Lead Quality versus Lead Quantity

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Chris and Charles discuss lead quality versus lead quantity in your business.  Check out more about what lead quality versus lead quantity means to your internet marketing strategy in #SEOPodcast281.


Chuck:             Yeah. Build a splash page. Get your hosting right. Get your domain name pointed because we’re trying to help you. It makes sense for you to have something up, and then that person ironically comes back and signs a contract.


Chris:               Or not ironically.


Chuck:             So help people. There’s nothing wrong with helping people even if it cost you a little something, something. It’s okay.


Number eight, he says — no, I’m sorry, number seven. He says, “Sync and speak to other marketing channels”. THIS is huge. I really like this one. Content marketing may have different techniques, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be working towards the same business goals. That’s absolutely correct. We have one client who — we had a whole gamut of internet services and email marketing to SEO, pay per click, social, all this kind of stuff.


Anyway, we’ve got one client who chose not to allow us to handle their newsletter, which is fine. The problem is that when these emails go out from the newsletter, just like I was just saying, that content should be hosted on the website as well.


Chris:               Right, so the emails are still going out, so he does his own newsletters —


Chuck:             But he’s not communicating with us that his newsletters go out. Luckily, I was smart enough to get on the list. So every time he sends out a newsletter, I get it and then make the adjustments and bring the content to the site, but it would work so much better if that content was already on the site prior to the newsletter going out.


So make sure your marketing is communicating which are the channels, all the channels, whether it’s TV, radio, print. Whatever other marketing you’re doing, your content strategy should support that.


Chris:               Yup. I wonder if we could convince them to do a canonical to our page. That’d be kind of cool.


Chuck:             That would be kind of cool. That would be kind of cool. I’ll send that email and we’ll see what we can do with that. At the end of the day, the goal is to get people in your sales funnel regardless of where they’re coming from. You want to get people to the site so they can go down the process that will eventually become a new client, and content marketing synched with your other marketing channels is the way to do that.


Chris:               It just supports that better.


Chuck:             Exactly. Number eight, “Quality versus quantity — find what works for you”. He’s absolutely right here. Collecting a few good leads might be more successful than bringing in a ton of inferior leads. He’s absolutely right.


Chris:               It’ll actually save you time.


Chuck:             It can save you lots of time, lots of headache, lots of research, lots of wasted effort, lots of unnecessary web pages, lots of potential Panda algorithm cataclysms due to your lack of content. Take some time and make sure that you’re putting out quality content.


I come through 30 posts before we got to this one. What? I want to bring some quality content to you guys, and so, take that time to do that.


Chris:               It was only 30?


Chuck:             It was only 30 this time, actual articles. I’ve probably looked at 50 things, but —


Chris:               By the way, make sure your titles are really powerful.


Chuck:             Exactly. If you want me to pick it up, give me a good title because that’s the very start in clicking. Make sure your quality is up to par and not just on a blog content, but across the board, your social content, your email content. Make sure that the quality is there because what you don’t want to happen is a bad impression or worst impression.


If somebody sees it and you actually do have the capability of putting out good content, but this time, your content sucked and it was my first time seeing it —


Chris:               It’s a reflection of you —


Chuck:             Now, I think all your content sucks even if it was only that post.


Chris:               By the way, all of your content does suck because the perception is the reality.


Chuck:             Exactly, so put out quality content, not just quantity of content.


Number nine, he says, “Customize your message for each step in the funnel — product oriented versus user oriented,” and he’s right. Depending on your sales process, there are different steps. You may have a six-step process that requires a meeting and a phone call, and then an email, then a proposal, then another meeting, right? If that’s your sales process, then people may eventually get stuck somewhere down in the path. Create content that addresses them, so people that are —


Chris:               Why they’re stuck there.


Chuck:             Why they’re stuck there, exactly, and that content could come in a form of a remarketing campaign. Maybe they’re sitting on a proposal and haven’t made a decision. And so, they start getting chased by remarketing ads. They say, “Hey, we’re waiting on you.”


Maybe they’re in the sales process and you need to send them all some more case studies. And then the format of those case studies then and e-guides and things of that nature should be structured to push people back down your sales funnel, so just make sure you understand where people are in your sales process and create content for each one of those stations.




Now, Mani, I’ve got to kick you in the shins because your title said “Ten Tips for Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Business”, and in the article, you only had nine. And so, number ten —


Chris:               Make sure your title speaks the truth.


Chuck:             Well, I’ll give you number ten. Number ten, tenth tip for integrating content marketing into your business I would say is share it with your customers. The easiest way to integrate content marketing into your business especially if you’re in retail or service kind of provider situation, share it with your customers.


Get your customers to read the content. Get that feedback from them. Get them to comment on it or share it, post it on their walls because they are already paying you for service. They probably already follow you and definitely interested in what you have to say and will likely share what you offer, so incorporate clients in your content strategy when you can.


Other than missing the last point —


Chris:               By the way, no charge for that —


Chuck:             For number ten. You can have number ten, Mani, albeit your post, but other than missing number ten, dude, great post, “Ten Tips for Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Business”. I really like the content. Punch in the face to you. Just give me ten next time.


Chris:               What was his name again?


Chuck:             Mani.


Chris:               Karthik, Mani Karthik, all right. Punch in the face to you, Mani, and a slight kick in the shin for —


Chuck:             Yeah, a PITFKINS!


Chris:               Yeah. It sounds like my car.


Chuck:             That was “Punch in the face, kick in the shins”, the audio version, PITFKINS!


Chris:               Have we got any “What?”


Chuck:             I do got some “What?” news. Well, blank stare — this is like “What?” blank stare all at once.


Chris:               Again, we’re just like, blank what.


Chuck:             Yeah. I don’t know how to do that.


Chris:               I’m just going with, “What?” I can’t do high pitched stuff anymore.


Chuck:             That was a blank what.


Chris:               It was perfect. I intended that.


Chuck:             Now, this one here — and we usually don’t get political on here, but Rachel —


Chris:               And now we’re going to.


Chuck:             Kind of. Rachel Dolezal, have you heard of her?


Chris:               Dolezal, no.


Chuck:             This is the White chick who works for the NAACP and for over the past ten years has been portraying herself as African-American.


Chris:               Oh!


Chuck:             I’m talking about down to wearing the braids, the lingo, the look, the whole nine. And then finally, her parents came out and were like, “She’s German mixed with Czech.”


Chris:               Well, there’s lot of African-Americans and they’re German and Czech.


Chuck:             So the reason I bring this to you guys right now is because I had to tie it in internet marketing. Social media is so mean, so ruthless.


Chris:               Oh! Oh!


Chuck:             She’s getting the blues, so #askrachel and she’s getting hit with all kinds of memes and, get this, African-American related questions like, “How do you make potato salad?” I saw so much stuff. I was like, oh my gosh, social media is crazy and unfortunately, Rachel, you should’ve known this was coming. Were you just going to hide that forever?


Chris:               Yeah, it’s a little crazy. So basically, she got a career and part of her having that career was that she had to be in Black face the whole time, which — yeah, we remember the Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson blackface issue, so yeah. All right. Should we be really angry at her?


Chuck:             It was funny to me.


Chris:               Or you’d be like, “You’re so stupid!”


Chuck:             I’m actually impressed by her. You carried it on a long time! You’ve got some really good people in your corner. You’ve got a hairdresser and all these people who know you’re White. They didn’t say anything, and your colleagues at the NAACP, I find a little bit weird because like —


Chris:               They should’ve figured it out.


Chuck:             Come on, dog, ten years in? Come on! I had to be like —


Chris:               And what’s up with your parents blowing your cover?


Chuck:             Exactly.


Chris:               That’s just not right.


Chuck:             Well, they probably felt bad like, “She doesn’t want to be us.”


Chris:               “You’re denying your heritage.”


Chuck:             Yeah, so blank stare.


Chris:               Yeah. I’m with you, blank —


Chuck:             Blank what.


Chris:               Yeah, kicking shins.


Chuck:             Really? All of that.


Chris:               All right. We’re good?


Chuck:             That’s it.


Chris:               All right. So if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet —


Chuck:             And the internet —


Chris:               — call E-Webstyle for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in SEO or internet marketing in general and you don’t want to take care of them, send them to us. We’ll take care of them. They pay their bill; we pay you. It’s very simple.


Do not forget, I am on Blog Talk Radio. The show is Creative Biz Ideas, so you can go to www.creativebizideas.com and find the show. We broadcast live at 7:30 a.m.




Chuck:             Mondays.


Chris:               That show is on time, Central Standard Time, and it’s auto. You can call in. You can check it out on the website.


Remember, we are filmed live at 5999 West 34th Street Suite 106 Houston, Texas 77092. Thank you, guys. We are the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes that is because of y’all, to use it properly, y’all.


Chuck:             All y’all.


Chris:               Thank you, and the 83 countries that we’ve been downloaded in, thank you guys for tuning in, until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:             Charles Lewis.


Chris:               Bye-bye for now.


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