#SEOPodcast293 – Increase Your Referral Traffic

Increase Your Referral Traffic

How do you Increase Your Referral Traffic? Chris and Charles tell you how to increase your referral traffic in #SEOPodcast293 on Podomatic and YouTube.




I say this, promote manufacturer content. Maybe you’re an AC company and you brought AC installations services and you primarily use Trane or Goodman or whatever your choice is, promote their content because they are likely blogging, they are likely posting articles, they’re likely posting case studies and things like that of their products that you sell. That’s great content that you can promote.


I would also say this and lastly when promoting other people’s work, use affiliate links if you can especially if it’s a product and you have the audacity to include those product in your post, why not get paid for it? Why not put an affiliate link to some Amazon or to their site or whatever affiliate program they have so that at the very least, since you’re promoting that product, if you happen to get it clicked, then you can get a little scratch forward as well.


Chris:               Get paid.


Chuck:             Exactly. Number three.


Chris:               Three!


Chuck:             Number three. He says, buy some traffic. He goes on as now, ironically, I like the fact they can highlight the flipside to buying traffic. He said the flipside to buying traffic is that you’re not earning it but actively building relationships in the community. He says, so the traffic is generally a little lower value and the engagement scores aren’t ideal, no deeper visits, what’s more once the budget runs out the traffic does too.


He’s mostly right on that. I will say sometimes you can get high value and high engagement from paid traffic as long as you’re doing it right. But for the most part, he’s right. Usually paid searches, people recognize their ads and they don’t engage as they would had it been organic. I would say this, it also depends on the type of paid traffic.


So we’re talking promoting content on your site and maybe you’re pushing blog posts or new services and things like that, then you might not want to go into Google AdWords center instead, you may want to do Facebook boosted post, you might want to do some promotive tweets, those are a lot cheaper in regards to promoting a blog post, right? Because you don’t want to create a huge budget just to promote a blog post.


You really don’t want to use a big budget when you’re promoting products or service but if you took the time to freshen that content, to write this long content post and it has value, you should boost it. You should promote it, Tweet it, so that way, you can gain some attraction, gain some mobility and begin to go viral for it.


Chris:               Viral stuff takes those for visitors, right?


Chuck:             Exactly.


So number four.


Chris:               Four!


Chuck:             Number four he says, “Go local.” He says, people enthusiastically share and distribute content that tells the city, town, state as tops or best or something even if the source is dubious. He’s write. People love their city.


Chris:               Yeah. Even if you’re in some bad city.


Chuck:             Exactly. That’s my bad city. If I see the name of [0:23:24] [Indiscernible] click the link and read the article and I’ll likely share it if I agree. So I would say this, before you just go local, take it a step further. I wrote participate in local then go local, right? So maybe you are a brick and mortar business, get with the local school, with the local church, with the local grocery store, see whatever events they’re having, how can you contribute? Can you donate? Can you sponsor? Can you assist? Can you volunteer?


Put your face in the place. Let them see you document how that event went then blog about it. Maybe on that blog post, you display pictures from that event, maybe you quote some of the people you’ve mentioned, maybe even link to some of the people who were there.


Now, that pot has some value because you’re not only talking about it, you actually participated in it and that weight has a lot more value than people who see that post will remember that and have a high likelihood of getting [0:24:15] [Indiscernible] especially if you’ve added those pictures and videos and things like that that you took from the event. So he’s right. Go local, but I would say participate local first, then go local.


Chris:               For more impact.


Chuck:             For more impact.


Chris:               Number five!


Chuck:             Number five. He says, recirculate older content. Good one, Ken.


Chris:               Did you say that already?


Chuck:             Yeah. Well, we talked about remixing it. But he was saying freshen up your position content. Now this is different, freshen it up is just updating it. Recirculating it is literally putting your back and you market a machine —


Chris:               [0:24:47] [Indiscernible]


Chuck:             Exactly and getting that whole content re-circling. He goes on to say, for content to recirculate, I recommend that you target anything that’s already been successful such as articles with high shares or high engagement such as pages for a visit and time spent on a page and usually a lot of comments.




He’s right. I would say this, before you just begin to circulate previous popular post that they had freshen up, let’s revisit step one. Update those posts, or whatever news, information this has so that way, you won’t get spammed.


Chris:               Even if that’s a section at the end that says updates or whatever.


Chuck:             Exactly or not even that, maybe there’s enough things that have happened that’s worth creating a complementary post beside that. You don’t necessarily have to re-share that one but you can create a spin off of it that has similar contents, similar discussion topics but newer information and then share that one and frankly tag all the people who commented you on that one saying, “Hey, look at this update.” That would be worth going to the comment section on that old post and adding another comment to link your new one.


Chris:               Or just add a line in the bottom of the old post.


Chuck:             But the reason I would add that comment is because everybody would comment there on the first one gets that notification that hey, there’s a new comment and this comment is from the publisher and then when I read it, it’ll say, “Hey, check out this new article I wrote.” They will likely go do it.


Number six.


Chris:               Six!


Chuck:             He says publish on popular topics. He says, one sure fire way to drive more qualified traffic to your site is to target popular topics, audiences have already demonstrated they want and value this type of information. We all do. If it’s popular I need to know. I need to know the latest basketball score, I need to know the latest thing that happened at the Oscars, I need to know what happened on reality TV, whatever’s popular we want to know, we’ve literally been trained to want to know. This microwave on demand industry has conditioned us to want to know immediately.


So he’s right. You should publish —


Chris:               [0:26:50] [Indiscernible] by the way.


Chuck:             But this industry has conditioned us to do that and so you should publish content on popular posts. I’ll say this though, but don’t just spin it. Don’t just take whatever’s popular and then repurpose it because everybody else is doing it because then, there’s no value for you. You have to update it. You have to add your spin to it. You have to give your take to it. Frankly, if you’re take is let’s say of an adverse opinion —


Chris:               Controversial.


Chuck:             Compared to all of the other posts, then even better because you would likely go viral faster. You’ll get more readers because there are more people who probably just as you who did post it and they can’t find anything about it online that has the same thought process.


Chris:               I think there’s one phrase that covers the other side of the audience that will continue to follow you and that’s haters going to hate.


Chuck:             Yeah. Hater’s going to hate and so be it because at the end of the day, as long as they hate —


Chris:               More traffic.


Chuck:             Exactly. They’re talking about that over there they’ll share your content hating on you. Read this, please link to it.


Chris:               Just like me, like me. I don’t care.


Chuck:             So publish popular topics.


The last one.


Chris:               Number seven!


Chuck:             Number seven. He says, amplify your referred visits. For my Google analytical people out there, he says, in many cases referral traffic can comprise a sizeable percentage of your visits as well as generate leads in traffic. He’s right. He’s absolutely right. Usually when you look at Google analytics, I realize that referral traffic tends to have a higher engagement. They spend more time on a site, they look at more pages, the bounce rate is lower, and they convert higher. Referral tracking.


Chris:               They came for a reason.


Chuck:             They came for a reason. So anytime, you can identify where your referral traffic is coming from. Dude you need to amplify that. Figure out where they’re coming from and then go back to those sites and see what you can do over there.


I don’t know, adding the comment I was referring to earlier or maybe retweeting the owner of that post, a writer of that post and say thank you for doing this or suggesting some sort of update or anything like that but anytime, you can increase the amount of referral traffic. You’d get the better.


That was it. So punch in the case for Ken. Seven Content Growth Hacks to Help Drive More Qualified Traffic. Punch in the face to you Ken Lyons.


Chris:               All right. Do we have any web news? Any wrap up?


Chuck:             I have some blank-stare news. I do have some blank-stare news.


Chris:               All right.


That was blank.


Chuck:             That’s blank. [0:29:27] [Indiscernible]. So this blank-stare goes to T-Mobile. So they got hacked. Fifteen million T-Mobile users, all the information got stolen. Credit card numbers — no, I’m sorry. That’s incorrect. There was no billing information but it was social —


Chris:               Social [0:29:45] [Indiscernible]


Chuck:             It was phone numbers, addresses, contact information, socials.


Chris:               Son of a bitch.


Chuck:             Luckily, it wasn’t billing information but come on, social is just I might want you to have my card number more than my social. I can dispute that.


Chris:               Yeah. I can cancel my card. I can’t cancel me.


Chuck:             My social. There’s a process. A long tedious hard process to get a new social. So come on T-Mobile. I want your job to be a little bit more careful.




Chris:               We’ve mentioned this before some clients were like, “Look, I got a website.” They’re in a niche market. They’re probably going to get 200-300 visits a month and like, “How do I know my site is protected?” I’m like, T-Mobile just got hacked. I can guarantee you very few things. I can just guarantee you that their internet security staff and budget is significantly higher than what you’re paying us. So we just do the fundamentals. We try and make sure that your high school hacker [0:30:46] [Indiscernible]


Chuck:             I wouldn’t even say that. I wouldn’t even say we’ll do the fundamentals because I think we do one thing that I haven’t seen nobody else do.


Chris:               It makes a difference.


Chuck:             [0:30:56] [Indiscernible] but we do one tactic that prevents your WordPress life from getting hacked. Real talk.


Chris:               Yup. It’s a really good tactic.


All right. Well, look if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet —


Chuck:             The internet.


Chris:               Call eWebResults for inquires, revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. We do consulting, we do search engine optimization, we do pay per click.


Chuck:             SEO, pay per click, custom website design, news edit management, social media marketing.


Chris:               We do stuff you’ve never even heard off. CSSR, you heard of that? Instant call back? You heard of that? Call us to find out what it is. We do have a referral program. So if you have an internet marketing customer, you send them to us they pay their bill, we pay you. So that’s pretty awesome.


Remember to tune in to upsociallive on Tuesday because we’ll be broadcasting in the follow up of the Microsoft announcement and remember we were filmed live at 5999 west 34 street suite 106 in Houston, Texas. A transcript and the video of this podcast are available on our website —


Chuck:             ewebresults.com


Chris:               ewebresults.com


Hey. Thank you, guys. We are the most popular SEO and internet marketing podcast on iTunes, on Stitcher, on the known planet that is because of you all. Thank you so much for tuning in and giving us reviews and asking questions and making us the most popular podcast. We really appreciate you. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:             Charles Lewis.


Chris:               Bye, bye for now.


[0:32:31]          End of Audio


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