Local #SEO Stats You Need to Consider for Your Strategy

Local #SEO Stats You Need to Consider for Your Strategy

You need to know what kind of Local #SEO Stats You Need to Consider for Your Strategy. Chris and Charles talk what local #SEO stats you need to consider for your strategy in #SEOPodcast 296 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                Go Bing!

Chris:                  They’re contributing into Microsoft’s bottom line and then.

Chuck:                I think they —  I heard that was due to the lot of users on Windows 10. Windows 10 has a lot of Bing integration and a lot of people upgraded and it’s apparently a lot better than what they had previously. Matter of fact, I read something on CNN, a comment that said Windows 10 was the best Microsoft release ever. So I was like ever? Interesting.

Chris:                  Yes, more than XP or 7?

Chuck:                Because 7 works well.

Chris:                  I’ve not had many, if any, complaints about 7, at least with us. And this is the final piece of news we got, Yahoo who I think not too long ago partnered with Bing to provide search results is now in negotiation.

Chuck:                They signed a 3-year deal with them, they gave them the option to display Google results in their search, so they don’t have to. They can literally say:  you know what? We ain’t going to show no Google results, but then they also had the flexibility to show Google results based on certain queries anytime somebody is searching for, let’s say specifics service, they won’t want to display Google results but if they are searching for let’s say some type of product.

Chris:                  And maybe airline ticket or something like that.

Chuck:                Then they may want to show Bing results. You know, we want to display our own because they have their own eye witness as well. I think that’s the interesting positioning move to do that. I think they’re going to run into through some challenges because at the end of the day, Bing do have an agreement with Bing to display ads and I think more importantly, the quality of the pay is what is going to come into question.

Chris:                  Right. And speaking of Yahoo kind of makes me think, I know you are a big fantasy football guy, there’s a whole lot of stuff going into the fantasy football industry like websites popping up, doing massive advertising, getting Federal indictments.

Chuck:                That’s because they found a loophole to make gambling legal basically.

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                You know like [0:09:31] [Indiscernible] fantasy drafts where you really get paid. I know people who have won money on  FanDuel doing things like that. That’s what’s killing Yahoo, their functionality isn’t there.

Chris:                  And if you can make money there Yahoo is always a free service or minimum.

Chuck:                It’s free.

Chris:                  Yes. So you’re still on yahoo?

Chuck:                Yes, I was looking at it yesterday because I mess around and luckily Seattle was my defense and I had them in a game and so I was flipping through the channels. I was like oh those are like football, I didn’t check my line. So luckily I had them in a game, it was good.

Chris:                  Yahoo is some reminder.

Chuck:                Then I got a reminder, I just didn’t look at it, you know, because it was Yahoo.

Chris:                  I don’t really need to listen to yahoo. Hey, I’ve got a couple of quick tips. One is from David Arant, he’s actually with deltabluesrice.com. Punch in the face, had a really good conversation with him talking about internet marketing. And then Jim Senate [Phonetic] actually had a conversation with him today, he’s with campaign paintball.com, he’s out of the UK, they are just about 25 minutes outside of London and a big punch on the face to Jim. I’ve got to tell you this. So we’re wrapping up the phone call him – Alright Jim, we’ll talk to you in a week because I scheduled a call with him, and he was like don’t be a douche.

Chuck:                That’s what’s up dude, punch in the face to you.

Chris:                  Punch in the face to Jim and I got a couple reviews, you want to?

Chuck:                I want to give a PTIF I want to get over real quick. This PTIF goes to Liad McCarby [Phonetic] I must say that and I think he became a friend to us through Kelly, you’ve talked to Kelly before because he tagged her in it as well and he says @KellyAlcatore [Phonetic] @eWebStyle, it should be @eWebResults, “I love these guys, punch in the face to y’all *smiley face*”

Chris:                  PITF PITF

Chuck:                Punch in the face to you too, thanks for tuning in. I do appreciate your support.

Chris:                  Awesome and I see your next piece is something else.

Chuck:                Yes.

Chris:                  Alright, here we’ve got some review and of course these reviews are

Chris & Chuck:  Five stars.

Chris:                  This is from Brit by the way. Jim Senate, when I mentioned reviews was part of my presentation, he actually was like “Five stars” so this one is, literally , it was just 5 stars.

Chuck:                That’s what’s up.

Chris:                  And then we responded to him, and then next was Hank Rosin, the title was “best SEO podcast on planet earth”.

Chuck:                That’s what’s up.

Chris:                  Thank you, punch in the face.

Chuck:                296 podcasts.

Chris:                  Yes, and then finally Joe Gonzalez, he says: “you guys are a huge timesaver”. Nobody has said that before.

Chuck:                Yes.

Chris:                  “I listen to your podcast on my way to work, saves us a lot of time”

Chuck:                That’s a first, I know.

Chris:                  “I listen to your podcast on my way to work, once or twice a week, as one of the ways I stay up to date with the latest SEO social and overall digital marketing. You’re a bit cocky and naughty. I guess you’re the cocky one, I’m the naughty one.

Chuck:                That’s about right. Maybe it’s because you have glasses.

Chris:                  Yes, I know that. There’s the nerd. “But it keeps the podcasts real, fun and light. Thanks for all the real world examples and continuously great info, punch in the face to you.”

Chuck:                Punch in the face dude, what’s his name?

Chris:                  Yes, “Thank you – Mr. Joe Gonzalez”

Chuck:                Joe Gonzalez, dude, punch in the face dude, that’s what’s up.

Chris:                  So that’s what I’ve got.

Chuck:                Cool, let’s get through some potatoes.

Chris:                  Maybe that’s Joe Gonzalez calling to thank you for the punch in the face.

Chuck:                We are live on the air. Alright cool, just like I said, we’re going to get through some meat.

Chris:                  Yes, so that’s the potatoes, let’s get into the meat.

Chuck:                We want to give a good punch in the face to Tamera, Tamera Wintrop [Phonetic], I’m sorry if I pronounced that wrong. She posted this article in Search Engine’s journal, SEO 101 local #SEOStats, you need to consider for your strategy. The reason I brought this article today is because I’m a stats guy, I spend a lot of time in analytics looking at numbers.

Chris:                  You are the Client Result Advocate and really you can talk about results and talk about the stats.

Chuck:                Because I know the numbers, exactly. So I spend a lot of time looking at stats and numbers and traffic and things of that nature. So, of course, stats intrigue me, I will profess this by saying that the whole stats is focusing on our local, and most small businesses are local, probably half of our client base is local, probably half of the people watching right now or listening right now are local businesses.

Chris:                  Responsible for local businesses yes.

Chuck:                Exactly, so local is important to understand that, when you consider the types of local businesses we have and I think it’s clear that we indicate that. Right now, there’s local brick and water businesses, restaurant, movie theaters, retail stores and things like that. Then there’s local service providers: AC guy, plumber guy, roofer guy, still a local service; and then there’s even local mobile type of services if you will, full trip and things of that nature. So when you consider local, it’s a big deal.

Chris:                  Yes, frankly the majority.

Chuck:                Exactly. There’s so many different categories that fall in the local. So let’s see how some of these stats kind of affect that. So she starts off by saying the local pack and in reviews. The first that she said is the Google 3-pack appears in the top spot in 93% of searches. Wow! The Google 3-pack, remember that’s a recent eye witness change. So 93% of searches, 93%, that’s like almost 9 out of 10 searches the local 3-pack has been shown. What does that mean, that means you need to try hard to be in the local 3-pack because that’s what’s being shown 9 times out of 10 and if you’re a Google map business pages isn’t set up right, it isn’t claimed, you haven’t optimized it, you’re likely not to show in that 3-pack which reduces your chances of getting any traffic. She also said when we would go off to that local reviews, 80% of consumers have read reviews to determine the quality of a business, makes sense.

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust the local businesses. So what does all that mean? What it means is 3 out of 4 people actually rely on what somebody else said, ironically. So with that being said, people are relying on your clients or on your previous clients or on anybody who has used your service. If they post it, then people are relying on what they said. So it’s in your best interest that you make sure that they’re posting something good. She goes on to say that now that Google has reduced the number of results that shows in the local pack from 7 to 3, competition for the top spot is stronger than ever. She’s absolutely right and that kind of reiterates what I was saying, that since it’s only 3 and you provide a local service that could fall into any number of categories it’s just going to be extremely imperative of you take advantage of all the local things you can do. She goes on to say more stats in regards to mobile friendly sites. She says that in regards to mobile friendly sites, 87% of Smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day, 87% use a search engine at least once a day. That’s about right, that’s about 8 out of 10 people. Yes, I’ll probably search for at least one thing daily.

Chris:                  Yes, at least.

Chuck:                Yes, at least on my phone, at least daily. I would probably use Google App and search for one thing at least daily. So I think she’s right about that. And then in regards to mobile friendly sites, she also said that 60% of American adults use Smartphones and tablets to search for a local product or service, 60% of them, and think about that. I’m going to tell you how I know that’s right, because we do it.

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                And I think this correlates to people being at home, or people in their leisure time because what I noticed, people like myself or my wife or other people tend to really have increased tablet usage and mobile usage is when you’re at home watching TV. I think what people don’t realize is this is a great opportunity to work well with whatever traditional media you may have going on. So because these people are likely in an environment where they are on a tablet and they’re searching off something that they just saw. That’s what usually happens, you see a commercial and you go: that was pretty interesting and the commercial gives you some CTA like: check us out at blahblahblah.com”.

Chris:                  And you do.

Chuck:                And you do.

Chris:                  Blah blah blah. Like that hotel Transylvania website.

Chuck:                Exactly, but you do.

Chris:                  And you do not say blah blah blah.

Chuck:                But you don’t even follow the CTA directly, they said check us out at blahblahblah.com, we’ll just go search “blahblahblah”

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                And that’s one search and that usually happens immediately after following. I think there are some companies that recognize this and take advantage of it. I think about people like Dominos.

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                Dominos, the whole Twitter order deal, that’s a great way to use traditional media like a commercial for TV or radio ad and get people online placing orders.

Chris:                  Right.

Chuck:                If I’m watching TV and I’m hungry and I see a commercial that says tweet and I’m probably on my tablet already, I’ll do it, take advantage of it. She says the use of Smartphones to search for local businesses in the US is growing, so having a website that shows up and looks good in local searches is a must.

Chris:   Yes.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura

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