Determine Your Goals Before Writing Content

Determine Your Goals Before Writing Content

Do you Determine Your Goals Before Writing Content? Chris and Charles talk about how to determine your goals before writing content in #SEOPodcast 319 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2016-04-22 Podcast 319




Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate.


Chris:                  Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This is podcast number 319. That’s the one right there on the screen you can see behind us. If you’re listening to this by the way, you can actually watch the podcast, and you need to only go to e…–


Chuck:                Yeah. I’ve never been to, but if you go to, you can see all of our podcasts. Or you can go to, and you’ll see the archives, you’ll see the transcripts and you’ll see all of that good stuff.


Chris:                  Very cool. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast, and the tip is determine your goals and objectives before you start writing content.


Chuck:                Look, understand what it is you want to accomplish, who you’re trying to target and what you want them to do, then start writing, and that way, your writing can accomplish that.


Chris:                  SEO tip. Alright, please remember we are filmed live in Houston, Texas, and we are your friendly local neighborhood, —


Chris & Chuck:  …Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:                  And our mantra is —


Chuck:                … do not be a douche.


Chris:                  We’ve got some sort of good article.


Chuck:                We’ve got a great article man. Posted by Amanda Dodge and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal.


Chris:                  Punch in the face.


Chuck:                She posted the article, “6 Content Marketing Upgrades for Your Business.” So we’ll see what those 6 upgrades are, see if we can update your content marketing.


Chris:                  Excellent! Hey, if you have some sort of electrical device that allows you to tweet or interact.


Chuck:                Don’t have one with me right now.


Chris:                  This is a sample one, to interact with people.


Chuck:                Kind of the new galaxy, finally off the GS3.


Chris:                  And what should they do if they have one of those devices right now?


Chuck:                Well, first off, you should tweet us., right? We’re asking you to tweet us. Tweet us @eWebResults @BestSEOPodcast. Use the #SEOPodcast, and like I said, tag us in it. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  And if this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast, howdy, welcome to the podcast, we’re glad that you’re joining us.


Chuck:                Yeah, glad to have you. Feel comfy, have a seat.


Chris:                  Yeah, settle in. We’ve got a little bit of potatoes to get through, and then we’ll be getting into the meat. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, you’ll notice there is no tear tattoo, and we’ve got a boat load of follows, so awesome! On social media, some 755 new followers on BestSEOPodcast. Boom! So what that does mean is we won’t be telling you exactly how you can leave us a review.


Chuck:                How to review us, yeah.


Chris:                  If we don’t get more that 10 shikos.


Chuck:                Shares, likes, and follows.


Chris:                  Right. If we don’t get more than 10 on any one platform, and a review, then we would tell you exactly how to write a review. We may have to adjust that number here soon.


Chuck:                Yeah, to like 20.


Chris:                  Yeah. Although the 750 doesn’t really make much difference. What we will do though is teach you or tell you how to shiko us.


Chuck:                Yeah, and where to go.


Chris:                  Again, that’s a share, like or follow. There’s all sorts of ways to interact with us.–


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  All of those will get you to our profile page, and you can do the —


Chuck:                …shiko us.


Chris:                  At those pages. I don’t even know how to describe like, here, you do this.


Chuck:                Yeah, exactly. It’s going to be a share or like or follow. It’s going to be one of those.


Chris:                  Hey, if you’re a PHP genius or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you, give us a call, submit an audio résumé, 713-510-7846. If you are interested in a free, comprehensive website analysis.


Chuck:                Keyword: comprehensive.


Chris:                  Comprehensive. It usually starts with a phone call with somebody here at the office, just to make sure that the direction of that analysis is exactly right. That’s how comprehensive it is. And if you want one of those, just go to our website and you will find some there.


Chuck:                First thing you see, as soon as you land. Bam! It’s right there, it’s a green button that says “free website analysis”, click the button, sign up.


Chris:                  Done! Any Algo Cat today?


Chuck:                No Algo Cat today.


Chris:                  We do not have any Algorithm Cataclysm. So we do have a little bit of news.


Chuck:                Yeah, I’ve got some news too.


Chris:                  I pulled up a little bit of stuff, this is interesting. Opera, which is an internet browser.


Chuck:                Internet browser.


Chris:                  Said that they’re going to offer free VPNs when you’re browsing on Opera. So you get a virtual private network that’ll help you keep it secured, so that’s what that is.


Chuck:                That’s what’s up.


Chris:                  Uber has stopped doing surge pricing for the remainder of their trial in India.


Chuck:                What about in the US? How about in Houston specifically. Their surge pricing kind of sucks. I get it, I totally get it.


Chris:                  And more costly things that are substantially similar suck. Like I’m on board 100%, if it costs more and it’s pretty much the same crap that I got minutes ago or hours ago, that sucks. It is fundamentally supply and demand. There’s a lot of people who want Ubers right now, and their whole logic, their argument is that by charging more, that’s when more Ubers will drive.


Chuck:                Yeah, I get it, I know several people who drive for Uber and their biggest complaint was that they don’t make enough. So I get the price surging, especially for my comrades who drive, but it just sucks.


Chris:                  It just does.


Chuck:                When you’re used to paying $20 for a trip, and now they’re saying a trip costs you 44, I was like man!


Chris:                  What happened?


Chuck:                That wasn’t a price surge, that was a price double.


Chris:                  Double, yeah.


Chuck:                You know what I’m saying? That’s a little different.


Chris:                  And they’ve gotten a lot of flack, I think there’s even anti-gouging laws, right? So if there is a hurricane coming, you can’t triple of the price of your plywood, right? That’s just not…


Chuck:                So I thought it was a cool Uber idea, Uber Tow.


Chris:                  Uber Tow, So you’ve got your car and someone can Uber and tow it.


Chuck:                You just need a tow truck.


Chris:                  Got an Uber tow.


Chuck:                Ain’t no need to search and find those tow truck drivers or do a search for tow truck near me, just Uber it and the tow truck comes up.


Chris:                  That’s awesome, I like that idea.


Chuck:                Yeah. So like flat bed or just kind of like the XL or the car size situation. Anyway, Uber, you’re all going to have that one for free, and if y’all want to chuck a bone to your boy, I’ll surely appreciate it.


Chris:                  That will be great. Hey, and I also saw this, so they’re like keyboard pants.


Chuck:                Keyboard? Like user keyboard pants?


Chris:                  No, it’s got like a computer keyboard on your pants, and it’s Bluetooth, actual keyboard.


Chuck: So they tie into your Google glasses and you can see what you type in?

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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