nd Review Part 4 – #SEOPodcast 26

Chris Burres:               Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of E-Webstyle.

Charles Lewis:             Hi, I’m Charles Lewis, your internet marketing specialist.

Chris Burres:               Do not forget your title, man.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               You got to keep that title in there. You are listening to the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes that is because of you all. Thank you so much. You’re tuning in to podcast number 2 –

Charles Lewis:             261.

Chris Burres:               …61 and the last podcast of 2014. We are doing –

Charles Lewis:             Wooh!

Chris Burres:               …part 2 of our 2014 –

Charles Lewis:             Part 2 of our end-of-the-year review.

Chris Burres:               Absolutely. As always, except for this time, there’s a tip from the previous podcast. And the tip for the previous podcast is, “Go back and listen to it.”

Charles Lewis:             Yeah because we covered a lot.

Chris Burres:               Boom! A lot of information. We met with a client who listens to our podcast double speed and we told him in person, “You’re probably not going to want to listen to that in double speed because –

Charles Lewis:             We’re covering a lot.

Chris Burres:               …a whole lot of stuff.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, a lot to cover today. We’re going to get in to it. We covered the first half of this year’s podcast last week. So, this week we’re going to cover the second half of this year’s podcast. We got about 18 of them I think –

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             …it is to go through. And so, put your seatbelts on. Stick with us.

Chris Burres:               Lot of points. Remember we are broadcasting live from Houston, Texas. And we are your friendly local neighborhood top position snatchers –

Charles Lewis:             Top position snatchers.

Chris Burres:               …where our mantra is –

Charles Lewis:             “Don’t be a douche.”

Chris Burres:               “Don’t be a douche.”

Charles Lewis:             It is not a good look.

Chris Burres:               If you can right now, tweet and –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. You should be tweeting –

Chris Burres:               …use the hash tag thing –

Charles Lewis:             …what you see behind us –

Chris Burres:               …and do that –

Charles Lewis:             Make sure you tweet us #SEOPodcast. This is number 261. Be sure to tag us in it @BestSEOPodcast, @ewebstyle, that way we can follow you back and do all of our social networking stuff.

Chris Burres:               Absolutely. If this is the first time you’ve listened to this podcast –

Charles Lewis:             Welcome.

Chris Burres:               [Making Sound] Go listen to the previous podcast, this is part 2.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               You cannot start –

Charles Lewis:             Part –

Chris Burres:               Well, you know, go ahead. Go ahead and listen. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, you can do us one small favor –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               …in a couple of different ways.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               And that is write us a review. The first way you could do that is go on to our G+ Local Page.

Charles Lewis:             Yes.

Chris Burres:               And we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to get to that page. All you have to do is go to e-webstyle.com/ –

Charles Lewis:             GooglePlus.

Chris Burres:               And / –

Charles Lewis:             Google+.

Chris Burres:               And / –

Charles Lewis:             GPlus.

Chris Burres:               By the way, I keep saying, “And” –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               You don’t want to go to, “And” all of those. You want to go to “Or” all of those.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Or – [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             G+. Yeah. That’s where we go, we go.

Chris Burres:               You are not supposed to break that train of thought. The other thing you can do has three steps. You just go on to iTunes. Create an account. Write a review. If you make that review 5 stars –

Charles Lewis:             5 stars.

Chris Burres:               …or if you make it anything else, go ahead and send us an email, [email protected]

Charles Lewis:             e-webstyle.com.

Chris Burres:               Let us know you submitted it. We’ll read it on air. We’ll probably going to read it on air anyway. You could write a review on our Facebook page –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               …which is facebook.com/ –

Charles Lewis:             ewebstyle.

Chris Burres:               And of course, you can figure out where to write a review there. That’s easy. Stitcher is now behind. It’s still stuck at 251. We’re trying to figure that out. Whatever you do, don’t go to Stitcher and complain about the fact that Stitcher is not updated. We’ve never submitted anything to Stitcher. There’s something wrong with the feed. We got to figure out how to fix the feed. And it has nothing to do with us not liking Stitcher. In fact, we like Stitcher –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, we love Stitcher. They got a link on our homepage. That’s how much we like Stitcher.

Chris Burres:               Exactly. So, if you’re interested in writing a review for us, go to e-webstyle.com. Find the Stitcher link. Go there and click the review button. And you can write a review. So – and also, share the show.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, yeah.

Chris Burres:               Right? You know, share it on your Facebook page. Share it on your G+ page. Share it, you know –

Charles Lewis:             Share it with those who may be in the same position as you, who are managing their site, maybe they’re trying to get their ranking that could benefit from this information.

Chris Burres:               Share it with anyone who’s currently getting screwed by some other SEO customer.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               I tell you, 80% of our customers –

Charles Lewis:             Can come from somebody else –


Chris Burres:               …conference room have gotten – so, one definition of screwed is I have a web guy. I can never reach him. Another definition is I had paid these guys for 12 months and nothing has happened –

Charles Lewis:             And nothing had happened. Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. That’s not a good look.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter] Yeah. That’s –

Chris Burres:               So, share our podcast with them.

Charles Lewis:             …extremely douche-y.

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] That’s like double douche-y. I don’t – yeah, that’s horrible. If you are a PHP expert or a WordPress extraordinaire guy –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, call us –

Chris Burres:               …gal, call us and submit an audio resume, 713-510-7846. You can get a free website on our website, e-webstyle.com. Yeah. I slurred that altogether –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               e-webstyle.com.

Charles Lewis:             Because I didn’t know dot had an [0:04:29] [Inaudible]. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Dot. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               And we haven’t even had our celebratory beer yet for Friday. So, go to e-webstyle.com. You’ll find the free website analysis. And now, it’s – did I move Algo Cat or – isn’t Algo supposed to be up there?

Charles Lewis:             Hmm.

Chris Burres:               That’s kind of weird.

Charles Lewis:             That’s right.

Chris Burres:               Anyway, so now for our favorite segment, the Algorithm Cataclysm.

Charles Lewis:             Algorithm Cataclysm.

Chris Burres:               [Making Sound]

Charles Lewis:             [Making Sound]

Chris Burres:               Oh, that’s good.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, yeah.

Chris Burres:               It’s good –


Charles Lewis:             So – so –



Charles Lewis:             …dig this. So, remember a few podcast ago, we talked about Google furthering with the idea of rolling out Buy Now buttons.

Chris Burres:               Okay, right –

Charles Lewis:             Yup.

Chris Burres:               …right.

Charles Lewis:             So, they’re a step closer. And so, that’s our Algo Cat because they changed. It was going to be on the shopping page, now, they’re considering rolling out Buy Now button in the SERP results.

Chris Burres:               They’re going to make a lot of money. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               They’re going to make a lot of money.

Charles Lewis:             And so, and they try to compete with Amazon but the difference is unlike Amazon, Google isn’t planning on warehouse and storing all of these products and shipping them out. They’re just going to create deals with third parties. And those –


Chris Burres:               …scratch –


Charles Lewis:             …Buy Now buttons. Take a little scratch and let them –

Chris Burres:               So –

Charles Lewis:             …have the logistics.

Chris Burres:               So, what you’re saying is –

Charles Lewis:             It’s going to be a paid ad – [Laughter]


Chris Burres:               Unlike Amazon –


Chris Burres:               …they’re going to be profitable on day one. [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter] Exactly. And so, well, I’m curious to see if they’re going to select them based off of some sort of algorithm –

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             …which one this would show or if it’s going to be a new feature in AdWords where I can just have a Buy Now button and pay for that click.

Chris Burres:               Pay an extra 30 cents or 5 bucks or whatever for it –

Charles Lewis:             Whatever –

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             …Google decides to charge me [Laughter] for –

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             …that buy.

Chris Burres:               Interesting. Or percentage.

Charles Lewis:             Or percentage.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. Very interesting. Well, that’s kind of cool. That will definitely change how the SERP page looks.

Charles Lewis:             Yup. And the reason it’s Cat because we don’t know how they’re going to do that.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             So, if it is algorithm-based, then it’s definitely cataclysm-worthy, right?

Chris Burres:               And we’ve – pretty much, we consider any change –

Charles Lewis:             And it changes the SERP –

Chris Burres:               …on the SERP –

Charles Lewis:             …result page, yeah.

Chris Burres:               …cataclysm because, you know, they used to have authorship images, now they don’t –

Charles Lewis:             Oh, it’s changed –

Chris Burres:               …all that.

Charles Lewis:             …so much, dude. Like –


Charles Lewis:             …authorship avatars to the +1 button is not there anymore.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             Remember that? Now, they’ve added the “This site is mobile-friendly” –

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             …there like –

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             …SERP results changed frequently.

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             Cataclysm.

Chris Burres:               Alright, so I have only one piece of news. There is more news –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, I guess –


Chris Burres:               …around –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               This one is a T-Mobile has to pay back 90 million dollars for fake charges.

Charles Lewis:             Uh huh.

Chris Burres:               It’s just amazing –

Charles Lewis:             How –

Chris Burres:               So, apparently, this is, you know, charges that show up on your bill. And how often do you think you need to check your cellphone bill? Never?

Charles Lewis:             Apparently –

Chris Burres:               There’s the service. I pay for the service every month. It’s maybe even assign to my credit card. And it should –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, the –


Chris Burres:               …be good to go. No. No.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. Check your bill because they had a –


Charles Lewis:             Charge a whole bunch of money –

Chris Burres:               …90 million dollars.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, so –

Chris Burres:               Now, do you got a little bit of news?

Charles Lewis:             I got some more news as well. This is important for all my developers out here, guys who are using WordPress or familiar with it enough. If you use WordPress, then you already should probably have a better understanding of Brute Force Attacks and things like that because WordPress sites since they are –

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             …20% of all of sites on the internet, they tend to be under attack frequently. And this latest news is a verification of that. So, SoakSoak.ru, a Russian company targeted the RevSlider, a premium plugin use or across the web on a whole bunch of sites. Anyway, that plugin is vulnerable.

So, if indeed you’re using a WordPress site, first off, change your site or plugin if you’re using RevSlider and update WordPress. They just rolled out 4.0.1. Upgrade to that. Change RevSlider. Change your plugins. Change your passwords and update everything. [Laughter] And you should be good. Dig this though. Here’s the news. Because of Soak Soak and because of that vulnerability, Google ended up blocking thousands –


Charles Lewis:             …thousands –


Charles Lewis:             …it’s like a hundred thousand WordPress sites got blacklisted and 13,000 domain names were also blacklisted because of that one vulnerability.

Chris Burres:               Wow.

Charles Lewis:             So, clean your site up, man and be safe.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. Yeah, that’s always a pain one of the –


Charles Lewis:             It sucks.

Chris Burres:               …challenges, yeah.

Charles Lewis:             It sucks. I’ve been –

Chris Burres:               Just –

Charles Lewis:             …hacked. It’s not a good – it’s not a good deal.

Chris Burres:               Just leave WordPress alone please. Alright, so we do have a review. You notice there is no tear tattoo. It’s actually referenced in the review. This reference – this review is from Dustin DeTorres.

Charles Lewis:             DeTorres.

Chris Burres:               And it is a 5-star –

Charles Lewis:             5 stars.

Chris Burres:               …review. “Each week, I learned something new. Thanks for putting together a humorous, intelligent and interesting podcast. Hopefully, this review – hopefully with this review, you’ll be able to remove the teardrop tattoo from your face.” Well –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               …it’s gone.

Charles Lewis:             This review prevented it.

Chris Burres:               Yeah. “So, I wish it was that easy for my girlfriend to remove her lower back tat of an oversized butterfly soaring through space. Yes, really.” So, when you say lower back butterfly soaring through space, is space a euphemism for – anyway.

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Alright, Dustin, thank you so much for the –

Charles Lewis:             To infinity –

Chris Burres:               …5-star –

Charles Lewis:             And beyond –


Chris Burres:               [Laughter]

Charles Lewis:             [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Did that just come out of the –

Charles Lewis:             Out of space, man.


Charles Lewis:             It came out of the space. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               [Laughter] Came out of the cocoon.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah. It did.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.


Charles Lewis:             Man, punch in the face to you, Mr. DeTorres. Appreciate your review, man.


Chris Burres:               Yeah, very cool. Alright. So, that is the potatoes of our podcast. We’ve got to get in to the meat –


Charles Lewis:             Want to get – or you want to get in to the question?

Chris Burres:               Oh, yeah. We – we got a question –


Charles Lewis:             Yeah, I got a question –

Chris Burres:               So, we’re going to call this question part of the meat today.

Charles Lewis:             Part of the meat, yeah. This is – yeah. So, dig this question. This is from Craig Mount over at Pikes Peak SEO, another SEO firm –


Chris Burres:               Alright.

Charles Lewis:             …when he asked these questions. So, he says, “Hey, guys. I really enjoy the show this week. And I have a question regarding location.” He says, “…which I know of the few shows ago.” [Laughter] That’s what’s up. “If you are a business looking at branding your service and have a relatively short sale cycle like picking up the phone and setting up an appointment, is it better to rank A) for organic search results or B) in the Google Maps results with Google review – with G+ reviews?”


Charles Lewis:             Craig Mount –

Chris Burres:               Let me take a real quick answer to that.

Charles Lewis:             Great question.

Chris Burres:               Yup. The real quick answer is C) –

Charles Lewis:             Both –

Chris Burres:               …PPC –

Charles Lewis:             Oh. [Laughter]

Chris Burres:               …organic and –

Charles Lewis:             And local.

Chris Burres:               …and local.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah, yeah. We try to conquer the SERP result page and not really to waste money or anything like that but study showed that when you have multiple listings on one SERP page, your click results, go higher. Not –

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             …your click cost. People aren’t necessarily clicking your paid ad but they’re more in tune to click your organic ad because –

Chris Burres:               Also –

Charles Lewis:             …they see a paid –

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             …ad. So, it’s amazing how they work. To answer your question though, Craig, I would say it really depends on the nature of your business. I understand you’re a local business but if you’re like let’s say a local shoe store or a restaurant or something like that, then people probably won’t come from great distances to get there. And so –

Chris Burres:               Right.

Charles Lewis:             …in that case, Google Maps with reviews is probably your best bet.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             However, maybe you provide a service all over your city, instead a local business like a plumbing, electrician or an AC repair or something like that, then of course, you want that natural listing.

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             But you also want those reviews as well because you’re a B2C sort of situation. And so, similar to what Chris was saying in regards to C, he’s absolutely right. You want to go after both of those listings.

Chris Burres:               Yeah.

Charles Lewis:             One of the things we do when we do SEO is we go after that local and that local listing – that – local and local – the local and organic listing –

Chris Burres:               Yup.

Charles Lewis:             …at the same time because they’re equally important.

Chris Burres:               And PPC.

Charles Lewis:             And PPC –


Chris Burres:               The three, you know, the theory is that when people see you three places on the homepage, you’ve got instant credibility. So, if you don’t have a brand that’s plastered on vans and billboards across your entire city, that’s one way to recoup from that. Now, interestingly enough, if you have a brand that that’s strong in your local area or nationwide, either case, then you don’t need to spend as much money on PPC. Although it still does have a positive ROI, so do it.

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Actually what I mean to say is the presence of the PPC ad doesn’t necessarily increase your organic click-through rate –

Charles Lewis:             Because you’re already branded.

Chris Burres:               …if you’ve got a big brand –

Charles Lewis:             Yeah.

Chris Burres:               Right? Because you’ve got the brand credibility so you don’t need it. You don’t need it on that search result page. If you don’t have that brand credibility, more listings create that credibility and get you higher click-through rates on all three on PPC, on organic and on local.

Charles Lewis:             I want to give a quick punch in the face to –

Chris Burres:               PITF.

AUTHOR: Jay Gaura

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