7 Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Ads

SEO Podcast 377 Algo Cat

Pay. Per. Click.  PPC advertising gets you in front of your audience instantly, with one caveat: you have to know how to use it effectively.  A simple mistake can cost you thousands, while a well-run campaign can make you millions.  PPC not only offers instant results, it is easy to track, works with other marketing, and provides all the data your heart desires.  Tune into SEO Podcast 377 and let Charles and Chris give you the 7 Reasons to Use Pay-Per-Click Ads.

In the Potatoes:

  • Mobile Algo Cat
  • Good Wi-Fi on Airplanes??
  • Uber’s employee “relations” policy
  • Get paid to use Bing

The article this week is “7 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising” by Corey Morris over at Search Engine Journal.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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