Including Negative Keywords in Campaigns for Value

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Including Negative Keywords in Campaigns for Value

  Chris Burres: Hi and welcome to the SEO podcast – Unknown secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-webstyle. Charles Lewis: I am Charles Lewis your internet marketing specialist. Chris Burres: Thank you guys for tuning in. This is podcast 180. Charles Lewis: Man, that [0:00:16] [Inaudible] Chris Burres: Synchronicity. It has only taken us a hundred times to say the number together. [Laughter] Charles Lewis: 178 or 179 times. Chris Burres: Yes, exactly. Then we get it right. Let’s just start off with this; please remember we are your friendly local neighborhood Top Position Snatchers. Our mantra is Charles Lewis: “Don’t be a douche.” Chris Burres: If you can make sure that you tweet right now, big C will tell you what to do. Charles Lewis: @seopodcast this is number 180 make sure you tag us at ewebstyle. That way we can link up, follow you, you follow us we can network and link with you. Chris Burres: Remember there are many ways you can stock us, haunt us and maybe even fool us depending on how you approach it. [Laughter] Charles Lewis: ewebstyle Chris Burres: Charles Lewis: ewebstyle Chris Burres: Charles Lewis: ewebstyle Chris Burres: You can do us a very simple favor. All it takes is three steps or even just one step. We’ll go with one the second thing. Go on to iTunes, create an account, write a review. We would really appreciate that. Only do that if you get a little bit of value out of this podcast or if you have some constructive criticism. We’d really love that. Charles Lewis: If you want to ask a question or if you have some information we may not be aware of or need to know then yes, feel free to hit us up and present it to us. We’d be glad to talk about it. Chris Burres: Also you can write a review at our g+ account. The easiest way to get to our g+ account is to go to Charles Lewis: g+ Chris Burres: And Charles Lewis: g plus Chris Burres: and Charles Lewis: g + Chris Burres: And there’s one more Charles Lewis: g—I forgot plus one. Chris Burres: Google. Charles Lewis: Yes. [Laughter] I forgot the google plus. All four of those will take you to our g+ page where you can leave us review. Chris Burres: I’m going to keep blowing through this first Gino time limit. We do have a referral program. Go ahead and check our website at the bottom. There is a link to our referral program. If you are a [0:02:14] [Inaudible] and you are having a challenge with a client send them our direction. You can still get paid. Remember you can always get a website analysis. We do another podcast. It’s an actual video podcast on iTunes. It’s the Unknown Secrets of SEVO Website Analysis. S E V O stands for Search Engine Visitor Optimization; what do you do with a visitor after they arrive from the search engines. Charles Lewis: That podcast is really focused on helping you to get conversions. This podcast really helps you to get traffic and get placement ranking. More importantly what happens after the click, how do you make your money. That’s what this podcast is about. Chris Burres: Tip from last podcast – I just had a brain shutdown and restart, thankfully. [Laughter] [Cross-talk] Chris Burres: Tip from last podcast is: on a PPC campaign make sure to use negative keywords to get the most bang for your buck. Charles Lewis: Definitely. If you’re running an Adwords campaign or a Bing campaign if you’re paying for clicks then make sure you take advantage of using negative keywords. There are some keywords you don’t want to rank for. Chris Burres: Typically, fiy. Charles Lewis: DIY Do It Yourself, free. They are all terms that you don’t want to be shown for. Make sure you take advantage of those usually at the campaign level. Chris Burres: Good tip. Also if you need more PPC tips go back and listen to podcast number 179. That’s probably a better tip but we like to have a tip. News from today that I read today may have been sometime this week. Apple overtakes Samsung on device sales. Charles Lewis: Did I see that? Okay, I did see that. Chris Burres: Pretty interesting. Blackberry releases their newest touch Blackberry in the UK. Why in the UK? Charles Lewis: Because it’s probably not working here. [Laughter] Chris Burres: It’s the biggest Blackberry market it turns out in the world. So, it makes sense to release it there. Hey, new product get it out there. Android Key Lime Pie may be coming soon. I’m excited about that. It just sounds tasty. Temple Run 2, have you heard of this game? Charles Lewis: Yes, my kids play it. Chris Burres: Apparently a lot. It’s the most downloaded in the shortest amount of time
game ever. Charles Lewis: They got me playing fun run. Chris Burres: It’s stupid addictive. Charles Lewis: Yes, it’s stupid addictive to the point we’ve turned it into family time. Imagine I’m on my phone, my wife is on her phone the kids are on their tablets and we’re all playing with each other. Chris Burres: It’s a good game. All right. We mentioned Facebook. [0:05:00] We have some questions that were sent to us from Facebook. I’m going to start with this. It’s actually a review. We have the outline of it here. I don’t have a review on iTunes that I can read. I’m going to have to extract this although I could probably have found this one. This is from Bob Russell he’s found us on Facebook. “Just about halfway through the podcast and I’ve learned so much. You guys really have a good flow together. I’m the owner operator of a carpet cleaning business in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.” I don’t know why I say it that way. “Still optimizing my site with SEO by Yoast. Tell me how to juicy Backlinks.” How to get juice links, I think. “Let me know what you think so far.” was his website. That’s the one I showed you. The website is beautiful. Charles Lewis: Oh, that guy. Great site. A couple of things which will practically help your back links [0:05:50] [Inaudible]. Frankly, your site we didn’t do an official analysis yet. We will. But it’s not clear anywhere in your site that you do carpet cleaning. I thought the site looked great. The layout was cool, it was clean, navigation was easy to find but it wasn’t all clear identification that it was actually carpet cleaning until you began the reading. Chris Burres: Knowing that it’s carpet cleaning the website is perfect other than the fact that the website doesn’t jump out at you that it’s a carpet cleaning website. Great job. Charles Lewis: [0:06:24] [Inaudible] content in order to get juicy back links, juicy, right? You want something to add some value some link juice with it. Trade great content something [0:06:36] [Inaudible] maybe something entertaining, something that people would want to link to. That’s the right method to go. That’s what we would do. We try to put some content that we could share, that we could make social that we could possibly go viral with that, that people would want to link to.


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