Google My Business Needs to Be Set Up

Google My Business Needs to Be Set Up

Did you know Google My Business Needs to Be Set Up? Chris and Charles talk about why Google my business needs to be set up in #SEOPodcast 296 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                It’s a must, it definitely must give you quick story. I took a call the other day, yesterday, from a client we have, an ecommerce client and so we were debating.

Chris:                  Just by the way, this is just worth explaining.

Chuck:                Yes, go ahead.

Chris:                  We’ve got a client who has an ecommerce site and had kind of a different approach from Day 1 to generating business and he actually didn’t want to have a phone number on his website. We are called eWebResults because all we care about is results, so we actually took, and it’s a brand new site, so it doesn’t have that much traffic so we weren’t worried about getting inundated with phone calls. We put our own phone number, our own tracking number and forwarded it to us, so that we can answer calls and get feedback from people on the site. It’s actually guided some of our actions on the website already. That’s just an example of things that we do for our clients and really, at the end of the day, we’ve proven to this particular client —

Chris & Chuck:  You must have a phone number.

Chuck:                Because we debated it, nobody’s going to call, I don’t want to have a number and we were like dude let’s try it, so he pushed back and so we fronted the cost and put the number and he’s been getting probably one (1) call everyday ever since we’ve done it. The call I took yesterday, she literally says “hey, I’m on the site” and she asked some questions about — I asked her if she was at a computer and then she says “I had to call you, my phone is my computer.

Chris:                  So she can’t get on the computer while she’s on the phone.

Chuck:                She says my phone is my computer, and I was like: wow! So in my mind, I literally thought this must be a Millenial I’m talking to and I thought of making those kinds of assessments. But the point I’m making is that your site must be mobile friendly, and so looking for – In our case it was, she was able to navigate and find some products and a some phone number and place a call. So yes, you want to make sure your site is mobile friendly. She gives some more stats, so we’re almost wrapped up. So we go off to “on-the-go” searches and this is pretty cool. She says Google’s search interest – near me has increased 34 times since 2011, an increase in near me searches 34 times in 2011. I think it’s clear to point out that all near me searcher are 90% voice searches, so this is a Tai restaurant near me, bus stop near me, movie theater near me, gas station near me, whatever that search is. It’s likely a voice search and there is an increase in those. So that means there’s even more of a reason why you need to have your information marked up schema.

Chris:                  Google my business needs to be set up.

Chuck:                Needs to be set up.

Chris:                  That’s right.

Chuck:                You need to have your hours of operation there because near me also includes time, anyone near me open right now?

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                Right, you need to have your hours and things like that set up.

Chris:                  Yes, I’ve actually got directions along the way and Google maps will come back and say they might be closed.

Chuck:                They might be closed, exactly.

Chris:                  And I’m like I know what I’m doing, let me go.

Chuck:                But the reason Google know that —

Chris:                  is because the hours are posted in Google my business.

Chuck:                Exactly, they have it set up. She also said 50% of Smartphone users look for local information while on the go. I do it, my wife will leave all the time hungry, going to eat somewhere, don’t know where, don’t really matter, just drive and then once we get to somewhere —

Chris:                  Restaurant area

Chuck:                Italian restaurant over here, near me. Frankly, so it’s a lot of people who do that.

Chris:                  I’ll say it, I’ve never done a near me search, I’ve never added near me because I usually just go into maps and then it automatically does near me.

Chuck:                I don’t near me when I’m voicing, I don’t near me typing but voice search I always do near me.

Chris:                  Makes sense.

Chuck:                But I’ll say closest or something like that.

Chris:                  So on your Galaxy, do you do like a double click, how does that work?

Chuck:                “Okay, Google, seafood restaurant near me” because I’m driving so I don’t even want to type. I’m usually one hand on the wheel, phone in my left hand.

Chris:                  Is that supposed to be like on all the time?

Chuck:                It’s automatically on.

Chris:                  Okay Google.

Chuck:                Well not from that screen.

Chris:                  Oh you have to be on, something like that.

Chuck:                I don’t know about GS3?

Chris:                  Yes, I know, it’s an old device, I’m just going to adjust it. So if I were here —

Chuck:                If I was on my phone, it will work right now.

Chris:                  Just directly to, okay.

Chuck:                Yes, just what you know.

Chris:                  I can hit like.

Chuck:                Oh you have a mic icon try it.

Chris:                  No, I don’t have it here but if I hit the mic icon.

Chuck:                It needs an upgrade but yes, I voice search it and it picks it up. She says that 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchase, 78%, that’s about right considering the previous example, seafood restaurant near me, I’m going, I’m on the way there —

Chris:                  I’m hungry.

Chuck:                I may even call to make reservations, like I will do this. Shoe stores near me because I’m going to purchase shoes, the only way I’m not going to purchase is if the food is nasty, the place isn’t clean, the reviews are bad or they don’t have my shoe size. So she’s right, 78% of local mobile searches typically result in an offline purchase. She also said having your business name, address and phone consistent across all local citations, not only improves SEO performance but also provides your prospects with information they are looking to call or visit or make a purchase. Great article, I’m going to add this to it, pro-tip. She’s right, you should have business name, address and phone information very consistent across your site, it should be marked up. I’ll take it a step further, link them; so not only have that phone number listed and its marked up schemer is identified as exactly what it is, link it so people can tap to call it, same thing with your address, link that address over to maybe Google maps page with that address, so that way, whatever device they own, if they tap it, they’re going to open up the map App give them directions on how to get there. Take that extra step, you should see an increase in convergence when you do that. Punch in the face to Tamera, great article. SEO 101, local SEO stats, you need to consider for your strategy, pretty good information.

Chris:                  Actually, I did see that you have little bit of blank stare.

Chuck:                I do have a little bit of blank stare

Chris:                  What?

Chuck:                It’s kind of blank. So first of, this is not a negative blank if you will, because I kind of appreciate somebody making a career change, especially if it is something they feel led to do but so, Dwayne Foster, that guy, he’s the head of Search and SEO over at Bing. So remember last year Bing fired him, they had a massive layover, now he was their go-to guy, he’s like the Matt Cutts of Google.

Chris:                  Yes.

Chuck:                He’s that guy —

Chris:                  The face of Bing, yes.

Chuck:                Yes, he’s that guy. So they had some massive layoffs and then they cut him, he got fired, and then 2 months later, they rehired him. Then now we’re at the 10 month mark, hadn’t been a full year since he was re-hired and he’s like I quit, I’m done.

Chris:                  He quit?

Chuck:                Yes, he quit. You won’t believe it. He says basically everything was moving too fast, he wants to scale back, get into some small business ownership and do something different.

Chris:                  Oh okay.

Chuck:                So what that really means is that he’s probably going to start his own SEO agency.

Chris:                  Or search engine.

Chuck:                Or search engine, exactly, and try to run it himself. So that’s my blank stare.

Chris:                  Interesting, I thought you were going to talk about one news item that I skipped was how a number of people that used to work with Elon Musk at Tesla are over at Apple and Elon Musk was very vocal in saying “if they can’t hack it with us, they go to Apple”.

Chuck:                That’s what’s up.

Chris:                  So I thought that was pretty cool.

Chuck:                That’s it.

Chris:                  Alright. So hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet —

Chuck:                The internet

Chris:                  Give us a call, you can reach us eWebResults at 713-592-6724. Remember, we are having a November special, that is free social media marketing with any one of our packages.

Chuck:                Free social, take advantage of it, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram , consistent post, hashtagging (#), social graphics like the whole line, take that off your plate and this might hang up for you.

Chris:                  Don’t worry about that anymore and if you get one of the packages that has social media in it, you will get a $250 discount per month. So go ahead and call us and take advantage of that. Anything else? Hey if you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing, you send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you. We have a structured referral program in place. We were filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street, suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Chuck:                Charles Lewis.

Chris:                  Bye-bye for now.

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