#SEOPodcast290 – 20 Useful Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using – part 2

20 Useful Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using

Could you benefit from 20 Useful Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using? Listen in as Chris and Charles talk about 20 useful content marketing tips you might not be using in #SEOPodcast290 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:             The last thing I have is beware. I got to do some SearchEngineJournal also. Beware of the new owner, Google Search Console Verifications. I’ve been seeing those, and there’s a lot that do come out of the new hired, doing for SEOs. He’s re-verifying some stuff.


But if you get those and you didn’t change your metatags or go with Search Console to get your website re-verified, then go and check and see who did, because you might need to change it. What’s happening is hacked sites. People are hacking and getting verified. They’re getting control, and that way, they can un-verify you so you don’t even get anymore messages. More importantly, then can upload their own site maps and all these backspamming pages and everything else.


Chris:               Through your webmaster tool?


Chuck:             Through your webmaster tool. Yeah. If you see those emails, the key is to act quickly. When you see it, “Hey…”


Chris:               “That’s some bullshit.”




Chuck:             Go on and address that, and address it fast, if indeed you didn’t do it.


Chris:               Cool. All right.


Chuck:             Not really cool, but cool information. It sucks, though.


Chris:               That’s always interesting to see the creativity of thieves when they are and spammers when they are. They’re some really creative people, and they’re the really dumb ones also who end up on the TV show, America’s Stupidest Criminals or whatever it is.


Hey, you noticed, no tear tattoo? I’m about to put a negative one, because we got three reviews this time. I don’t even know what their name is. That means the rest of my face is tattooed, and I have one white tear.


Chuck:             You don’t need a negative tattoo. You look like my guy, PyRexx.


Chris:               I don’t know PyRexx.


Chuck:             He was a great, great rapper. He does Christian rap. Smart dude. Super tatted.


Chris:               Supper tatted.


Chuck:             Yeah.


Chris:               All right. This first one, this first review is from John Colston, and it is five stars. Wow, that was really cracky.


Chuck:             That would be like the little dove things [0:11:04] [Indiscernible].


Chris:               “If you manage the SEO for a website, then this is the podcast for you. Information is current and easy to understand. I am constantly making notes and applying the concepts to my site.” Punch in the face, Mr. Colston. That’s awesome.


Next. Ooh, this is a name I’m going to try. It’s Kristin Gudmundsdottir.


Chuck:             German, apparently.


Chris:               It is five stars. “Hi, guys.” I was thinking like “high five” or whatever. “Hi, guys. I find you awesome and fun, and I always learn a lot. Thanks for doing this, and keep up the super good work. I have a question for you. Where can I ask it? Best, Kristin.


I hit her back and let her know that she could either put it on the wall on Facebook, go to our G Plus page, send us an email, tweet it to us.


Chuck:             Make an Instagram meme and tag us.


Chris:               All of those.


Chuck:             However you want to do it.


Chris:               All of those.


Chuck:             You call us.


Chris:               Yeah. Oh, and the phone number – 713-592-6724.


Chuck:             But we’ll pitch you if you call us, though.


Chris:               Yeah. We’ve got to be honest. That’s going to happen. And she’s long distance, so don’t call at 2:00 in the morning here. We won’t answer, probably. I’m sorry for butchering your name.


Finally, we’ve got an iTunes review. This one is also five stars. It says “Best SEO podcast.” That’s the title. It’s by Spitzerphoto. “These guys know how to make a sometimes dry topic into an entertaining and informative podcast. As a photographer and web designer, I greatly rely on driving traffic to my site. The tips that I learn from EWebStyle” – that’s got to be updated to eWebResults – “are invaluable and have helped me secure the top slot on page one of Google for local search terms organically without paying for ads. Keep up the great work.” Punch in the face to you, Mr. Spitzerphoto.


Chuck:             Bravo, man. Tweet us a link to your site, dude. I’d like to check it out.


Chris:               Yeah. Absolutely. Very cool. All right, well, that’s the reviews. I think you’ve got a little bit of something. Yeah.


Chuck:             I’ve got a couple punches in the face I want to give. This punch in the face goes to Teddy Bryce. Me and her had an interesting exchange on Twitter. She says “@EWebStyle, this is Teddy Bryce.” She is @callmeteddyb. She says “@EWebStyle, you two are hilarious. @Chuck reminds me of Shelly from Undateable.”


Then I hit her back. I was like “@callmeteddyb, so I remind you of a girl? I never heard of Undateable.”


She hit me back. She says “No, Shelly’s a guy, and Undateable’s a great show.” Appreciate you, I think.


Chris:               It would have been better “Shelly’s a great guy, and Undateable’s a show.” But you did do “Shelly is a guy, and Undateable’s a great show.”


Chuck:             I think so. Yeah.


Chris:               Did you even bother to Google it? You were too busy this morning, right?


Chuck:             No. I just was like “I’m not sure if I really want to know who Shelly is.” I might be better not knowing.


Chris:               Hit us back. Let us know if he should do further investigation. Is it the case that he’s the crappy guy on the great show, or is he a good guy –”


Chuck:             On a crappy show?


Chris:               Yeah, something like that.


Chuck:             I’m going to go with great guy on a great show.


Chris:               Yeah. That’s better, yeah.


Chuck:             I’m going to go with that.


Chris:               Always go with the positive. All right, that is the potatoes over podcast. Time to get into the meat.


Chuck:             Like I said, this is part two from NCO podcast 289. On 290, it was Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using Yet. That was our second title. It’s actually 20 useful content marketing tips you might not be using but you should. Let’s pick back up at number 11.




Number 11, she says “Upload visual content to SlideShare.” This is a great tip, Julia. A lot of people aren’t even aware of SlideShare. Most people make presentations and things like that. They are fully aware of SlideShare, that you can go on and upload your deck so people can look at them. But she also says “Users can share, link, and reshare your content to other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, and G Plus, which ultimately means more traffic for you.”


She’s definitely right. Not only can they do that on SlideShare, any hotlinks that you have in your decks become hotlinks on SlideShare. This is a great place for you to create links back to your site. If people tend to share these like she suggested they will, then your links will be shared, and there’s some value in that.


Definitely, if you are making presentations and doing things like that, upload them to SlideShare and include some links.


Number twelve, she said “Join and use Pinterest.” She goes on to say “Create some great articles, link them with infographics or visuals, and post them to boards related to your niche.” Uhm, duh. I’ll say this. First off, great tip, but she’s right.


Pinterest is one of those networks that’s grown. It’s not growing as fast as let’s say Twitter or Instagram.


Chris:               Very organic.


Chuck:             But it’s very organic. It’s very hands-on. The people who use Pinterest use Pinterest.


Chris:               They love it.


Chuck:             They love it. You can have as many boards as you want, and these boards can target several things. I would encourage you to use it if you’re going to use it. If you’re going to set it up and don’t use it, then it may have an adverse effect.


Chris:               See rule number one.


Chuck:             Exactly.


Chris:               Which is “Be social.”


Chuck:             Be social. Use it. She’s absolutely right. Create pins, create infographics, create visuals based off of, I don’t know, your products, your service, and then pin them to the boards that are more relevant to what you offer. That way, you will get some feedback and some traction from it.


Chris:               Great tip.


Chuck:             Number 13, she says “Recycle content.”


Chris:               She didn’t say “Spin content.”


Chuck:             She didn’t say “spin”, she said “recycle”. It’s totally different. She says “By learning to recycle great content in new ways, you save yourself from the burden of having to create great new content constantly without sacrificing. Recycling content.


This podcast will be recycled.


Chris:               Yup.


Chuck:             Matter of fact, anybody who listens right now, if you want to go back and catch something, the audio and the transcription of this will be available on our website. That’s twice recycled. It’s going on live right now. Then, it’s going to go to YouTube. Recycled again.


Recycle your content. You can reuse it, especially if it’s good content. Just saying.


Chris:               Like this podcast.


Chuck:             Like this podcast. Exactly.


Number 14 – speaking of content – she says “Aim for evergreen content.” I remember what evergreen content is. That’s the content that really doesn’t get old. It always has value. Things like how-tos and tips and things like that, right?


Matter of fact, she says “Evergreen content is an important marketing tool that remains relevant no matter when it is published.” She also says “By aiming to create evergreen content, you set yourself up for highly shareable content and backlinks that persist far beyond when an article was written.”


How many times have you read a post, and it was still relevant, and when you looked at the date, it was like “Man, that’s 2013.”


Chris:               Yeah. It was a long time ago.


Chuck:             Long time ago. Exactly. Evergreen content. I will say this. When possible – and it should be possible, because it’s your site and it’s your content – make sure that evergreen content is focused on your niche. The easiest way to make evergreen content remain evergreen – meaning it won’t get outdated – there has to be something you have total control over, so that way it can always remain up to date.


When you come up with that content, come up with things that people need, things that people ask maybe reference our tip that we started with today, getting that type of information and that feedback back from your team, from your technicians. It’s a great way to come up with evergreen content.


Number fifteen, she says “Optimize your social media.” She’s talking about how you content marketing. She says “Optimize your social media.” Man, why are you talking about social media? We’re talking content. She says “By optimizing your content marketing pieces for social media platforms” – so just Facebook and Twitter – “you increase your chances of being shared and passed around on the internet.”


What does that mean, optimize your content for social usage? Well, she wants to make it social friendly. Whatever this blog post is, come up with the right hashtags, the right images, the right CTAs that will make your content more likely to be shared online.


Maybe this content features great images. Then you should really be optimizing for Facebook and Instagram, right? Image-heavy sites. Maybe this content has some good links that you really need people to click on. Then you should be optimizing for Twitter, right? Make your content in a way that it’s going to be easily shareable. Optimize your social media. Great tip, Julia.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura

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