Every Page Must Have a Goal

Every Page Must Have a Goal

When it comes to SEO, Every Page Must Have a Goal! Chris and Charles discuss why every page must have a goal in #SEOPodcast 314 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                In uniforms, because if my target is an adult, then the fact that they’re in uniform means something to me, it means a lot to me, it may not mean something to the millennial but to the home owner, and I’m letting you into the privacy of my home or in my attic, and I’m trusting you to do your job while I’m like not looking over your shoulder, show up in uniform.


Chris:                  Put the boots on.


Chuck:                Yeah, take clear of my floor, right? Just do that, that’s part of the visual appeal., especially if you display that on the site, right? They’re likely to click and call you. Number (4).


Chris:                  (4).


Chuck:                He says every page must have a goal, right? It must have a goal, so it must have purpose, it must have a message, it must have visual appeal, it also must have a goal.


Chris:                  We’ll call that a CTA.


Chuck:                No, he’s going to get to the CTAs later.


Chris:                  Oh they’re separate?


Chuck:                Yeah. He’s talking about just a goal. He said simply put, you need to know what you want the visitor to do next, right? So what is the goal for this page? Is your goal to provide information, is your goal to be viewed as an expert, is your goal to start the sales process, what is the goal of this page when people find it? Do I want them to just read it and leave, or do I want them to read it, engage, and take some other steps? And then, once you identify what that goal is, number (6) is every page must have a call to action.


Chris:                  Must have a call to action.


Chuck:                Yeah, he goes on to say, and finally, in order to drive visitors to that goal, he says whatever that is, every page must have an actual call to action, and he’s right. So again, if that goal was to provide information, then you should be using CTAs like read this, watch this, listen to this or whatever it is. If your goal is to start the sales process, then maybe your call to action is call today, schedule an appointment.


Chris:                  Get this whitepaper.


Chuck:                Download this whitepaper. Exactly. Read this case study, like those sort of call to actions should be in place to support your goals, to support the messaging, to support the visual appeal and support the overall purpose of the page.


Chris:                  Cool.


Chuck:                That was it. So lastly, he closes, he says go forth and create awesome landing pages. He says take the time to go through your site page by page if you have to and make sure each one works, each one truly works as a landing page, and look, I’ll end it like we started it, every page that you optimize has the opportunity to rank.


Chris:                  That’s your goal, it’s to turn it into a landing page.


Chuck:                The goal is for people to find it and click it.


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                And if that’s the goal, then that essentially is a landing page. So take the time and make sure that this page conveys the right message, that it has the right visuals, that it has the right media, that it has the right content, that it has the proper call to actions, that you highlight your USPs and you should have a pretty good converting page.


Chris:                  And here’s a good tip.


Chuck:                Oh-oh, pro-tip coming.


Chris:                  If you’re trying to figure out what to do, there are sites that have hundreds of pages, thousands of pages, if you’ve got a site that even has 10 or 20 pages, like which one do I do first, like where do I start? Google analytics will tell you which page gets the most traffic, it’s probably your home page, make sure that one’s well optimized from a conversion perspective, from a landing page perspective, and then find which one gets the next amount of traffic.


Chuck:                There’s 2 reports, go on to analytics, right? Right side, under “behavior”, and then when you get under “behavior”, you’re going to see some options like “behavior flow”, that’s a good one to look at, kind of see which pages people are clicking on per visit, and then you’ll see another one that just says “pages”, that’s just going to list your top pages in order of page views. Figure out which page is getting viewed the most, which page has the highest bounce rate. These are pages that likely, you should put your attention on first. So I’d say start there. Man, punch in the face to you Stoney G deGeyter, “How To Make Every  Page a Freakin’ Awesome Landing Page“, we pulled that from SEJ and yeah, we’ll post that link later.


Chris:                  Very cool. Do we have any “what”?


Chuck:                I do got some “what” news. This almost could have been cataclysm, but I saved it for “what” news.


Chris:                  Or was it “really” news?


Chuck:                It’s more of like “what” news.


Chris & Chuck:           What!


Chuck:                Okay, you cleared it up a little bit.


Chris:                  What’s your part? What!


Chuck:                …News. Here we go, so dig this, moment of silence. So we’ll get a moment of silence real quick. That moment of silence was for PageRank. PageRank is officially dead.


Chris:                  They’re saying dead, dead.


Chuck:                Google is removing access to the PageRank tool. So the cosign of big hommie Donnie Danny Sullivan [Phonetic] he says good riddance. He said if you ever get a crappy email asking for links, blame PageRank. If you ever got a garbage comment full of link drops, blame PageRank. He said have you ever had to figure out how and why you should make use of a nofollow attribute on links, blame PageRank, and I totally agree. PageRank was one of those things that Google put in the algorithm to determine the value of links coming to a page and how valuable we should rank this page, but once they added that toolbar to internet explorer back in the day —


Chris:                  Everybody focused on it.


Chuck:                Everybody was like oh, —


Chris & Chuck: …PageRank.


Chuck:                Now we all till this day still get spam comments and link because of PageRank.


Chris:                  So here’s the interesting thing, because the same piece of news that we have earlier, which is related to the fact that you need to use nofollow when you’re opening stuff which Danny Sullivan rightly points out is related to PageRank. Google are saying PageRank is going away.


Chuck:                What that really says —


Chris:                  …you no longer have access to it.


Chuck:                Yeah, that’s what they said. They didn’t say it’s going away, they said we’re not going to share that information anymore.


Chris:                  At all.


Chuck:                You won’t know.


Chris:                  Remember it used to be updated all the time, and then they started updating it quarterly.


Chuck:                Then the last time it was updated was in October 2013.


Chris:                  Wow!


Chuck:                Then in October of 2014, they released a statement that said they’re about to update it and they never did.


Chris:                  Never did. Now they never will.


Chuck:                Because they don’t want us to learn that information. What that really means is that links are probably still more valuable than ever and they just don’t want us —


Chris:                  …to focus on spamming them and creating them the wrong way. Just the same thing that Mark Kurt [Phonetic] said, guest blog posting, you shouldn’t do it.


Chris & Chuck:  What!


Chris:                  No, that doesn’t make any sense.


Chuck:                So yeah, PageRank, if that’s part of your tactic, like going into SEOquake or using this toolbar or whatever to figure out what PageRank it, scrap that, because you’re not going to have that data anymore.


Chris:                  I think the de facto standard which is debatable now is Moz, right?


Chuck:                Uh-huh.


Chris:                  Alright. So hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.


Chuck:                The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. I almost said “0”.


Chuck:                713-592-6724.


Chris:                  Thank you. If you have a referral for us, that means somebody who’s interested in internet marketing.


Chuck:                I don’t know how you read and say the wrong thing.


Chris:                  You know what? I’m going to blame it on the…cheers to Laura.


Chuck:                Yeah, punch in the face to Karbach, local brewery. I got the blue one.


Chris:                  I got the Sympathy.


Chuck:                You’ve the sympathy, mine is Weisse Versa Wheat.


Chris:                  And so my Sympathy is because I can actually read things that I also know and say them wrong. So yeah, reach out to us. If you’ve got a referral, that’s somebody who needs any sort of internet marketing.


Chuck:                From website design, social.

Chris:                  From social media marketing, website, all the way down to the entire thing where we just take care of their entire internet marketing strategy and execution, you send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you.


Chuck:                Pretty easy.


Chris:                  We have a nice program for that. Finally, remember this was filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street (I’m not going to read it because I might get confused if I’m reading) Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. A transcript and video of this podcast are available on our website, you can also get the audio on our website eWebResults.com. This has been another fun-filled edition of our podcast 314, we are the Red Bull, that means you can actually safely drive your vehicle while listening to our SEO podcast.


Chuck:                I thought you were going to say we’ll give you wings.


Chris:                  We wouldn’t recommend that you listen to other SEO podcasts while you’re driving.


Chuck:                Yeah, just ours.


Chris:                  Or at all.


Chuck:                Yeah, just ours.


Chris:                  Thank you guys for making us the most popular internet marketing podcast in the known universe, it’s all of you all that happen. Thank you. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:                Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye-bye for now.

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