Landing Pages Should Have One Go!

Landing Pages Should Have One Go!

Landing Pages Should Have One Go! Chris and Charles talk about why your landing pages should have one go in #SEOPodcast 299 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                         It’s people posting pictures of the things they did, and you’ve got some Instagram feed about that same event.


Chris:                  Pictures of the pizza.


Chuck:                         Pictures of the pizza, with the guy with the vodka doing the [0:18:18] [Indiscernible]


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         So social proof. That’s an interesting picture.


Chris:                  Drunk Text Teacher.


Chuck:                         Who eats pizza.


Chris:                  TTT


Chuck:                         For free. And so he’s probably a D.


Chris:                  Yeah, probably a dis-profile, a personality profile.


Chuck:                         So social proof, social proof is extremely necessary because we know what social proof does in this day and age. Social proof is like a pat on the back, social proof is like review, social proof is saying I co-sign this and you should too, social proof is that word of mouth.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         It’s what that is, it’s a digital word of mouth, social proof.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         That’s a good one right there, digital word of mouth, that social proof.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         But you need that social proof, and more importantly, you need them on the landing page. Again, we’re talking about this page that can make people to come to your event, buy your product or use your service. You need that value proposition, you need that hero shot or video, you need those lists of benefits, and now you need that social proof, right? So everyone can see that most people have co-signed it. Most importantly, you need to call to action. Number 5.


Chris:                  Boom!


Chuck:                         He says all landing pages should have (1) GO!


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         I totally agree. We’ve been in the practice now where we’ve literally been stripping out our landing pages, removing the ads, removing our secondary CTAs, making it really simple, really focused on 1 specific action. If it’s subscribe, then it’s subscribe; if it’s register today, then it’s register today; if it’s call now, it’s call now; if it’s download, it’s download. But it won’t be all of the above.


Chris:                  Call, register or subscribe or download.


Chuck:                         Not on the landing page. Now, you get to the home page, you may see call appear at the top, and at the side bar you may see register now, you get to the footer and you may see subscribe, but on the landing page, you will see one of those that we want to focus on and I agree with that. Matter of fact, I added KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, when you’re talking about your call to action but more than keeping it simple, you have to remember the tools, and give people those tools that’s going to be necessary for them to convert, what does that mean Chuck? What are those tools? So if your action is call, then tell them why they should call. Call and talk to a medical marijuana expert. Shout out to Dr. Potato our new client


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         Or maybe just a form, you know, register today and get half off blah blah blah or whatever it is. Or it’s register for this event and buy 1 get one free, whatever the tool is. If it’s a purchase, if maybe purchasing a product is your call to action, then, free shipping is the tool. Whatever your call to action is, get people to write tools on that landing page so they can convert.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         Too many times, I see too many pages where the call to action and no power behind that action, call now. Why? For what? I won’t call now.


Chris:                  Maybe I’ll call later.


Chuck:                         Yeah, why should I call now?


Chris:                  Maybe I think I’ll call later and I’ll forget.


Chuck:                         And I won’t. Give people a “why” with that action. Register now because limited seating is available.


Chris:                  VIP seating for the first 20.


Chuck:                         Or they would give the first 100 products, get 1 free. Include some phomo, give them some fear of missing out, or what’s the wiifm, what’s in It for me?


Chris:                  The wiifm.


Chuck:                You’ve got to highlight those things on that call to action.


Chris:                  I’m glad you came  up with that because you said what’s yours? I don’t know.


Chuck:                         That’s because you said it before, you came here earlier. So yeah, having a call to action. He kind of went into other things that I’ll highlight briefly. Like before the event for example, he says before the event building awareness and capturing leads. He goes on to say in the months leading up to your event or your products release or service or whatever. He says you can start to collect email addresses from interested prospects and give them updates along the way. Yeah, you should be promoting it. This is an event. You need to be promoting it at least 90 days out. This is a new product release coming up, think about who does this good? Artists. If you’re like putting out a musical project, a CD, you’ll get a single 6 months ahead in advance, then you will get a video 4 months after that, then you’ll get a trailer to the album release 2 months after that, then you’ll get another single and then the weeks coming up to the album release, you start seeing interview after interview after TV appearance, these are people building up to the release.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         So take the same process, if it’s your event, then you start mailing out, leading up to it, who’s going to be featured, next email shows the keynote speakers, next email tells how many attendees you have, next email highlights the prizes that you’re giving away but what you’re doing in building up that anticipation so people can come to your event and use your product or your service. Now dig this, he says during the conference, right? Still talking about that landing page, he says the conference isn’t about just delighting, networking and creating a buzz, at the end of the day, you want to make it possibly for easy to sign up for your service, right?


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         How do you do that? Well, you begin to promote to people while they’re there.


Chris:                  Absolutely!


Chuck:                While they’re there.            It’s okay to tell them visit this page because right now we’re offering this. How many times have you been in Wal-Mart or [0:23:20] [Indiscernible] and they say right now, on our 5, you can go try this out and if you try one you can get the whole set for half off, and everybody fluxes the all 5 to go try something that probably grows but they tried it and that kind of stuff works. So don’t be afraid to promote and nurse people to convert during the event or while they’re using your product.


Chris:                  A-B-C


Chris & Chuck:           Always Be Closing.


Chuck:                         You have to, especially when they’re there, they’re already half way committed. Then lastly, he says after the event. After the event, re-purposing your landing page. So I’ll say this, go back to your landing page. Event’s done, your product’s released, your service is out there, people are using it but you’ve still got this landing page and it is on your site. What should you do with it? Well, first off, you’ve already got a decent amount of traffic because of the promo you did to it, hopefully you have some sort of remarketing still going there.


Chris:                  Going on it.


Chuck:                         And so it’s still working, and frankly, you probably had links coming to and from wherever you promoted the event at, and things like that, Eventbrite or Facebook or whatever it is, so that page still gets traffic. So why don’t you capture all of the pictures from you event and go and add them back to that page. Maybe that event is coming up the next year, you have some secondary CTA, where people can register ahead of time and get some sort of discount. Or you use that type of activity, so that way, that page continues to rank. So that way, that page continues to be fresh and relevant because it has new content. More importantly, if this is a reoccurring event, this page has plenty of content, it has plenty of images, it has plenty of text and since it’s a reoccurring event, then use the same as that page for the same as that event for the following, the very next year. Update the content and now that page likely ranks faster and already has built us some trust and frankly has an active audiences that you can remarket to. So do it.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         And lastly, he says that the event landing page is one piece. He says that it’s only useful if you can get people to the page, and he’s right.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         This is not a situation where if you build it, they will come.


Chris:                  If you build it and do nothing, no one will come.


Chuck:                         They will not come.


Chris:                  Mom might come.


Chuck:                         Mom will come, I’ll come, Chris will show up, he might be late but he’ll show up and that’s about it. David might come, maybe.


Chris:                  Yeah, it’s a possibility.


Chuck:                         And that’s by the way.


Chris:                  Hey, there’s one thing in there that I think was briefly touched on but I think it’s really important.


Chuck:                         Okay.


Chris:                  That’s testimonial videos.


Chuck:                         Testimonial videos work.


Chris:                  Especially if you’re doing it again.


Chuck:                         Exactly!


Chris:                  Not as important if you just need something like oh this was a great event.


Chuck:                         You need that video like: I was at the last one and I’m at this one, and I will be at the next one because I learnt so much, I did so much and I gained this kind of knowledge.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                         That’s important or it’s a product testimony. I bought this and it saved me a hundred bucks and my back don’t hurt no more.


Chris:                  Yeah, that’s £300.


Chuck:                         Whatever it is, you need those testimonials. Matter of fact, testimonials actually can supplement that hero shot we’re talking about.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         You got a hero shot there with a nice testimonial next to it. Punch in the face to the good folks at Silver Sycamore, great example of that. Hero shot, testimonials, that complements the hero shot that talks about why you should come use this product or this service.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         Good one.


Chris:                  Very cool. So great.


Chuck:                         Testimonials work. So punch in the face to Mark John, “The Landing Pages You Need for Your Event Marketing, Before, During, and After“. Greta article, follow us, we’d be posting it shortly.


Chris:                  Cool. Do we have any What?


Chuck:                No, no What News today.


Chris:                  No what. Alright, we’ll save that for next one. Hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.


Chuck:                         The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you know somebody that needs internet marketing, by the was internet marketing includes website design, we probably haven’t said that a long time, we had somebody like I didn’t know you guys do websites. Internet marketing starts —


Chris & Chuck:           With the website.


Chris:                  So website —


Chuck:                Who should say that? Y’all should know that.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         I mean, some of our faithfuls, you already know, we’ve always said this, we are proponents of this, the website is the foundation of all the internet marketing. So all our packages include full custom mobile friendly responsive website design and that’s because that’s where we intend to drive all our traffic to.


Chris:                  I mean, we get clients who go like: I know, I go to your website, but you know, I just had it done, can you just start marketing it and we pull up the site and we’re like I am not going to pay for traffic to go to that website.


Chuck:                Yeah, I may go on there and do some SEO on the existing site maybe, but, I will not send no paid traffic.


Chris:                  Alright. So if you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing, and you don’t want to take care of them, send them to us, they pay their bill, we send you money.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                           That works pretty simple. We can do the special still, because it’s through November.


Chuck:                Yeah, this probably will be the last podcast.


Chris:                  Yeah. Next one, we don’t do it. So we are still running the special. If you sign up for one of our internet marketing packages, through November, you would get free social media. If it comes with social media, you’ll get that discount on that package.


Chuck:                And if it doesn’t come with social media on that package, we’ll add it. And then we’d say this, it’s not just the standard post once a week social media campaign.


Chris:                  And you don’t have to come up with the content.


Chuck:                         No, we’re going to do a lot of content, this is going to be post everyday of the week, custom social graphics, hash tag, you name it. It’s specific to whichever platform is going to work for your business, so consider that and take advantage of it.


Chris:                  Cool. Hey, we were filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. There is a transcript and video of this podcast available on our website By the way, thank you guys for making us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes.


Chuck:                         Appreciate it.


Chris:                  Punch in the face to all of you, dock. Hey, if you’re new to this, just dock and you’ll get it next time, the rest of you —


Chuck:                         Punch in the face, take it.


Chris:                  And no kick in the shins, kick in the shins is the bad one. I’m just going to keep that on people’s minds because they don’t know apparently.


Chuck:                         They don’t know.


Chris:                  Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:                         Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye-bye for now.





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