Speak Optimized Text

Speak Optimized Text

How do you Speak Optimized Text? Chris and Charles teach you how to speak optimized text in #SEOPodcast 298 on Podomatic and YouTube.


Chuck:                Yeah. So provide the right types of content, that way people can be engaged, that way they can stick around and I would say this, when you find that good medium, and you have to treat it kind of like text content, even those videos, they should be relevant and still should be up to date and still should be original. So make sure you follow that kind of format in your YouTube content and you would get more engagement, more shikes, more shares and more likes and more subscribers.


Chris:                  It’s one activity shiking.


Chuck:                Shiking


Chris:                  Not to be confused with shanking because that’s totally different.


Chuck:                That’s totally different because it happens when you, anyway, so he also says make it easy for Google and YouTube to understand the video content, he said provide them with relevant information, so they can make an informed decision about where to rank your video. Basically he’s saying is you need to optimize this video. Chris was leaning towards that earlier, make sure you have that focus keyword in the title. He says use your tags wisely. A lot of people get to make the mistake of thinking the more tags I add that are somewhat related would increase the ranking. Well, it may but the problem is, it’s only somewhat related. So somebody clicks that tag, they watch your video and it’s not really what they want to see, they leave, bounce rate goes up, watch time goes down and you end up with the adverse effect of what you’re actually going for.


Chris:                  Be more focused.


Chuck:                Yes, 3 tag tops. 4 tags maybe, depending on how long the video is and how many people you have in that video but keep it really focused. He also  says create a full description, that you should do take advantage of that description optimize, text should go there, add a transcript or even consider using close captioning. All these are ways to really allow YouTube and Google to understand what this video is about and why we should rank it. Number 3.


Chris:                  3.


Chuck:                He says create a strong call to action, you should do this across the board anyway but especially on videos. He says this is the perfect time to make your call to action and encourage them to come and see what else you had to offer. YouTube annotations can be a great place for a CTA, he’s absolutely right, I’ll give you a pro-tip here to take your YouTube annotations a step further. Be sure that you sync and verify your Google+ local business profile which you should have done already and if you’ve done that.


Chris:                  With your website.


Chuck:                With your website, once you do that with your website and then you sync that same G+ profile with your YouTube channel, this gives you some amazing amount of freedom. With that done, now you can create annotations that link to pages on your website. If you don’t do that, you could still create annotations they won’t like to your website. You can like to other YouTube videos or to your G+ page and things like that.


Chris:                  But not your website.


Chuck:                But not your site or any other site, frankly. But if you do that and link to your site, here’s the benefit in all that. Those annotations show even when they’re not on the YouTube page. So if they’re watching that YouTube page, I don’t know, on Facebook or on some other website, or on some other guest blog, that annotation with link to your site will still be functional and still works and will get people directly there. Take advantage of it.


Chris:                  That’s a nice pro-tip.


Chuck:                Yes Sir. Number 4.


Chris:                  4.


Chuck:                He says promote your video, embed the video on your blog both on your company site and then promote it through your social media accounts. I’ll take this a step further, I’ll say embed that video on your site and then promote that page on your site, instead of promoting the video directly. Why would you do that Chuck? Great question!


Chris:                  That’s a great question.


Chuck:                You do that because you want people going to the site. The trick to it is, let me give you another pro-tip. Take a screenshot of your video, we learnt this from your Facebook exercise.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Take a screenshot of the video, use that as the featured image in the post so that when you do post that link on Facebook or whatever social profile of your choice, the image that they see is the screenshot of the video.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                It kind of looks like a video, they may even click it and want to play it, and guess what? They end up on your site where they can still watch the embedded video, but more importantly, they’re on your site. Now they can benefit from your USP, from your call to action from your easy forms, they end up on your audience list and everything else. Promote the link and make sure your video is on the link. And Frankly, have video auto play, pro-tip.


Chris:                  Oh good stuff.


Chuck:                Yeah. And here’s the last one, he kind of wrapped up, he says the steps for success for video optimization are create videos, he says develop video concepts based on customer values. This is the tip we’ve always given.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Dude create content based on what customer feedback. If they’re constantly giving you the same questions or the same objections and re-bottles, then use that data and create videos to express and address it, and post it and publish it and promote it. He says identify relevant target keywords, right? This is something you should kind of do as you’re developing that content, you should know what keyword you’re going to target before you even start developing that content. And lastly, take advantage of the annotations, use CTAs.


Chris:                  Yeah.


Chuck:                Subscribe here, click here to get more information, especially consider maybe this is a video for a product and demonstration of how to use it, this and that, you want to close that video off with an annotation to a link to your site where they can actually purchase that product.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                Right. If this is a service, then you want to link to your site where there’s a description of how to begin using this service. So man punch in the face.


Chris:                  I’ve got a question because I may have crossed over or maybe I chose not to include. He did a talk about the fact that Google transcribes the audio?


Chuck:                He did not mention that.


Chris:                  So you’ve got 4? .


Chuck:                Number 5.


Chris:                  Here’s number 5. Google transcribes the audio in your videos, right? So they know what you’re saying. So it’s really important that you have a target keyword that that video is actually on that page.


Chuck:                You should be speaking optimized text.


Chris:                  Speak optimized text. Absolutely!


Chuck:                It’s essentially what Chris was saying.


Chris:                  Here’s the interesting thing. I wonder if you were to just read your page content, would that be due content.


Chuck:                Well, in this case, I think due content is okay.


Chris:                  Because they’re transcribing it, so they’re really making it, right?


Chuck:                I think in this case, it’s okay because it’s on a social network, it’s on a video and it’s probably in your description, frankly. So I think from that perspective, it’s okay.


Chris:                  So that’s the pro-tip, make sure you’re mentioning your keywords in the first 1, 2, 3 sentences.


Chuck:                In your text as you speak.


Chris:                  As you speak in the video. And that presupposes you are speaking in your video.


Chuck:                Exactly.


Chris:                  So don’t just do the music ones, in my opinion. Alright.


Chuck:                Yes, if you say so. Punch in the face to you Jim Yu, video optimization, do not underestimate the power of YouTube, we don’t and we won’t because we understand.


Chris:                  Absolutely. I think we’ve got a little, I thought I’ve saw a little what news.


Chuck:                I do have some what news, I do got some what news, kind of blank stare what all mixed and-


Chris & Chuck: What!


Chuck:                So according to TechCrunch, right?


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                The Twitter Senior Vice President of Engineering, the dude’s name is Alex Roetter.


Chris:                  Okay.


Chuck:                Alex Roetter, this blank stare goes to you.


Chris:                  Alex.


Chuck:                So at Twitter, there’s a guy named Lesley Miley, Leslie Miley is one of the Head Engineers at Twitter, only black Engineer there.


Chris:                  Okay.


Chuck:                So he is in the meeting with Alex Roetter and in the meeting he asked Mr. Roetter: hey, what’s up with our company’s lack of diversity? Mr. Roetter’s response: diversity is important but we don’t want to lower the bar.


Chris:                  So not untrue, certainly not well thought out.


Chuck:                Well thought out. And his response was he came back after Miley quit like I can’t work with this guy.


Chris:                  Right.


Chuck:                He thinks that lowering, you know how-


Chris:                  Inherently he means lowering the bar, like I get it what he’s saying but that’s the wrong context for that.


Chuck:                Wrong way. And Alex, he came back with an apology, and he did say: I do apologize, I was communicating. Yeah you did and it kind of sucks.


Chris:                  Yeah, that’s right.


Chuck:                Hope you didn’t lose top talent because of your failure to communicate properly.


Chris:                  And those things, like you can see what he’s thinking because there’s discussions.


Chuck:                Yeah, I get it.


Chris:                  Just wrong context.


Chuck:                Got to be more careful though


Chris:                  Yes.


Chuck:                Got to be more careful.


Chris:                  All the time. Alright, so that’s it, right?


Chuck:                That’s it.


Chris:                  So hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet —


Chuck:                The internet.


Chris:                  Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724.


Chuck:                Maybe they had a sign language to help you say that.


Chris:                  We can help you. If you have a referral and you can’t handle it. Anyway let’s talk about our special. So this special goes through November.


Chuck:                Yeah.


Chris:                  And in November, we would give you free Social Media marketing with anyone of our packages, if the package includes social media marketing, you get $250 off of that package.


Chuck:                If it doesn’t include Social Media marketing, we’ll add it. And understand, this is not your typical we’re going to do 1 post per week, no. We’re going to do post for everyday of the week, you’re going to get custom hash tags.


Chris:                  Multiple platforms.


Chuck:                Custom social graphics on multiple platforms just around Facebook, Twitter, depending on what’s needed for your business.


Chris:                  Yep.


Chuck:                So take advantage of it.


Chris:                  Take advantage of it. If you have a referral, somebody who wants to do internet marketing, you don’t want to take care of them, you send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you.


Chuck:                It’s pretty easy.


Chris:                  It’s pretty simple. And hey, remember we were filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street, suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. A transcript and video of this podcast are available on our website and if you didn’t get it yet, it’s ewebresults.com.


Chuck:                .com. I sounded cool right there.


Chris:                  Infisix [Phonetic] Alright, until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.


Chuck:                I’m Charles Lewis.


Chris:                  Bye-bye for now.


Chuck:                Really.


[0:28:14]                  End of Audio

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