6 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

6 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Do you 6 Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions? Chris and Charles tell the 6 tips to improve landing page conversions in #SEOPodcast 311 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chris:                  It’s pretty bad. That will be a debate for eternity. Do you give up privacy and certain rights for safety.


Chuck:                For security and safety.


Chris:                  I think Benjamin, it wasn’t Benjamin, I think there’s Jefferson that said “people willing to sacrifice rights for security deserve neither”, nor rights nor security.


Chuck:                Nor rights nor security. Interesting.


Chris:                  Yes, that was a good quote. Something like that, that was clearly a paraphrase because it was an old quote.


Chuck:                Yeah, that may have been from like Thomas Anjo [Phonetic]


Chris:                  Alright, so, you’ve got any news?


Chuck:                Thomas Jefferson are actually the same person, right?


Chris:                  Right. You got some?


Chuck:                I do have some news. So dig this, Google Translate is now available on over 100 languages.


Chris:                  Wow!


Chuck:                Yeah, they said Google announces today that it has updated its translate with 13 new languages, now offering languages between 103 language in total. They also said with the new languages, Google says Translate now covers 99% of languages used by the online population. That’s what’s up. I’m just curious on how accurate is it?


Chris:                  When I saw it I was like “and Google also announces the accuracy has increased to 100%, so now it’s 20.”


Chuck:                Exactly. Like that accuracy really needs some attention.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                And I got one of those too. So Microsoft introduces advertisers to the new Bing network. So you know, poor Yahoo. So basically, their search partnership is done, it’s no more Yahoo Bing Ad network, it’s only the Bing network and now they’re migrating everything over to the new Bing network. So if you’re running ads on Yahoo, those will continue to run for a limited time. You have to make some adjustments at some point, but at that point, you’ll probably just want to stop it.


Chris:                  Just turn it off. That’s it?


Chuck:                That’s it.


Chris:                  Alright. So I’ve got a couple of reviews. This one is on Stitcher and it is —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  It says “fun and accessible, adding value. I admit it. At first, I was skeptical, these guys just find an article from one of them major SEO websites and read it out, but they really add value.” So first off, we don’t just find an article.


Chuck:                We don’t just find an article. Like today’s, who is this by?


Chris:                  This is by Digi Don Draper [Phonetic]


Chuck:                Cool name.


Chris:                  Digi Don Draper [Phonetic]


Chuck:                Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] It’s a kind of cool name. So dig this, for today’s article, sponsored by The AdVenture Media Group, 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions. I went through 17 articles to get to this one, read all 17 of them, scrutinized all 17 of them to present this one.


Chris:                  Yeah, so you’re getting like the crème de la crème.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  It’s not just like “ah lets choose that article.” “But they really add value, they’re working on the cold face using the tips and advice from these articles with real clients and businesses, and they tell you what works and what doesn’t and why. I’m not familiar with the phrase cold face. I’m thinking cold miner, hard work, like digging in?


Chuck:                I’m just like cold face, I’m not sure what you mean either. I am working with the cold face.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Exactly! That’s all I work with, it’s cold face.


Chris:                  They also manage to have fun along the way which in the technical world of SEO if no bad thing in my book. Charles has his rapping mojo back. I don’t remember when you lost it.


Chuck:                Yeah, but I’ll take that.


Chris:                  So we’ve kind of gone in from just choosing articles to cold face to got my mojo back.


Chuck:                Got my mojo back, I kind of dig it.


Chris:                  You know what? Punch in the face to you. Digi Don Draper. [Phonetic]


Chuck:                For the name itself.


Chris:                  Next also, —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  This is by Ambiance design and it says a truly informative podcast for startups and for really any business that wants to utilize the internet to promote their business. They are honest and upfront, no sugar coating, a little/lot cunny.


Chuck:                Like I’m a little cunny, he’s a lot cunny.


Chris:                  I’m cool with that, that’s how I grew up. “But they haven’t spent any money on cool yet, but that’s okay.”


Chuck:                So Ambiance design, I don’t know how to spend money on cool. I thought I was like default cool, like I wake up cool, I permeate cool.


Chris:                  You know what? You’re like Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] cool.


Chuck:                Exactly. It’s cold face cool.


Chris:                  By the way, AC is on and we pay money for cool.


Chuck:                So you pay for cool.


Chris:                  We are doing that, we have been spending anyway. Punch in the  face to you Ambiance design.


Chuck:                I appreciate you for tuning in and your support man!


Chris:                  And for leaving a star.


Chuck:                Hopefully, the review came with a follow.


Chris:                  Yeah. This one is also —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  It says “great podcast, could be longer.”


Chuck:                Really? That’s a first. We’ve been trying to trim it down.


Chris:                  Yeah, and this was from Kevin Norene [Phonetic} It says I have returned to upping my SEO game.


Chuck:                Welcome back.


Chris:                  Welcome back. And I am glad to hear these familiar faces, very informative and really relevant.


Chuck:                That says voices.


Chris:                  Yeah, familiar voices.


Chuck:                You said faces.


Chris:                  Oh yeah, because it’s cold faces. Alright, “very familiar voices, very informative and relative.” I think that’s me, relatable.


Chuck:                I don’t know how you got faces.


Chris:                  There’s an “f” in the word before, and it ends in ‘s”, I don’t know. So that was our 3 “5 star” reviews for today, thank you very much. We are the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes.


Chuck:                And apparently, we do this in cold face, we permeate cool and it shouldn’t be long.


Chris:                  It shouldn’t be long, I like that. Alright, so that is the potatoes of our podcast, time to get into the meat.


Chuck:                So like I said, good punch in the face to The AdVenture Media Group. They posted this article 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates on Search Engine Journal. So let’s dig in. They start off by saying, however, you could be making a convincing argument to those already interested in your product or services, that you are the best option. So again, they’re talking about on the landing page itself, this argument that people who visit this page, why are they there. So, I believe he’s absolutely right. The purpose, the whole purpose of that landing page is to highlight your particular product or service, really exclusively from the other products and services that you may offer. So usually, when there is a landing page, it’s likely coming from a paid campaign or some other specific type of campaign but that landing page is usually striped down, right? Smaller menu, less distractions and so that way, when people land, you can be a little bit more specific, a little bit more focused on what your offer is and you have a higher chance to convert. So that’s exactly what he’s saying, that your page, that’s why people go to those pages. So your page should do that pretty effectively. So he gives us 6 tips. Number 1.


Chris:                  1.


Chuck:                They say brevity and clarity of the copy, right? We’re talking about your text on here, your content. Brevity and clarity of the copy. He says first off, website visitors don’t read, they scan through. He also says important text should be formatted in bullet points, short lists and colors, avoid long paragraphs in almost every instance and even avoid complete sentences when possible. Not quite sure about that, I wouldn’t promote grammar, but I get what he says. Shorter sentences is what I think he was leaning towards, but he’s right, people don’t read, they do scan. I do like a combination read, scan.


Chris:                  Yeah, like Cyborg thing. That’s like a cold face read.


Chuck:                Exactly, and that’s what I do, that’s what he does, and that’s what a bulk of people who find your content will do.


Chris:                  I’m probably the bigger reader in the office, right? No.


Chuck:                No. You’re not.


Chris:                  Daniel.


Chuck:                Yeah, Daniel reads, he’s a creative writer supposedly.


Chris:                  He’s like reading every word and analyzing them as he goes, like a writing Cyborg.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  And I’m probably next and still, I’m a skimmer.


Chuck:                Skimmer, that’s the word I was looking for.


Chris:                  Like where is the right piece of information. Is it here? Nope, move on.


Chuck:                And move on.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So what I would say is make it really easy to understand what this page is about, and more importantly, what the point is you’re trying to make on this page. So visitors shouldn’t struggle. They shouldn’t struggle to understand what it is that you offer and how to get it from you. So if reading this content, and in this content, you’ve got some bullet points about, I don’t know, maybe the features of your product or service, the advantages of using your product or service, the benefits of using that product or service, bulletize this, make it easy to find, maybe even supply some supporting graphics. The point here is making the brevity and the clarity of your copy easy to understand, easy to digest, so people can know exactly what it is they offer.


Chris:                  And use one phrase, like “never make your visitor work.”


Chuck:                Yeah, they shouldn’t struggle.


Chris:                  Struggle, that’s right.


Chuck:                Struggle is the word I use.


Chris:                  We get customers who will show us a website or I’m doing a website analysis, I’m on the phone with them, I’m like where’s your phone number. He’s like “well, it’s right at the contact button”, why are you making them click the contact button, it’s at the bottom of the page.


Chuck:                Why are you making them scroll, right?


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                So people shouldn’t have to struggle, I should just land on this page.


Chris:                  They shouldn’t have to struggle, they shouldn’t have to think.


Chuck:                Exactly, it’s supposed to be really, really easy. Number 2.


Chris:                  2.


Chuck:                He says understanding triggers, he says triggers are what we use to draw attention to an action that we make. So let’s be clear here, trigger is different from your call to action, okay? Your call to action may be, I don’t know, “get a free web analysis”, or “buy this pair of Jordans”, or “subscribe to my newsletter”, or whatever your call to action is. The trigger, what he’s talking about understanding is what makes people take that action, right? So for example, maybe you want to order some exclusive pair of Jordans, then that trigger is “limited availability.”


Chris:                  That’s the emotional trigger.


Chuck:                Exactly, the triggers are usually benefit from FOMO or stuff like that.


Chris:                  I can see their hairs standing on the back of your head when you hear limited.


Chuck:                Like limited? Like oh…


Chris:                  Okay, how limited?


Chuck:                Exactly. It’s limited like “limited, get now”, or limited where I call by boys at the store to put these to the side, or limited like too late limited. But the key is it triggered me to taking action, right? So maybe your action is subscribe, so you go “subscribe to my newsletter”, it will only take a minute. “Don’t miss another tip”, that’s a great one, or stay informed, right? Give people some sort trigger that really colorize the value of what your action is.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck: Make your landing page a little bit more effective. Number 3.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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