Refer to Previous Engagements when Sending Emails

Refer to Previous Engagements when Sending Emails

Do you Refer to Previous Engagements when Sending Emails? Chris and Charles talk about why you should always refer to previous engagements when sending emails in #SEOPodcast 307 on Podomatic and YouTube.


2015-02-22 Podcast 307



Chris:                  Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.


Chuck:                I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate. I bet you can’t say that again, all I heard was “na-na-na internet marketing”.


Chris:                  It felt weird, it didn’t just sound weird, it also felt weird. Welcome back to another fun filled edition of our podcast, this is actually podcast number —


Chris & Chuck:  …307.


Chris:                  Thank you guys for tuning in. Let’s see, as always from our previous podcast, we do have a tip as I close my App, and the tip from our previous podcast is refer to previous engagements when sending emails to your subscriber list.


Chuck:                Look, especially if you’re in ecommerce and there’s people that have purchased from you before, include the previous purchase in your email going out, increase your engagement rates.


Chris:                  Tip from 206.


Chuck:                306.


Chris:                  Hopefully that all fits in because that’s perfect. Alright, please remember, we are your friendly local neighborhood —


Chris & Chuck:  …Top Position Snatchers!


Chris:                  And our mantra is —


Chuck:                …do not be a douche!


Chris:                  Do not be a douche, it’s a bad look.


Chuck:                Not a good look at all.


Chris:                  We do have, it’s a rookie article you know.


Chuck:                Yeah, you see that catch right there. Punch in the face to John E. Lincoln and the good folks over at Search Engine Land. He posted this article 6 Big Mistakes That SEO Rookies Make. I kind of like how that rhymes, 6 Big Mistakes That SEO Rookies Make. So we’re going to dive right in, we’re definitely not rookie, so let’s see what he’s talking about.


Chris:                  Alright, if you are in a position to and you have some sort of electric device that allows you to tweet or connect with us in any way, first, let’s talk about the tweet.


Chuck:                Yes, first off, if you are on Twitter, hit us up @BestSEOPodcast @eWebResults, tag us. #SEOPodcast, this is number 307. That way, we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.


Chris:                  Oh that good stuff! And hey, if you are new to the podcast, welcome, howdy?


Chuck:                How’re you doing?


Chris:                  You’re about to experience a good show. Bear with us as we get through some of the formalities.


Chuck:                Yeah, we’ll get through some of the side dishes and then we’ll get to your main course and the meat.


Chris:                  To the main course and the meat of the podcast. In the mean time, if you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know the section that we are not going to skip this time, the rule is if we get a review and we get more than 10 shikes.


Chris & Chuck:  Shares or likes.


Chris:                  On any one of the social platforms, then we’ll skip the section. We got the reviews, actually we got 4 reviews. Let’s  just do 2 depending on how quickly they go, and we did not get 10 or more likes on any of our platforms, so you guys can help us out and skip this section next time. So we’ve made it really easy for you to leave us reviews. One of the good ways to leave us a review is to go to–


Chuck:                GooglePlus


Chris:                  Or /–


Chuck:                GPlus


Chris:                  Or /–


Chuck:                Google+


Chris:                  Or /–


Chuck:                G+


Chris:                  You got it.


Chuck:                Yeah, that’s because you failed to mention the word Google when you said review and left me hanging.


Chris:                  Oh yeah, I left you hanging, I did. It’s a little odd right now for some reason. So all of those will take you actually directly to our page, and then a pop-up.


Chuck:                Yeah, where you can leave us a review on Google.


Chris:                  Hopefully, you’ll make that review —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  Alright, next.


Chuck:                Unfortunately, the way the algorithm is kind of changing, we don’t know if that review is going to be  shown or not.


Chris:                  Yeah, it may just disappear into the ether, or it’s kind of in the ether already, it may just go away entirely. There’s only 3 steps, go on to iTunes, create an account, write a review. Hopefully, you’ll make that review —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  And next, you can go to Facebook. We’ve got a number of Facebook pages, we’ll like you to focus on–


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  And you know where the review tab is. You can’t really miss it.


Chuck:                Yeah, click it, leave us a review.


Chris:                  And please, make that review —


Chris & Chuck:  5 stars!


Chris:                  Let’s see, anything else? Stitcher. Go to our Stitcher page by first going to our website, you will find a link to our Stitcher page, once you get there, go ahead and click the stars.


Chuck:                [0:04:01] [Indiscernible]


Chris:                  Yeah, it’s just off today. And then, write us a review. Hopefully, you’ll make that review 5 stars!


Chuck:                5 stars! Exactly.


Chris:                  And then finally, to shike us. We like it when you engage with us, when you’re interacting with us, when you share us in certain places.


Chuck:                Yeah, shares and likes. Shike, y’all keep that, it originated here.


Chris:                  Yeah, you heard it here many times, first, and then second, and then maybe last. And we’ve made it easy for you to follow us.


Chuck:                To shike us.


Chris:                  To shike us, I don’t know,–


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  There’s 1 more.




Chris:        –


Chuck:                eWebResults


Chris:                  Yeah, all of those will take you there, I asked a very embarrassing question about the social media today, like don’t say that out loud again. If you are a PHP guru or a WordPress genius, we’re probably looking for you. Please submit an audio résumé 713-510-7846. We do have a free website analysis, you can get that free website analysis by going to our website, you will find a link to that. It’s a 13-page, comprehensive.


Chuck:                Take advantage of it, we’ll definitely reach out to you and kind of discuss what it is you’re looking to accomplish with your site, but more importantly, you’ll end up leaving that meeting with a thorough evaluation of your site, something that you may not even engage us, you can run with it if you like, but take advantage.


Chris:                  Yeah, and you end up with like tips to apply to your website. Like one of our reviews today which you’ll see is all about the number of tips that they get from this podcast. We have Algo Cats, right?


Chuck:                Yeah, we’ve got Algo Cats.


Chris:                  Time for the favorite segment of the program, the —


Chris & Chuck:  …Algorithm Cataclysm pffttt


Chris:                  Oh yeah, that was like a micro.


Chuck:                Yeah, I wanted to bring this Algo Cats to you guys today because of the changes Google is recently making. So you know, a couple of weeks ago, we had some Algo Cats where they included the Panda algorithm as part of the core algorithm, right?


Chris:                  So now, every time they’re running their process, it’s just programmed.


Chuck:                So now, Panda is just running. So what they did do was come out and give a better explanation of what it means to be part of core algorithm. So I felt like sharing that with you guys in today’s Cataclysm.


Chris:                  Cool!


Chuck:                Google explains what it means to be part of the core algorithm. This is a quote from them.


Chris:                  Not really thirsty by the way.


Chuck:                Just open it in case you get thirsty.


Chris:                  I need your help if I get really thirsty.


Chuck:                I was wondering why you didn’t open it. “It is less about the functionality, which means it probably doesn’t change that much over time, and it is more about how we perceive it in the context of the algorithm. Do we still think this is an experimental thing? Is it running for a while or we aren’t sure how long we will last or is it like page rank, is it part of it or all of it will be there, at least in a foreseeable future and then probably call it in a certain context, part of the core algorithm, but what in the crap does all of that mean? What that means is that they’ve tested Panda enough to know that it’s working well enough to include it as part of the core algorithm.


Chris: It improves search results.


Chuck:                Definitely, on a positive way. So what that really means for all my SEO’ers and webmasters and people out there generating content, because Panda was really focused on content, make sure your content is on point, get rid of that thin content, get rid of all of those thin pages or that duplicate content and all those issues, fix that. Good news is, you don’t have to wait for a refresh because it’s part of the core algorithm.


Chris:                  Next time you’re indexed, yeah.


Chuck:                Exactly! So you should make that top priority if your content sucks. That’s our Algo Cats.


Chris:                  Yeah, sucky content sucks.


Chuck:                Yeah, it sucks.


Chris:                  So I’ve got a little bit of news, I thought this was interesting. So Facebook is making like a sports stadium. You’re a much bigger sports fan that I am. They’re just going to have one location to aggregate like all posts relevant or particular sporting event. So if all you have is access to your Facebook account, you can basically watch that even on a 1-wall, on a stadium.


Chuck:                So a digital stadium.


Chris:                  Yeah, virtual stadium. So people might post pictures, if they’re tagged at that location, that kind of thing.


Chuck:                Okay, I can almost see how that kind of works maybe, I don’t know in the States perhaps, but soccer, I can see that working big in soccer.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Because there’s a lot of that kind of stuff, or maybe even for the Olympics, that may be pretty cool, but you know, I know in the States, —


Chris:                  …you just go watch the game.


Chuck:                You just go watch the game.


Chris:                  Every now and then, you end up at a wedding or something, and you’re like —


Chuck:                …streaming.


Chris:                  …streaming the full game, that’s true.


Chuck:                Yeah, punch in the face to Game Time and League Pass.


Chris:                  Very cool. Next, the Space X explodes. So they brought the rocket back, the last one landed successfully on land, now they’re trying to land them on a barge and it landed but, did you see?


Chuck:                I though man! I saw that.


Chris:                  I see it fall over and explode, I mean, it exploded, and then I read it, it was like “it did less damage than last time.” And I’m like, “what the hell happened last time!”


Chuck:                Because that one is not repairable.


Chris:                  I know, it’s done, but I guess the point was that did it actually land? It just landed so hard that it broke one of the legs, so it fell over.


Chuck:                Yeah, so even with the exploding and everything, it was still a positive experience, like they learned how to land it on a barge.


Chris:   Yeah.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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