and kind of confirming, we kind of lost everything we had gotten indexed, so we indexed it and I was telling them yeah, everything will be back, and it was of course. I just thought that was interesting. So is that all the PITFs?


Chuck:                That’s all my PITFs right there.


Chris:                  So we’ve got 3 reviews here. The first one, it’s called Sales Page and it’s only 2 stars. Boo! And it’s from David Hit Clyne [Phonetic] from the UK. He says I felt like I was being pitched to, these guys place too much emphasis on advertising their service rather than offering value. I’m off to find another podcast. David, we wish you well on other podcasts, wish you had just gotten through the potatoes as most of our reviews say there is a lot of meat in our podcast.


Chuck:                Peace!


Chris:                  So let’s follow that up with, oh, that’s a duplicate 5 stars, how did I screw that up? Let’s see, here we go. This one is from Chad, and this is from Facebook and it was —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  He says one of these days, I’m going to drop in, I’m over in Belmont which is about 2  hours.


Chuck:                Oh man! Come through, not even 2 hours. When I’m driving, I can get to Belmont in like 45 minutes.


Chris:                  Okay wow! I’m driving slower because I drive the same speed my phone works.


Chuck:                Yeah, you’re buffering.


Chris:                  Yeah, I’m buffering the whole way. He’s over in Belmont doing my thing with social media marketing #RoadTrip.


Chuck:                What’s the company name again?


Chris:                  Did he give the company name? He did not.


Chuck:                Hit us up dude, because I like being in Belmont frequently, at least once a month.


Chris:                  You’ve got kin out there, right?


Chuck:                Yeah, my wife’s people out there, we spend some time out there and one of the times I’m out there chilling dude, I’ll look to connect with some media minded folks like myself, hit me up, for real.


Chris:                  Yeah, that will be very cool and I’ll roll right back and say hey, come on in for the podcast, we had a prospect join us last time, it would have been cool to have Chad this time. Alright, that is the potatoes of the podcast, let’s get into the meat.


Chuck:                So like I said earlier, punch in the face to Amanda DiSilvestro, feel like I should say that in my…


Chris:                  DiSilvestro.


Chuck:                Yeah, exactly, in that voice. From Search Engine Watch, right? We don’t frequent Search Engine watch too much but today, we found a good article over there.


Chris:                  PITF!


Chuck:                14 Most Important.


Chris:                  We are not implying that Search Engine Watch does not have good articles and this is the only one.


Chuck:                Yeah, I wasn’t implying that at all.


Chris:                  We were not implying that.


Chuck:                Just saying that —


Chris:                  …we don’t go there often, we happened to go there this time, and there’s a good one.


Chuck:                Exactly. 14 Most Important SEO Tasks in Order of Priority, that’s what’s really caught my attention, I was like priority, let’s see if we agree on the same thing.


Chris:                  So we’ve got 2 things to kind of evaluate, are they the right things, and are they in the right order.


Chuck:                Exactly. She starts off by saying between local considerations, seeding the right content in the right places, and various other on-page and off-page factors, it’s tough to know where to begin even when it comes to basic SEO essentials. She also says what makes things worse or makes things even more difficult is that you can’t just start anywhere and chip away at your work. If you want to see the most success, it’s important to prioritize the SEO tasks correctly. She’s right. I totally cosign that, you must have a fair understanding of exactly what your SEO and online marketing landscape looks like before you begin. Do you need to start with content, do you need to start with links, do you need to start from scratch, where do you need to start at? And you don’t know that until you fall back and assess the whole situation. So I totally agree, let’s get into the priorities. Number 1.


Chris:                  1.


Chuck:                She says identify and remove duplicate content. She goes on to say it’s confusing for Google bots so you won’t get any good visibility, and even if readers did somehow make it to your website, duplicate content is seen as spammy. So she’s right, right? Get rid of duplicate content, it’s definitely a must. Frankly, that was our most recent Algorithm Cataclysm, Panda is part of the core, so duplicate content is getting fished out and filtered more frequently.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                Fished out and filtered more frequently, that was kind of cool. So definitely, want to remove any duplicate content you have. She says identify and remove it. I’ll say this, dup content sucks. So if dup content is still part of your practice, then you probably suck too. Get rid of it, don’t do it, and you’re just a great example of Panda bait, it’s what I call duplicate content. So get rid of it. Number 2.


Chris:                  2.


Chuck:                She says check navigation and UX factors. UX factors, that’s your user experience factors, how people actually engage with your site. She says if you send people to a website that is confusing, that’s far too easy to click away. She’s right. At the end of the day, make your site very user friendly, easy to find, easy to navigate, easy to search for content, easy to find products, easy to subscribe, easy to call, easy to download, easy to  read, easy to read on a mobile device, easy to share content, easy to follow. The point is, make it easy, regardless of what the action is that you want people to do, make that action easy. Number 3.


Chris:                  3.


Chuck:                She says make sure you have responsive design. She goes on to say, in the past, this may not have been such a priority, but mobile compatibility is crucial. She’s right. Make sure you have responsive design. I’ll take it a step further, right? This will probably be out pro-tip. Make sure that the mobile experience is optimized, right?


Chris:                  Right, not just responsive.


Chuck:                Not just responsive because you can have a responsive design that just sucks.


Chris:                  It’s just crap in mobile. It may look great on a workstation and crap in mobile, and you also don’t want the reverse, you don’t want it to look great on mobile and crappy on a workstation.


Chuck:                Exactly. You must understand your analytics and know what type of traffic you get. Then take the extra step to optimize that mobile experience, what does that mean? Understand what your call to action is, maybe you want people to call, then maybe the first thing they should see is the phone number and it should be linked so they can tap to call. Or maybe you want people to subscribe to a newsletter first, then some of the first things they should see should be easy subscription lists with sign-up buttons and things like that. Or maybe you want them to buy or whatever it is, understand how they get to that action from a mobile device, and then design your mobile layout in a way that accommodates that. Optimize your mobile experience, and more than just focusing on responsive design. Number 4.


Chris:                  4.


Chuck:                Number 4, she say set up Google Analytics and webmaster tools. I probably would have done that first frankly. But I would say definitely set that up and I’ll also include Bing webmaster tools and get that in there also. What we kind of realized here is it just kind of makes sense to doing both at the same time.


Chris:                  Yeah, similar tasks, similar mindsets.


Chuck:                Similar processes, go in the Google webmaster tools, sign up, get your code, put it in there, or sync it up with your analytics is what we tend to do. Same thing with Bing, add up Bing webmaster tools, log in, get your code, add it in your meta, verify. Go ahead and submit your site net while you’re there. Those are some priorities that you’d really want to do pretty early in the game. Number 5.


Chris:                  5.


Chuck:                She says make sure you’re being indexed, great one. A lot of people build sites and they don’t get indexed, I think the core here is not to necessarily make sure you’re being indexed, I think what she’s really saying is set up your site maps and check your robots file, right. So you want to make sure that you have all your pages on an XML site map that you can submit to Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools, same site map, submit them to the same places and that way, you can ensure that they have an accurate site map for you and they will likely index your site a lot faster. Secondly, just double check that robots file, make sure you don’t have a whole bunch of crap in there.


Chris:                  Sometimes plug-ins do —


Chuck:                …add stuff to your robots file. So you want to do that, you want to make sure that you’re not blocking anything. Like I don’t know, I saw one guy who actually was blocking his whole site but he was intending just to block his WP includes, and he was just blocking everything. So yeah, don’t do that. So check your site maps and your robots and make sure you’ve been indexed.


Chris:                  So check every now and then because maybe last month, you were indexed, this is why we saw all the green stars, and this month, for some reason you’re not indexed, I think in this case it was an old site map file that got discontinued and so, we hadn’t updated the newest site map file. So check those things from time to time.


Chuck:                In certain cases, maybe you were using a vendor, or you’re using a third party to provide a certain service and this specific case, we had a Spanish version added to the site, and that vendor changed the site map, and unfortunately, only the Spanish one was included, the English one was not, and therefore those pages dropped out in the index.


Chris:                  Problem.


Chuck:                Problem, exactly. And we were able to find it.


Chris:   Make sure you’re indexed.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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