Reuse Your Content Across All Platforms and Media

Reuse Your Content Across All Platforms and Media

How do you Reuse Your Content Across All Platforms and Media? Chris and Charles educate you on how to reuse your content across all platforms and media in #SEOPodcast 305 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chris:                  So this obviously doesn’t apply on ecommerce. So if they’re going to one page, getting enough information and calling you Mr. Joe Plumber [Phonetic] because they had the right information on that page, or better yet, they’re calling you from the ad.


Chuck:                That would even be a bounce.


Chris:                  It doesn’t even affect your bounce rate but if they get to your website and call you.


Chuck:                Yeah, if your website is laid down well, they come from the ad, they see, they click great image, they see CTA, they see confidence-building information, they see USPs, and they see your call to action that says “call.” Maybe they’re on a mobile device and they tapped call, they just left the browser and opened up their phone, that was a bounce. Or more importantly, they go on a desktop and they saw call, they picked up the phone and called you, talk to you, did what they had to do and then left. Guess what? That’s a bounce also. But that’s okay if I talk to you and you said my call volume is through the roof, and I said yeah, your bounce rate is really really high, then it kind of makes sense.


Chris:                  Thumbs off.


Chuck:                Exactly. If you say my phone hasn’t been ringing at all, and your bounce rate is really high, then we’ll go back and revisit this and make some adjustments.


Chris:                  Probably need a video.


Chuck:                Yeah, exactly, need some explaining to do. So the moral of the story is just be cautious with the numbers that you look at, figure out what numbers are directly applicable to what you’re trying to measure and have the right data. Number 9.


Chris:                  9.


Chuck:                He says embrace ecommerce, I’ll tag this when applicable, right? Because a lot of times we rarely deal with ecommerce. Now and then, we do, but most of our bread and butter is kind of service providers, right?


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                So I think what he’s really saying is automate what you can. So when you embrace ecommerce, he says using ecommerce platforms means leads are captured 24-7, orders are taken and fulfilled automatically, reminders, our email, fewer cancellations as a result because of this and fewer errors are made and customers are generally more happy. What he’s really talking about is the automated features that come with ecommerce sites. So I would just say embrace the automation.


Chris:                  Automation.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  Whatever you can automate.


Chuck:                If you can automate your auto responders, newsletters, customer service emails, make them personal, that’s the problem a lot of people make, they rush an automation and you get an email that says, hey, “client name”, you’re just lost.


Chris:                  Or “Customer X.”


Chuck:                Exactly. And I’m like “Customer L” till they can’t get it right. You automatically lose credibility right there. But taking advantage of automation cannot only streamline your process but definitely help you provide a higher level of service.


Chris:                  I can give you an example of automation, and one good way to execute it is if you meet me at a networking event and I end up with your business cards, you’re going into one of our automated drip campaigns which starts off with me saying, “hey, it was great to meet you, I enjoyed our conversation about “X” and I feel like I never have enough time to explain what my company does, here is what we do, we believe in great communication so strongly that I am going to have my web designer contact you in 24 hours.” And then they get an email 24 hours later, “hey it’s Javier, Chris told me to write you.” So that goes out, we get responses like four in, going, “great to meet you Charles”.


Chuck:                “Great to meet you Charles”, I’m like yeah, glad to meet you too, even though I don’t know how you are.


Chris:                  Yes, awesome. It’s working.


Chuck:                It’s working.


Chris:                  It’s customized and it’s a drip campaign.


Chuck:                And it’s personalized.


Chris:                  Automation.


Chuck:                Exactly. Number 10. This is the last one and this is something we do here. He says reuse your content across all platforms and media, he goes on to say small businesses may be better off creating one high quality piece of content that they can share across all media channels rather than customizing content for each channel that suffers from inattention. I get it Wesley, I would propose that we kind of do a mixture of both. Create some high quality content, but if you’re going to promote it on individual channels, you have to customize it for that channel. I can’t tell people on Twitter to “like me”, I can’t tell people on Facebook to “follow me”, I can’t tell people on Instagram to “subscribe”, they have to like. If you’re using the same piece of content and spreading it across multiple platforms, you’ve got to tweak at some. You’ve got to tweak at some, make sure the messaging is to the point for the platform that you’re on, take advantage. In conclusion, he did have a conclusion, he says, simplifying your marketing strategy doesn’t always mean it takes less time to work, which is right. He says but it does mean less confusion and clear goals that allow your marketing to be more focused and more effective. He’s absolutely right, and especially if you’ve got a DIY or maybe you hired somebody internally to do this, then definitely simplify. But, you can always hire an agency, and just don’t even worry about it, just expect to get called every month and every week with updates and everything is working fine.


Chris:                  With results on how things are working well and getting better, the plan for making them better.


Chuck:                Punch in the face to you Wesley Young, great article man, and the good people over at Search Engine Land, 10 Ways To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy in 2016. We will post this on Facebook and on our site.



Chris:                  Awesome. And that Facebook page is–


Chuck:                eWebResults.


Chris:                  Alright, do we have a little blank stare?


Chuck:                I do got some blank stare. What!


Chris:                  Not like what, it’s like a little sound effect that goes with it. You sort of feel when I’m blank staring.


Chuck:                Like what, really?


Chris:                  Like what! Really?


Chuck:                So this blank stares, I’ve got 2 of them.


Chris:                  How about really news. Really? That’s awesome.


Chuck:                So dig this really news right here. So in regards to Apple, we’re talking CES earlier. So iPhone 7 is coming, they’ve got rumors that it’s not going to have an earphone jack.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                200,000 people have signed a petition saying, please don’t get rid of the earphone jack.


Chris:                  Don’t get rid of it. Great concept, right?


Chuck:                Kind of. I mean, I get it.


Chris:                  If you had them, maybe they’re going to give them away.


Chuck:                I would think so.


Chris:                  They have to.


Chuck:                Well, if you buy the iPhone 7, it should come with some new Bluetooth earphones. But I just think about the times, have there been times where I needed to plug in something else.


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                So for example.


Chris:                  It has a square work, interesting.


Chuck:                Exactly. I do use a square. There are a lot of things that go into the audio jack, not just headphones. So that’s kind of my concern with that. Bluetooth square?


Chris:                  That could work. Square has got to come out with the right technology.


Chuck:                And then my other really news is, so Bloomberg reported that this company called Changzhou First International Trade Company, Feds ran up in their booth on CES recently and confiscated everything.


Chris:                  Everything.


Chuck:                Like everything. So what it was, there was a company called Future Motion, they have a pattern for the one-wheeled hoverboard, and then this Chinese company came to CES with their version of the one-wheeled hoverboard, just totally crapping on their patterns, and then Feds weren’t having it basically, we have to get you up out of here. So I’m going to need you Changzhou First International Trade Company to follow the rules and be a little bit more prepared to present products that have your own patterns.


Chris:                  Yes, that are patterned by somebody else, and apparently, they had been warned, they actually tried to stop them from going.


Chuck:                Right, don’t bring that here. Yeah, you’ve got to be more careful. That’s our “Really!”


Chris:                  Really?


Chuck:                News.


Chris:                  I love it. Alright. So if you’re looking to grow your business using the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet.


Chuck:                The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing or web design, send them to us, and we’ll do the work. They pay us, we pay you. It’s pretty simple. Remember this was filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. If you want the transcript of this podcast or the video of this podcast, you can find it on our website, Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:                I’m Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye-bye for now.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura
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