5 Must-Have Email Marketing Workflows – Best SEO Podcast 347

It’s all about the email! Chris and Charles talk about getting your email marketing workflows automated so you can spend more time getting stuff done, and less time on email!

In the Potatoes:

  • Algo Cat hits a 7 on the Richter Scale!
  • Snapchat spectacles
  • Black Friday deals starting…Monday?
  • Google axes Map Maker

This week’s article was posted on Search Engine Journal by Andrew Raso: “5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today“.

Author: eweb-admin

2016-1111 Podcast 347


Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:                  Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast, this is podcast number —


Chuck:                347.


Chris:                  347, as–


Chuck:                As in the one right before 348.


Chris:                  Yup and in the one right before this one there was actually a tip.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  And the tip from that podcast was, “Instead of choosing keywords, select keyword concepts.”


Chuck:                Look, everybody searches differently. The one keyword you come up with may not be the keyword people are looking for and when you think about semantic search and voice search and all of the other ways people are finding your site. Come up with concepts that are relevant to that keyword, you can cover all your bases.


Chris & Chuck: Boom.


Chris:                  Please remember, we are filmed live here in Houston, Texas and we are your friendly local neighborhood–


Chris & Chuck:  Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:                  And our mantra is–


Chuck:                Do not be a douche.


Chris:                  Do not be a douche. It is a bad look. We’ve got an article for you today that we are discussing.


Chuck:                Yeah this article came from a guy named Andrew Raso and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal, “5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today.” 5 email marketing workflows, right? So like drip campaigns and things like that.


Chris:                  Yup.


Chuck:                Automation is when we’re talking about email automation that you can build today, so we’ll get into that a little bit later.


Chris:                  That you should build today.


Chuck:                That you should build today.


Chris:                  That you should build today, absolutely. Hey if you’re in a position to– you have to kind of electronic device in front of you or in your hand even, tweet something. Chuck, what should they tweet?


Chuck:                You should tweet us at @eWebResults, @BestSEOPodcast. Use the hashtag, #SEOPodcast, this is number 347, that way we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  If this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast, howdy, welcome to the podcast. You’re gonna enjoy the show, this is called–


Chuck:                Glad to have you.


Chris:                  The potatoes of the podcast. We’re about to get into the meat. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know what we’re about to skip.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  Here’s how this works, If we get at least 10 shikos–


Chuck:                Shikos, that’s an eWeb branded term for social engagements. Stands for shares, likes, and follows. Shikos.


Chris:                  If we get 10 of those on any one of our profiles on the platforms that you might share, like, and follow us on, and we get a review, we don’t walk you through the process of how you can leave us a review.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  And we got–


Chuck:                Like literally trimming off about 7 minutes on the podcast. Well probably not that long, but it’s trimming off at least a little bit.


Chris:                  And you know, and you guys can figure out how to leave us a review. Please leave us a review ‘cause if we don’t get a review then we teach– you know we’re gonna go through that process. And yeah, we’ve got quite a few shikos and a good review, so we’ll get into that soon. We will tell you how you can shiko us though right?


Chuck:                Yes.


Chris:                  And so, there’s obviously all the platforms out there.


Chuck:                The myriad, was it the myriad, myri-ad.


Chris:                  Yeah, it’s myriad platforms.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  You can, I don’t know, Facebook.com/


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  Twitter.com/


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  YouTube.com/


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  Instagram.com/


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  And LinkedIn.company– .com/company/


Chuck:                Yeah, do that again.


Chris:                  LinkedIn– LinkedIn.company.com/ you said do it again!


Chuck:                Do it again.


Chris:                  LinkedIn.com/company/


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  All of those will take you to our profiles on those platforms and please shiko us appropriately there.


Chuck:                Thank you so much.


Chris:                  Yes. If you are a PHP genius or a WordPress guru, we’re probably–


Chris & Chuck: Looking for you.


Chris_                 Go ahead and call us and leave and audio résumé, 713-510-7846. If you’re looking for a free comprehensive website profit analysis, go ahead and go to our website, eWebResults.com


Chuck:                How do people even know if they need one of those? Ask yourself this question, does your website generate revenue?


Chris:                  Yup. And does it generate enough revenue.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  And could–


Chuck:                Would you like more revenue generated from your website?


Chris:                  Could it generate more revenue in– so we’ll get into all of those while we’re doing that free comprehensive website profit analysis. And it’s time for the favorite segment of the program–


Chris & Chuck:  The Algorithm Cataclysm! Pwoofshh!


Chris:                  Oh that was good.


Chuck:                Yeah, that was a good one. This is probably like, probably 7 point on the Richter scale.


Chris:                  Wow.


Chuck:                7 point on the Richter scale.


Chris:                  I should’ve enhanced the special effect.


Chuck:                So this one is the mobile focus Algo Cat this evening. So Google roll– remember we talked about this before. They talked about rolling out changing out their index where the index was gonna be really focused on mobile and not necessarily desktop related webpages.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                Well, that’s official and they’re rolling it out right now. Google is rolling out this new mobile first index. So this means Google is gonna create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of the content. Even for listings that are shown to desktop users.


Chris:                  Wow.


Chuck:                This is great news and if you’re a responsive site, meaning you have one site that works on mobile and desktop, then you’re really–


Chris:                  You’re good to go.


Chuck:                Yeah you’re really good, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re outdated and maybe you have a mobile version like an “m.” whatever your domain name is, that’s fine. That content will rank and it’ll get indexed. The problem is your desktop content won’t and so it’s going to be key that you make sure you have the same content in both places.


Chris:                  Yup.


Chuck:                Because you don’t want to miss your chances of being ranked.


Chris:                  Yup and that was the Algorithm Cataclysm.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  Pretty awesome. I’ve got a little bit of news. Just a couple neat things. Snapchat has spectacles, I don’t know if you saw those.


Chuck:                Yes.


Chris:                  They were fun and ugly.


Chuck:                Yeah, I knew they were gonna be ugly, but I knew it was coming.


Chris:                  Yeah?


Chuck:                Yeah, like wearables is the new thing and you know, with Google Glass they didn’t just make the–


Chris:                  Splash.


Chuck:                The splash that it should have that was because it didn’t have enough social focus. Snapchat has social focus, and so yeah, I get it.


Chris:                  It’s ‘cause– yeah, it’ll do much better. And then I just thought you know, Newegg’s Black Friday deals start November 21st. This is like, man–


Chuck:                Yeah, how do you start Black Friday deals before Black Friday?


Chris:                  Yeah. I just– ‘cause it will probably work, that’s why.


Chuck:                You ever used Map Maker on Google?


Chris:                  Map Maker. So, yes I think I have. I’ve used it to make the maps that show the more than 200 countries we’ve been downloaded in.


Chuck:                Okay so Map Maker–


Chris:                  No, more than 100 countries that we’ve been downloaded in, yeah.


Chuck:                Map Maker is going away. Map Maker’s going away and Google is really just getting rid of Map Maker, but what they’re doing is rolling all that functionality into Google My Business and so that way you can go in and still create your maps and now you can coordinate them with different businesses that you reference and things like that.


Chris:                  Interesting.


Chuck:                So, that was my news.


Chris:                  That is some news. Alright so we’ve got a– Oh yeah, I put that tip over there. So we do have a review. This review is by Language Fanatic and I think I found this in the Canada section of iTunes.


Chuck:                Canada.


Chris:                  Yeah and it says, the title is, “I’ve learned so much from this show,” and it is of course–


Chris & Chuck:  5 Stars.


Chris:                  This was submitted back in September, “I love being entertained and learning at the same time. This podcast is amazing, packed with useful information, great guests weighing in,” Must be a new listener, “and experts examining industry news articles–”


Chuck:                We had 1, you know what I’m saying? Oh we had 2. We had 2.


Chris:                  2 We got Manny joined us, and then yeah, Dane. And so we’ll be coming out with another one soon. Let’s see, “and experts examining industry news articles, and analysis that shows a whole lotta wisdom.”


Chuck:                I like lotta.


Chris:                  Lotta, me too.


Chuck:                Especially when they’re language fanatics.


Chris:                  Yeah, exactly.


Chuck:                I can dig it.


Chris:                  Fantastic punch in the face to you Mr. or Mrs. Language Fanatic. We appreciate you.


Chuck:                Yeah, we’ve got a whole lotta love for you.


Chris:                  Absolutely. And then you’ve got a couple tips or something.


Chuck:                I got some PITFs already. I got some punches in the face and actually one of them I believe is a question. So this punch in the face goes to Meg Dunlap, she hit us up on Twitter. She’s @megdunlap, she says, “@eWebResults Podcast Topic Request:”


Chris:                  Okay.


Chuck:                Right, she says, “An overview of all the algorithm updates over the years and how we’ve had to evolve our SEO strategies.” Meg I’m gonna work on that ‘cause I’ve been kinda keeping a running count of which algorithms are happening and the effects they’ve been having, but to just bring all of that together and put it in a podcast,


Chris:                  You know, I think a really good idea would be to throw something like that I don’t know, into a rap or something.


Chuck:                And there is one. There is one. When did that one come out? 2015? 2014?


Chris:                  Maybe late ‘14?


Chuck:                Yeah so, man that needs an update.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So, matter of fact, I’ll tweet you a link to that video. You can check out the one rap we did do and we’ll work with this cont–


Chris:                  What was the title of that?


Chuck:                It was called Algo Cataclysm. It was Algo– what was it?


Chris:                  Maybe just Algo Cat or–


Chuck:                Something like that, I’ll find it. It’s on YouTube, I’ll send it to you.


Chris:                  That’s the one where in the video you had the teacher and the student, yeah. Really cool.


Chuck:                Yeah. In our office. Another punch in the face. This one goes to Jordan, Jordan Stambaugh. He hit us up on Twitter @jstamby, he says, “@eWebResults hey, love your podcast. About dupe content, what do you think of this?” and then he posted a link to hobo-web.co.uk/ and they said there was no penalty for duplicate content. And I read the article, and he’s right. There is no penalty for duplicate content. The misconception is people associate the fact that you may loose ranking or that you may– results may not show as a penalty.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                And it’s not necessarily a penalty.


Chris:                  Technically a penalty.


Chuck:                It’s a demotion. It’s a demotion ‘cause you haven’t been penalized. They haven’t assigned your domain name and flagged it and done something to make you loose ranking.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                The algorithm just says, hey, this content is duplicate, and this is not the most relevant search result so let’s just bring it down a little bit lower. So you’re not being penalized at all by duplicate content. What you will be penalized for is thin content, scraped content, spun content. Those things will get you penalized, but duplicate content will not, you just may not rank as well for it. I hope that answers your question, Jordan.


Chris:                  In general stay away from it for that reason ‘cause it’s not gonna place well.


Chuck:                Exactly, it’s not gonna place well at all.


Chris:                  I think I’ve shared examples with a client where we actually went in, and this was a long time ago, where I actually went in and wrote software so that we could duplicate a page with the top 100 popular cities in the country. And that content, dupe content, the only change was the city, placed well and actually continued to place well until probably about a year ago, and I deleted it 2 years ago, so that’s just interesting. Yeah, but it placed well in smaller cities, so what happens is, if there’s no other relevant content for what they’re searching for, and in this case, in that area.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  Then your content can show up.


Chuck:                Even if it’s dupe.


Chris:                  Even if it’s dupe, ‘cause it’s the only relevant content that mentions that city name and in this case it was like hypnosis smoking, quit smoking or something like that. But you do that same tactic in a larger populous area like Houston or any of the major cities, you’re just not gonna survive ‘cause there’s–


Chuck:                And it’s just not gonna show, it’s gonna be on page 99 problems and ranking ain’t one. But if you are in a small town, yeah that duplicate content will likely rank first page ‘cause it’s the most relevant content for that search.


This last punch in the fact goes to Attaboydetailing. He hit us up on Twitter, @attaboydetail he says, “@eWebResults catching up backwards from podcast 345, entertaining and knowledgeable.”


Chris:                  Boom.


Chuck:                Boom.


Chris:                  Thank you.


Chuck:                Punch in the face to you, appreciate it.


Chris:                  Now, so I kinda have to ask this question ‘cause we have podcast listeners who’ve been actually in this room with us who listened on 3 speed. Please tell me when you say backwards, you’re not actually listening and processing, naw.


Chuck:                If you’re going backwards from 345 I can tell you now, stop at right around, what’s it? 280 or 180?


Chris:                  I thought it was 2– I think it’s– no it’s 180.


Chuck:                It was 180. I know.


Chris:                  Jeez man, we have been doing this a long time.


Chuck:                Yeah, once you get to about 181, stop. You don’t need to go back no further.


Chris:                  Yup. No reason to go back.


Chuck:                That’s my PITFs man.


Chris:                  Alright, so that is the potatoes of the podcast. It is time to get into the meat. Thank you sir.


Chuck:                So today’s article is from a guy named Andrew Raso and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal. He posted this article, “5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today.” Like right now, but right now. [00:12:38] [Indiscernible] And so it’s a pretty good article. I dug into it ‘cause we do a lot of email marketing and we’re always looking to automate things.


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                And so I was really interested in what he may have to say. So he starts off with some pretty cool stats about email marketing in general. He says, “In a survey of senior-level marketers, 74% of people said that automation for email saves time,” I would agree with that, I’d probably fall in that 74%. He also said, “68% believe it increases customer engagement,” I got proof on my computer of that. He also says, “58% list timely communication and more upselling opportunities,” and these are all the things that email automation can do for you, and I totally cosign it.


Dig this, “Email is nearly 40x better at customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined.” You know why is that? Because the inbox is the most visited place on the internet. I say this over and over again, as much as people spend time on Facebook, and Twitter, and YouTube, and Instagram, and Google searching and everything else, there’s nobody that spends more time in their inbox where their scrolling is deleting, it’s reading email, it’s alternating form your primary to your social to your promotion’s folder. Whatever your doing, you’re in your inbox, and that’s why there’s better acquisition, right?


Listen, “For every $1 spent on email marketing, it brings an average return of $38.” That’s pretty fair. That’s pretty fair, so he got a great list and great tips. So let’s get in to it. Matter of fact, he’s has one more kind of possibility, he says, “Workflows can be used for lead nurturing, customer appreciation, follow-up, upselling, customer support, advocacy, and more.” and he’s right, and one of the things Chris is a big huge component of, which is our whole company, is kinda following this motto. It’s all about transparency and communication and being upfront with clients. And email marketing, especially automated allows you to do so, allows you to keep in touch. It gives you an extra touch point, it’s a way to just stay top of mind with your leads and subscribers and clients.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                So take advantage of it. So he says 5 ways.


Chris:                  One!


Chuck:                Number 1, “The Sign-up Workflow,” right? And again we’re talking about 5 auto– marketing automat– “5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows.” So the first workflow is the sign-up workflow and he says the trigger is you know, “someone subscribes to your blog, your newsletter, or whatever.” Then he says, “About 96% of visitors who visit your website aren’t ready to buy. They need to be wooed.” Right and so you start up with the sign-up workflow, and we call it a lead capture. Right ‘cause we understand everyone who visits your site is not gonna pick up the phone and call depending on the type of industry you’re in, or how much your product is, or what your sales process looks like and frankly they may not want to schedule a consultation or an appointment either, but they will download a free guide or get on your email list, right?


Chris:                  Or subscribe to your newsletter.


Chuck:                Or subscribe to your newsletter or things like that. Follow your RSS feed or whatever that CTA is and that’s a good way to initiate this sing-up workflow. And so what you want to do is automate that.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Once they sign-up, automatically send them a thank you for signing up. They should automatically get whatever it is they’re downloading and then you need to have another series of automated follow ups all based around the sign-up that they did. That’s the best way to keep in contact and to continuously woo people who have kinda soft engaged with you. They haven’t taken a major engagement, right? But they are interested in some of the content you’re presenting.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So automate your conversations with them.


Chris:                  Number 2.


Chuck:                Number 2. He says, “The Usage Workflow.” Right, so different from the sign-up, this is actually the usage. He says the trigger for the usage workflow is “someone starts a free trial or demo, and creates a free account, or downloads your content.” Right? He says, This is an automated series known as lead nurturing and this can take an individual from “I’m just checking you out” to “I can’t live without this!” And so the key here is– this really works for services, right? So if you’re like a service provider then this type of usage workflow works really well. Maybe you want to tell people a drip about how to use the service, best practices for the service. Here’s other ways people have used it, here’s some examples of how we did things. And you automate this workflow throughout a series of emails from the point of them you know, starting this free trial. So imagine you offer something.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                On a 14-day trial period, a 21-day trial period, a 30-day trial period, whatever it is.


Chris:                  Let’s say it’s a CRM.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  ‘Cause we deal with that regularly.


Chuck:                We deal with them all the time. Then for that whole 30 days you may want to send out a message every 3 days. Bam! Bam, have you tried this? Bam, you need to do this. Bam, try this. Here, click this link for support. Bam, try this. Here’s a testimonial. You want to get that stuff in so– ‘cause you know how trials work.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                People wait ‘till the last day before the trial expires to finally demo the service and then they easily need an extension or they cancel, right? But if you can automate the workflow for people who have just started their trial, you got a higher likelihood of them continuing to use the service.


Chris:                  Yup. Three!


Chuck:                Number 3.


Chris:                  Almost said 2 again.


Chuck:                “The Conversion Workflow.” Right, so the first was the start-up the setup workflow, then there was the usage workflow, now he’s talking about the conversion workflow. He says the trigger for this workflow is, “someone purchased a product or a service,” and so that’s a good one. You got an e-commerce site, right? And these people are literally spending some time on the site and they’ve made a purchase, you want to start this conversion workflow. He says, “This workflow is based on the customer lifecycle because the funnel doesn’t end with the sale.” And he’s absolutely right. The best way to market to somebody is someone who’s already purchased from you.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                You already in their pockets, they’ve already committed to you, they’ve already engaged, they’ve already spent money. So start marketing to them automatically to upsale them, you may want to send them videos on how to use it or best practices, or maybe some demo videos of the product being in use, maybe a maintenance video on how to maintain the product and just all sorts of information that you can drip out automatically.


Chris:                  Protection service package.


Chuck:                All kinds of stuff. Maybe an upsale to a higher level product than the one that they just purchased.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                Right? You can do all kinds of stuff with the conversion workflow via email to people who’ve already purchased on your site. Take advantage, it really really works.


Chris:                  Four.


Chuck:                Number 4. I like this one, “Birthday or Anniversary Workflow.”


Chris:                  Oh yeah.


Chuck:                These are just hella effective.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                I get them all the time. Like, “hey Charles birthday’s coming up you know, free desert at Chilli’s.” Alright.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                We’re going to Chilli’s baby.


Chris:                  Yeah. It’s free.


Chuck:                And the meal is not free at all.


Chris:                  Speaking our language.


Chuck:                The dessert was free.


Chris:                  We gotta go drop 80 bucks for a free dessert.


Chuck:                On a free dessert.


Chris:                  It’s a scoop of Ice cream.


Chuck:                Exactly and let’s go do it ‘cause you sent it to me on my birthday.


Chris:                  It’s free!


Chuck:                And I know it was automated, but I appreciate it anyway.


Chris:                  There’s a part of you that feels like some little person at the company–


Chuck:                Took their time to schedule that and so I can dig it. Matter of fact he said the trigger is the special day. Right he says, “Capture customer birth dates, and record the date of like their first purchase,” which is another anniversary you can do, “Then, create a workflow that sends them a personal note.” He’s right and I’ll say these really really work, they’re a great way to get some personalized engagement with people and people tend to be in a good mood around that time of the month anyway and so that’s a great opportunity to get increased conversions or repeat business from people who’ve already engaged with you when you happened to message them on their special day. Take advantage of it.


Chris:                  Five.


Chuck:                Number 5 and this is his last one, “The Re-Engagement Workflow.”


Chris:                  Workflow, yeah.


Chuck:                Right so we talked setup workflow, we talked birthday, anniversary workflow, we talked conversion workflow, and now we’re at the engagement workflow and the trigger for this one is you know, “X number of days since someone’s last purchase, or website visit, or email click-through. So maybe you’re tracking the last time somebody purchased and then they haven’t purchased in a while, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days depending on what your product is, right? If this is a product that people usually buy repeatedly or need to restock frequently then yeah, you may want to send out these re-engagement workflow emails a lot more consistently, but if you understand that your product usually runs out in about 90 days, 120 days, then you want to set your re-engagement workflow for I don’t know, 75 days. Hit these people again automatically. You script it, you write your message, you set it and forget it.


Chris:                  And forget it, yeah.


Chuck:                And let it do the work for you. That’s the benefit of automation. Now, he’s got some general tips in here. Oh I added this to re-engagement workflow. What I’ve realized the re-engagement type newsletters work really really well with like re-marketing. We’re talking about re-engagement, so if you have that same product, that same service, that’s being displayed on like a re-marketing campaign through Google or some re-targeting campaign through Facebook. If you add a re-engagement workflow to support that, you’re gonna kill it.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                You’re gonna kill it. They will begin to see these adds, especially since we can kind of re-market to people through email. You will take total advantage of that situation. Do it. And he kinda closed with some general tips.


Chris:                  Alright so I wanna hear the general tips and then I’ve got 2 workflows that I consider absolutely important that we’ll get into, so.


Chuck:                So in his tips he says, “Personalized subject lines see a 26% higher open rate.” Yeah, and so when you’re doing that, make sure you do it right ‘cause I’ll tell you where to get the fastest close, or the fastest un-open or the fastest un-subscribe.


Chris:                  Delete and un-subscribe yeah.


Chuck:                “Hello customer,” or, “Hello customer name,” or, “Hello client name,” or even worse, brackets ‘cause you used brackets instead of the squigly and so —


Chris:                  Get it right, make sure you know your email tool.


Chuck:                And so it just says brackets “Hello [ ], bla bla bla.” Yeah that’ll get me to un-subscribe.


Chris:                  So, here’s the pro tip for that. Make sure you’re in your own list, all of your own lists.


Chuck:                Exactly, so when the email comes in you can test it and be aware of those things. Another tip he says, “Write with readability and scannability in mid, as many people just glance at content.” Shout out to Youst for making it possible. And in this last one he says, “Using a CTA button,” He’s been looking at our newsletter huh? “Using a CTA button instead of a link can improve your click-throughs by 28%.” We found that to be true.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                All of our newsletters include buttons instead of text links. Frankly we use buttons on landing pages because they just stand out more and people like to click buttons.


Chris:                  Yup.


Chuck:                Pro tip for y’all. So man, punch in the face to him.


Chris:                  Alright, so let me add 2 to this.


Chuck:                Yeah, let’s go.


Chris:                  Right, so one of them came up today in a meeting that we had with our client. They do pool service here in the Houston area, and this can apply to anyone. You know, a lot of our clients tend not to be the least expensive provider of the service that we’re supporting, that they’re offering and so they get calls from tire-kickers and I’m like–


Chuck:                That’s somebody that’s just price shopping, window shopping, just trying to find the lowest price.


Chris:                  I don’t want to go through your sales process, I don’t want somebody to come out, just tell me what the price is and before you tell them what the price is, get their name and phone number and email.


Chuck:                And email.


Chris:                  And then you put them into an automation campaign that says– ‘cause what we know about our client is that they may hire somebody–


Chuck:                The tire-kicker workflow.


Chris:                  Yeah exactly, exactly. They may hire somebody who’s less expensive.


Chuck:                The price-sensitive workflow. There you go.


Chris:                  There you go. They’ll hire somebody who’s less expensive and get the less expensive result, right?


Chuck:                Service.


Chris:                  And so in this case it’s a great example, send them emails that say: Hey do you really trust that guy in you yard? Do you like how they appeared? Did they wear the right clothes?


Chuck:                Have you got somebody yet? ‘Cause maybe they haven’t signed up with somebody yet. Are you still having this problem?


Chris:                  Yup and so that’s the– what do we call it?


Chuck:                That’s the tire-kicker workflow.


Chris:                  Price sensitive workflow.


Chuck:                There you go.


Chris:                  Either one, so that’s a good one. The other one that I use all the time, I’m constantly networking in the Houston area. You guys know I talk about UP Social Network. When I go to UP Social Network, I walk away with names and email addresses and they go into, we’ll call it, the “Networking” or the “I Met You Workflow,” right? So often you’ll go to– typically chamber of commerce or even be in a whatever, you may just flip a card and at somebody, you may just get a card how do yo turn that–


Chuck:                Or whatever conference you’re at, or anywhere where you’re meeting people and talking business, you tend to leave with business cards.


Chris:                  Right, right. So you come back to the office, you enter those business cards. If you had a conversation, you jot it down on the back of the card. If you didn’t then you need to have a drip campaign that’s associated with not having had a conversation.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  So I come back and enter, “Hey it was great to meet you at the UP Social Network event. I feel like I never have an opportunity– enough time to explain what I do, here’s what I do. Communication is so important to us here at eWebResults, I’m gonna have my website designer contact you within 24 hours.” Guess what happens? 24 hours later, Javier cal– sends them an email, “Hey, Chris asked me to give you a contact. Here’s what I do at the company, I’m gonna have Chuck contact you in 7 days.” 7 days later, Chuck has graciously written an email. I’ve had people write back on each of them, “Hey,” ‘cause I’m the reply tune–


Chuck:                Yeah ‘cause you’re a drip campaign.


Chris:                  “Hey Javier it’s great to meet you, I’m looking forward to meeting Chuck.” “Chuck it’s great to meet you, I’m looking forward to meeting Daniel.” So those campaigns turn very short brief, I call them card flips into–


Chuck:                Engagement.


Chris:                  Into 2 months of engagement and then of course, make sure those people make sure you got a system to get those people on your newsletter.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  If you’re not doing newsletter, call us. You should be doing a newsletter, it should be monthly or more, so.


Chuck:                Depending on what you offer they could be as quick as daily, especially if you’re in like retail or restaurant and you’re having all these kind of offers. Well definitely weekly if you’re exchanging coupons, but at the very least for all businesses, commercial, residential business, or B2B, or B2C. You should be doing something at least monthly.


Chris:                  Boom.


Chuck:                Man, so punch in the face to you Andrew Raso and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal. This article was “5 Email Marketing Automation Workflows to Build Today.” Hope y’all can dig that.


Chris:                  Great great stuff and I know that we have some What News.


Chuck:                Yes we do.


Chris:                  I don’t believe it! We have some Whaaat–


Chuck:                Where’s my– oh you got it. Thank you sir.


Chris:                  Whaaat


Chuck:                Neeeews. Yeah, so this What News is a– This What News goes to the Canadian Immigration–


Chris:                  Website.


Chuck:                Website. Yeah this What News goes to them. So you know, here in America we just had a huge election, so you know.


Chris:                  It didn’t turn out exactly as people were anticipating would be a fair–


Chuck:                Yeah I’ll say at least half the country, ‘cause half the country got exactly what they wanted.


Chris:                  Well we got hoping and anticipating.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  I think probably 70% were anticipating not this result.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  Even– whatever side they were on, right?


Chuck:                And so I’d as– percentage of people who didn’t want this result, President elect Trump would get to win in the polls, well Americans began consider leaving America and flocking to Canada and apparently as soon as he became clear he was gonna win, there was enough visits from America to the Canadian website to crash their site. I kinda think that’s awesome.


Chris:                  Yeah, like it’s getting weird and awesome and–


Chuck:                Weird but at the at the same time we all crashed their site.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                I mean the Canadian government had to look at that objectively like “man, they crashed our site, do we really want these people on our side of the border?”


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Yeah, so anyway that was What News to me.


Chris:                  Actually if anybody did actually decide to go to Canada and take up residence and ultimately become a citizen, send us a note, I’d love to hear kinda your story and what’s behind that. Kinda interesting.


Chuck:                Then I also wanted to do a brief moment of silence, it is Veteran’s Day.


Chris:                  Oh yeah.


Chuck:                And so for all of the people who served this great country, risked their lives for my freedom, for your freedom, for the freedoms of our country, thank you.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                We definitely appreciate your service.


Chris:                  Yeah also that one punch in the face to my dad, he was in the Air Force for 25 years or so thank you for your service.


Chuck:                Yup. That’s it, that’s all I got.


Chris:                  Alright so hey, if you like this podcast, we’re gonna ask–


Chuck:                Right, this podcast right here.


Chris:                  This one, the one you’re listening to


Chuck:                #SEOPodcast.


Chris:                  You could’ve been watching it, you actually could’ve been watching it live both on Facebook and on our webpage, eWebResults.com/SEOPodcast. If you liked this podcast please share it with 3 people.


Chuck:                Right now. You can share it, retweet it, like it, tag 3 people, post it, there’s plenty ways you can share it, but just do it right now. 3 of your favorite people who you think, preferably business owners if I can just get you some specific instructions, who you think can benefit from this content


Chris:                  Or other internet marketers that you know.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  So if you’re working with a company, maybe you’re thinking about making a change, 1) we’re available, and 2) go ahead and let them know, “hey I think you should be listening to this”.


Chuck:                To this podcast.


Chris:                  I know more than you because I listen to this podcast. Go ahead and do that and thank you very much. If you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet–


Chuck:                The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased profit and revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing, be it website–


Chuck:                Email marketing


Chris:                  SEO


Chuck:                Be it social media marketing, be it Search Engine Optimization. Pay-per-click management, website design. You name it.


Chris:                  All of that. Go ahead and send them to us. We have a referral program in place, you send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you. Remember I am part of a networking organization here in Houston, and we are going to go for a Guinness Book World Record


Chuck:                We are going to break it.


Chris:                  Yeah, so it’s interesting when I was– we were doing kinda the pitch video for it and Nolan, who’s my co-host on that, he was like, “we’re going to attempt” and my immediate reaction was “attempt?” and then he’s like well tech– and then I’m like, yeah technically it is an attempt until you do it right? And then he said “yes, so we’re gonna attempt” and literally I had to bite my tongue ‘cause I wanted to, “attempt? I don’t get it.” So it is gonna happen. We’re gonna–


Chuck:                Yeah, we’re gonna break this thing.


Chris:                  A world record for the most interviews in a– TV interviews in a 24-hour period. That is gonna happen here in Houston. We are looking for people to Skype in so if you’re not here in Houston, there is a potential to get in and join in on the action and really most importantly have your business associated with the World Record breaking stream.


Chuck:                Guinness World– like this is not just the local World Record–


Chris:                  We didn’t just go like “hey,”


Chuck:                Is there such thing as a local–? This is Guinness Book. This is the real deal.


Chris:                  Yeah, the real thing. So there is a Kickstarter program, it has 70 hours left so those of you guys who are connected with Facebook Live go check it out. All you need to do is Google “Kickstarter, UP Social Network”. You can check it out, go ahead and contribute there, don’t–


Chuck:                Appreciate it.


Chris:                  Contribute or appreciate it. Don’t worry they don’t take any money unless we hit our target. We know we might not be hitting that target but go ahead and contribute anyway ‘cause we’ll reach out to you. We’ve already got the funding via other methods and so we’ll reach out to you. That’s the best way to contact and say hey, you’re interested in doing it.


When you do contribute either through Kickstarter, which may not happen, or directly through us when we take that offline. When that happens you’re gonna get a copy of the video with– so everything you– is listed in the Kickstarter, you’ll get it. And we’ll start announcing this a little bit more, you can just participate, right? You won’t get a video, you will be part of the stream, the stream will be out there for you know, perpetuity, but if you want a video and really start–


Chuck:                Yeah you want a video and get the benefits of UP Social, get it boosted, get it shared, get it included in your content, get a copy to use on your website so you can brag that you helped us break the Guinness Book, then yeah, you need to support.


Chris:                  Think about it. Just how many people out there have actually been involved in getting a Guinness World Record. Boom. You could help us out and have your business associated with it.


Just so you know, we were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. The transcript, video, and audio of this podcast can be found on our website, eWebResults.com. You guys, y’all–


Chuck:                You you you and you, right there.


Chris:                  And we’re gonna say y’all even if you’re not a y’all speaker.


Chuck:                Yeah, you all, y’all.


Chris:                  Have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes.


Chuck:                Yous guys.


Chris:                  Thank you so much, we really appreciate it. If you’ve got any questions, send in a question–


Chuck:                Hit us up man @eWebResults on Twitter. Be glad to follow up with you.


Chris:                  Boom and until the next podcast, my name’s Chris Burres.


Chuck:                Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye bye for now.


Tip from Best SEO Podcast 347 – Create Automated Drip Responses for New Email Subscribers

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