5 Must-Do’s for Beginning an SEO Campaign – Best SEO Podcast 345

Best SEO Podcast 345 Tip

Do you need a strategy for SEO? Where do you begin? Chris and Charles have the answer in this week’s podcast! Listen in for tips on how to target the right audience, choose your keywords, and more!

This week in the Potatoes:

  • Vine died!  #RIPVINE
  • Keep rats out of your corn field – with frickin’ lasers!
  • Self-driving 18-wheelers delivering beer in Colorado
  • Be sure to catch the first ever PITF-eview, a live interview with long-time podcast listener Manny Oliverez!

This week’s article is “5 Targets to Set at the Beginning of an #SEO Campaign” by Timothy Carter, posted over at Search Engine Journal.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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