Landing Pages You Need for Event Marketing

Landing Pages You Need for Event Marketing

Do you know what Landing Pages You Need for Event Marketing? Chris and Charles talk about the landing pages you need for event marketing in #SEOPodcast 299 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                         Then we begin to see Amazon start to lose their ranking. So now Overstock is blaming Google’s search ranking for hurting his growth. They said they were hit by a change in Google’s search ranking algorithm and their stock dropped 18% based off their earnings.


Chris:                  Wow!


Chuck:                         Yea, I feel that Overstock can be like that sometimes. When Google makes a change, you’ve got to get in line with it, but my guess is, because I’ve shopped in Overstock before, we talk about theme content pages.


Chris:                  Oh yeah.


Chuck:                         They’ve got a ton of pages that have —


Chris:                  Nothing on  them.


Chuck:                Well, I ain’t going to say nothing, nothing product specific.


Chris:                  A whole bunch of the other stuff.


Chuck:                         By this other thing.


Chris:                  So y’all might need to revisit that situation. So offline search and turn navigation to come to Google Maps. We talked about earlier.


Chuck:                         Cool


Chris:                  I like this, this is actually kind of cool. So Yahoo, they’re changing their search experience on Firefox right now.


Chuck:                         Okay.


Chris:                  So now, if you’re on Firefox and you search Yahoo, you actually get a carousel result from Google.


Chuck:                         But you have to be in Firefox?


Chris:                  In Firefox only.


Chuck:                         Interesting.


Chris:                  They started there and they plan on rolling it out to other browsers eventually, it’s what they said. And lastly still on the topic of Yahoo, they wrote this all today actually, product display ads, sending it off to a Google merchant, so now they’re rolling out proxies [0:09:39] [Indiscernible] per ad and of course, right on time for Black Friday.


Chuck:                         Surprise.


Chris:                  Exactly! That’s good timing. Hey, I do have a review. This is from D Miller Art [Phonetic] and it is —


Chris & Chuck:           5 stars!


Chris:                  The title says, they make SEO —


Chris & Chuck:           not boring.


Chris:                  Yeah. Chris and Charles have evidently been doing the podcast thing a long time, 295?? Yes/No. I mean no, 299 right here.


Chuck:                         299, and yes only [0:10:06] [Indiscernible]


Chris:                  And so it is not surprising that they have their act together, what is surprising is that they make this rather dry subject, SEO Internet Marketing, so entertaining and informative. Yeah, it might still sound like geek to many outsiders but to folks who are into this stuff, it sounds refreshingly non corporate while remaining professional.


Chuck:                         Professionally non corporate.


Chris:                  That’s a good one, right?


Chuck:                         That’s awesome, I like that. That’s a new adjective.


Chris & Chuck: Refreshingly non corporate.


Chris:                  While remaining professional. Lots of great tips and industry news here that will help you stay on top of the ever changing field. Punch in the face to you Mr. D Miller [Phonetic]


Chuck:                         Professionally non corporate, I’m going to hash tag it, where my phone at?


Chris:                  Copy that and we’ll stick that like last time because remember, we are still running with fan-fabulous and fun-fabulous.


Chuck:                         Refreshingly  non-corporate though. I like that.


Chris:                  That’s really cool.


Chuck:                         Punch in the face dude, appreciate your review.


Chris:                  D. Miller Art [Phonetic] Punch in the face.


Chuck:                I’ve got a punch in the face too, this punch in the face goes to Sales Force.


Chris:                  Sales Force.


Chuck:                         And the good folks out there at Sales Force. I will see you guys tomorrow, I’m so excited about it, they’ve got a new product coming out man and so, they’ve got a conference going on in Atlanta at Club Privé and they booked SEL rapper. So SEL rapper will be up there, we’re going to turn up and we’re going to represent eWeb, so we’ll go there, so y’all stay tuned, I’ll tweet out some links. If it’s being streamed, I’ll let you guys know. But yeah, punch in the face to Sales Force, looking forward to it, let’s get ready.


Chris:                  That’s cool that they reached out to you and get you to go out there and perform for that particular event. That’s awesome.


Chuck:                         Yeah, it’s going to be awesome.


Chris:                  I’m going to have to start practicing my rap.


Chuck:                         Yeah, I’ll bring my [0:11:45] [Indiscernible] next time. We’ll just get on stage and go [finger click]


Chris:                  That’s it, it’s my job., headphone, head bob, I’ve got the headphone, head bob, I’m good at that.


Chuck:                         You’re good at that?


Chris:                  I’ve been practicing that for, well not 299 podcast.


Chuck:                         At least the past 9.


Chris:                  Yeah, cool. Alright, that is the potatoes of our podcast, it’s time to get into the meat.


Chuck:                         So like we said man, big punch in the face to Mark John Hiemstra. I hope I’m pronouncing that right.


Chris:                  Patif. Patif.


Chuck:                         And the good folks over at Search Engine Journal. He says: the landing pages you need for your event marketing before, during, and after. So before we even get into this, the reason I wanted to being this to you guys is because I feel like first off, he’s taking about the landing page, something we deal with frequently.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         More importantly, he’s talking about events, something else we deal with frequently but what I realized as I went through the article I that , in this type of situation we can actually treat events like products or services. So whether it’s a conference you’re planning for or a new product release for new service you’re about to provide, you still need a landing page for them and some of these marketing tips are applicable for each one of those. So let’s dive in. Before we get started, he also said, there is no better way to create a sense of urgency than to send prospects to a persuasive event landing page. It’s where you will tell people exactly why they should come to your event and what they’ll get from attending, he’s right. At the end of the say, he’s saying look, you have to give people information, give people a place, tell them what they can get at the event, why they should come to the event, who’s going to be there, the benefit for them. Like you have to give people this information, frankly, really quickly, in bite size chunks, so that way, they can see it, they can absorb it, and they can convincingly commit to coming to your event or buying your products or using your service pretty quickly. What you don’t want to do is have people clicking around and doing research.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         If you want me to come to your event, you need to make it easy for me to want to come to your event. So he talked about the first thing you need to do.


Chris:                  Number 1.


Chuck:                         First he said is the UVP, a Unique Value Proposition.


Chris:                  Wow!


Chuck:                         Yeah, interesting, and he’s right. Everybody needs a unique proposition, why should I come to the event. He says your event landing pages needs to explain why people should attend your conference as opposed to [0:14:03] [Indiscernible] the other ones in your space. I’ll say this, and I know I shouldn’t say that but make it obvious.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         You have to really put it in the face, you should come here because…


Chris:                  It should not be fine print.


Chuck:                         Yeah, it shouldn’t be fine print, it shouldn’t be four clicks away, you shouldn’t have to get my email address and my phone number and then have me opt in to tell me why. No, it needs to be [0:14:24] [Indiscernible], right there in front, here’s why you should come, right? Make it extremely obvious, in that way, you’ll start to get people’s attention. Because they’re not sold yet, they haven’t committed to coming, you just told them why they should come.


Chris:                  Right,


Chuck:                         He says number 2.


Chris:                  2.


Chuck:                         A hero shot. He says, the hero shot is the image that shows your product and helps convey your sense of what that product will be like. So if this is an event like he’s talking about, then maybe this is a shot of people, random people doing things, maybe this is not even a picture, maybe it’s a hero video that’s showing activities from maybe a previous conference or a trailer for the upcoming conference or whatever it is, it could be a collage, it could be a video, it could be a number thing, it could be a hero testimonial if it’s done right.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         The purpose of the hero shot though is to give people a visual aid.


Chris:                  A sense of the experience is, that you’re selling.


Chuck:                         Exactly! If you know, maybe your hero shot is festive, then it kind of puts people in a holiday mentality.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         Once they see that hero shot, but you need to have your unique value proposition, let them know why they’re coming and then a hero shot.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                         It’s basically a picture of the unique value proposition, this is how people are enjoying it.


Chris:                  Picture’s worth a thousand words.


Chuck:                         Picture’s worth a thousand words. I don’t know how much video’s worth then.


Chris:                  A thousand words.


Chuck:                         How much is a motion picture worth, right?


Chris:                  A thousand words per clip.


Chuck:                         Number 3.


Chris:                  3.


Chuck:                         He says that the benefits, right? Focus on the benefits, he says show people exactly what they’ll get out of attending the conference. I wrote down FAB-  Feature Advantage and the Benefit.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         So it’s more than just telling them the benefits, go ahead and  sell them on why they should come. The features, who’s going to be featuring, why they should come, this is the most awesome person. Or maybe it’s a product, why it’s the best in the market, why it comes back with the money back guarantee, you know, why it’s indestructible. Or maybe it’s a service, why you do it free for the first 30 days, or why they should choose you over your competitors.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         Those are the features, highlight the advantages as well, what’s the benefit of coming to this conference. I’m going to leave smarter, I’m going to leave better, I’m going to leave more empowered, I’m going to leave maybe I’m going to leave with some leads, I’m going to leave with a discount or whatever it is.


Chris:                  Free pizza.


Chuck:                         Exactly. Free food, being catered well, putting on events, you may need to highlight that because the food brings people out.


Chris:                           People will show up.


Chuck:                But highlight the features, the advantages


Chris:                           And alcohol, magically people show up.


Chuck:                Yeah, I would just show up. Beer?


Chris:                  Yeah. What are we learning? Accounting? Where’s the vodka?


Chuck:                         Exactly!


Chris:                  I’m going to need more than I thought.


Chuck:                         Especially in government Accounting. Oh my God! I’m not going to stop drinking, I’m not interested. But highlight those things, the features, the events and the benefits of your product, or your service, or your event, on that landing page, more specifically. So they need to see that value you add, they need to see a hero shot and then they need to begin to digest the benefits of even coming. Fourth, he says, not only that, bring in some social proof.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         He goes on to say hot converting landing page also has a healthy dose of social proof. What is social proof? Great question.


Chris:                  That is a great question.


Chuck:                         Social proof is basically any social media activity that didn’t come from you, that came from other people about your event, product, or service.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                         So this is tweets of people who said maybe I went and I had a great time, #HadABlast, or maybe it’s a screenshot of  people who have actually checked into the event, maybe it’s an active Twitter feed on this landing page showing the actual social conversations people are having using a certain hash tag.


Chris:                  Happened at the last time.


Chuck:                         Happened at the last time, it’s happening about this one.


Chris:   Great info, high energy, great speaker, yeah.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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